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The ones that got away…

27 Feb

Although we make a solid effort to try and watch dramas we start right to the end, sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way for various reasons- some we regret, some we don’t and there are even a few which we really, really hope we finish one day because we thoroughly enjoyed it while it held our attention.

 The one we couldn’t believe we managed to watch as much as we did…until we wanted to throw the screen across the wall in rage

Itazura na Kiss (Japanese – It Started with a Kiss)   

We started it, hoping it would be amazing- why else would they make a T- drama and rumoured Korean version of this show?? Honestly, it was horrible- it was unbelievable rubbish and we love J dramas. I thought there would be a lot of correlation between this and Nodame– silly, crazy girl completely love struck by perfect guy. However at least Nodame was incredibly talented in music, much loved and although silly throughout had some depth. This girl was dumb, talentless and just insane-

The moment we stopped watching:

– When she spills all of the urine samples on her OTP after meeting him after a really long time

-The guy was a horrible, dull loser, who never, ever showed an interest in her romantically- well why would he, she was crazy?

The T-drama was much better, end of.

 The one we really, really did love while we were watching and WILL one day finish soon…promise-

Save the Last dance for me (Korean drama)

We were engrossed in this great K drama, it was – is really good and worth watching. We got to episode 16 of 20, so it still has the chance of going downhill but so far soooo good.

This was our first and only Eugene drama as a leading lady and we loved her. She had all the qualities we love in our heroine. She was strong, hard working, lovable and not afraid of anything-(we hate, those leading ladies that need rescuing and cry all the time)

The male OTP looked like a Korean Disney prince, very handsome, so sweet and one who deserved the amazing leading lady. (I hate dramas where you question whether the OTP should have got together in the end- it shouldn’t be a question of IF but WHEN– Easy Fortune Happy life comes to mind…he killed her grandmother!)

We liked the story and the soundtrack- If you get a chance check it out, it’s well worth watching and we plan to finish it….. one day.

 The one we loved and would have gobbled up if it wasn’t for unforeseen circumstances-

Assorted Gems

 This was a drama we started on a whim, bored one Sunday but we grew to love it and all of the characters involved. Aside from the Sons of Sol pharmacy House, we generally make it a rule to avoid 30+ episode shows- (time constraints) but we got sucked in and found that we loved watching this dysfunctional family. The unforeseen circumstance in this instance was Viikii, bloody Viikii strikes again!

 Quick summary- five siblings who get fed up of their unreliable, selfish, horrible parents-after one too many mishaps they kick the parents out and well it revolves around each of their love lives, their insane parents, bickering grandmother and so much more. The show is made up of a really great ensemble of characters- ones you will no doubt grow to love and root for.

 Our favourites include the eldest daughter- also the head of the family- wise, smart, beautiful and kind- You just want her to get a break, get swept up by her HOT love interest and live happily ever after- the girl had suffered enough!

The grandmothers- Boy we laughed at their verbal and sometimes physical sparring… we laughed a lot!

These are the dramas that come to mind….. heres hoping one day we finish them off!

Such a beautiful picture awww


Sorry, Sorry- the Answer

27 Feb

In honour of Oh my Lady and the hotness that is Si Won

This is Super Junior’s

Sorry Sorry – The Answer:

Black and White works miracles; even the fat mushroom head looks good ha-ha!

Seriously how did he get in a Korean boy band??
(Just teasing with much affection, no hate mail please)

Oh My lady and Personal Taste

26 Feb

Viewing Obsession continued

 Due to birthday season (3 family member birthdays in a week …..EEK!)  our drama viewing has gone down to zero L Even though we haven’t had time to watch a drama, we still have time to think of  dramas we want to watch, we’re that obsessed…..or sick, however you want to think about it!

So we have seen the new promotional picks for Personal Taste (with Shams OTP Lee Min Ho, haha) we really want to watch it but we’re scared!! Ahhh because:

A)     I think it might be offensive to gays and non- gays everywhere!

B)      They both look ridiculous in the promo pics.

C)      It will either be really really funny or just plain awful!!!

We also want to watch Oh My Lady for a few reasons

A)     Choi Si Won from Super Junior is hot (he has proven his worth in other previous dramas)

B)     Even though we really hated Dal Ja Spring we really did like Chae Rim

C)     We hope its like My Last Scandal we absolutely loved that drama!

D)     And embarrassingly Shaps for some bizarre reason likes the title of the show.


Pasta: episode 15

25 Feb

Pasta~ episode 15

Just a quick mention: Still loving it, such a great OTP!! Love them so much together.

The best bit of the episode:

‘Yes its true Seo Yoo Kyung likes me, as for me….. I love Seo Yoo Kyung’

AHHHHHH, Loved it!

Pick the Stars – 13 – 14

25 Feb

Pick the stars 13- 14

We want to make it clear that we love Pick the Stars but boy is it flawed!

It’s one of those shows that’s easy to watch, gives you a nice warm feeling and you know that you don’t need to think too much when watching it.

Got to say episode 14 was much better than 13.

Episode 13 consisted of recycled dialogue and seriously bad acting from everyone except Pal Kang– who is just so great as the leading lady. Super girl crush on this character; She’s strong, lovable, hard working and doesn’t allow herself to be taken for a mug! The best bit of the episode was when you confronted Joon Ha about his sudden interest in her- Completely upfront and honest- loved it. No messing about from our Pal Kang!

The thing that ruined that scene was Joon Ha’s ridiculous response- overacting to another level, totally unrealistic response and come on, it doesn’t take a rocket science to work out he has a serious crush on psycho… I mean Jae Young. I have a feeling that even the cleaning staff know about his crush ha-ha.

When I say recycled lines- I’m actually talking about Pal Kang’s speech about when she cut her hair at the sauna and from that moment she was no longer a woman but a mother… very touching and effective the first, maybe even the second time told but come on, I half expected Joon Ha to turn around and say- ‘yeah, yeah Pal Kang I’ve heard this one already, now do you want to have lunch with me so I can make my big bro jealous?’ 

What is wrong with Joon Ha? His behaviour is really strange – Freud would say he’s behaviour is due to the fact that he actually fancies his brother. (Joking of course- it’s a K drama after all; leave that stuff to J dramas he-he)

Moving on swiftly- Episode 14 was really great, mainly because we love Parang and Kang Ha together- the sweetest budding father/ son and bromance in ages.

The best scene in the whole episode was when Pal Kang was nursing Kang Ha after his beating- so funny and sweet- I love a good sexually fused bicker between OTPs!

I want Jae Young to get a good slap from someone!! Please someone take that nutcase down- she’s crazy. ‘I cried and begged until he gave in’ -Yeah something to be real proud of, you weirdo. I will never understand her.

I still dislike the granddad– I don’t like him or get him at all- He saw those kids grow up, he understands their situation and still he does nothing. It’s totally beyond me. At least in Shining Inheritance, the grandmother pretended to be poor for literally a week and then she did all she could to help Eun Sung. Plus those kids are sooooo sweet to him- they obviously care about him and still… urrggh frustration!
 Is it me or is solving the ‘mystery’ about Pal Kang’s parents death and revealing that Pal Kang is actually related to Granddad really not compelling at all??? I hate to keep comparing but I remember watching Shining Inheritance and desperately watching each episode waiting for Eun Sung and Co to unravel the evil actions of the best evil step mother ever!

Even with all that said, I’m still tuning into next week- what can I say I’m a sucker for the OTP and the kids!

(We wanted to add this video from Soulmates– where we fell in love with Shin Dong Wook, he is ruined for us after Pick the Stars!)

Autumn’s Concerto- non finale

22 Feb

AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH it wasn’t the last episode of Autumn’s Concerto!!!

-Sooooo glad it’s not over, it had zero Mu Cheng and Guang Xi time in the whole episode; we would have been gutted if they did a last minute reunion for the OTP.

-Seriously we had no clue that there was still one episode left. So glad that Guang Xi finally knows why she left him six years ago, FINALLY. 

-Also loved the mother/ son moment, oh the tears and the hug- so sweet!  

Loved everyone’s individual monologues, especially Tuo Ye’s speeches: what a sweetheart, if I murdered someone I would want him on my side 🙂

Can’t wait till next week.  


Down with love : episodes 1-2

21 Feb

Down With Love: episodes 1-2:

Okay we decided to watch this T-drama with a lot of hesitation only because we’ve already watching loads and we unfortunately don’t have the pleasure of watching T.V for a living, so there is  that thing called life, but sadly we couldn’t help ourselves, we are the original gluten for cheesy/ potentially predictable dramas!

So the story is one that has been told a million times over- cold, unfeeling lawyer inherits two cute kids- hires hard working, average looking nanny with a heart of gold (in this case he thinks she’s a lesbian as well) – sparks fly, they will no doubt live happily ever after. *sigh

Things we liked:

So far all of the characters in the drama: especially the OTP-

Xiang Yu Ping (Jerry) and Yang Guo (Ella) – As I’ve mentioned before, we love a good odd couple and these two definitely fit that category.

-When did Jerry get hot?? Seriously, neither Shams nor I ever noticed before but now it’s a case of Hello Jerry hehe- We’re still in shock  : O

Aside from his looks, we like his cool, quiet presence and all the confused feelings he’s going to have for his ‘lesbian’ nanny.

Yang Guo (Ella) is great, really lovable, funny and a female lead worth rooting for.

Other things we like:

-Of course the sisterly love between Yang Guo and her older, money hungry sister Yang Duo. These sisters are lovely together (we noticed that there are a lot of brotherly relationships in dramas in general, but few sister ones, so this is nice to watch) Yang Duo is great as an older sister: money obsessed with a lot of love for her sister. The best scene with her was when she negotiated with the kids to stop bully her little sister- so funny.

-The lesbian nanny cover- Come on if we’re honest, I imagine it’s not a hard stretch to believe that Yang Guo is a lesbian, but it’s funny to watch her embrace her inner lesbian on the show. Plus her best friend is a hoot as her lesbian partner.

– We’re both liked the introduction of the male love rival- the geek chic Ke Zhong. Shams doesn’t get the appeal of him but strangely Shaps does.

-We already hate the female love rival.

Things we don’t like:

-It’s still 25 episodes long

-And it’s still an hour and half each episode – Oh why, oh why are T- dramas so long?? We love them but still too long. *sob. 

– It’s episode 2 and she already has feelings for him- It’s too soon, hold it in alittle longer, well aleast until he registers you as female! 

Autumn’s Concerto

20 Feb

Autumn’s Concerto last episode (sob!)

Just a quick mention Autumn’s Concerto finishes tomorrow, soooo sad!! Shams and Shaps favourite T drama since Mars.


Two is indeed better than one! LoL


City Lovers 1-4

20 Feb

The woman who still wants to marry
(Whoa what a mouth full!!) Episodes 1-4

For this very reason we have decided to call it City Lovers, please catch on. So far we have seen episodes 1-4. Our feelings about the show are the following:

-Why is Shams seeing Kim Bum in a different way, (Shams HATED him in BOF!)

-We too have found the comedy value with Bells Palsy. We know that it is a serious condition and shouldn’t be laughed at…….too much. But our Dad had it last summer and we couldn’t help but laugh. So when Shin Young got it we giggled throughout and reminisced about the time when our dad had it.

-Loving the friendship between the three girls, especially Jung Da Jung (the translator) she is pure comedy value. When Shin Young attacked Sang Woo with an actual sword we knew we would love this crazy leading lady, oh and we think she is really beautiful aswell. And H.O.T (as she is refered to) Boo Ki is just tooo cool.

-I love the crazy story lines and just how mad they all are.

-We’ve realized that it is a cross between Sex and the City and Desperate Housewives without the marriage!

To sum up we still like it; it’s funny, crazy and easy to watch. Looking forward to the next episodes!!

Odd couple shout out

19 Feb

Odd couple shout outs:

I’ve noticed that there are a lot of odd couples in dramas lately and I’ve got to say I’m liking it :0

Of course the usual drama scenario goes something like this: cold, aloof guy-falls for lovable, hard working girl. Prime examples; Boys before flowers, You’re beautiful ect. 

Which I don’t mind at all, if it’s done well, I love it even more! Look at Pick the Stars, Autumn’s concerto and Pasta to some extent.

Also It’s not just the OPT pairings that should be mentioned, I’m loving the odd side couples and of course the Bromances. (Btw there should be more bromances in Asian dramas)

Okay so few favourites include:

City Hall Jo Gook and Lee Jung Do– Such a funny bromance- and their ‘gay night of the past’ hahaha- seriously, the bed scene between them was brilliant.

My Boss my HeroSakaki Makio and Sakurakoji Jun and okay Mizushima Tsubaki (The school nurse) loved this show- When Makio and Sakurako- something (that’s what Makio use to call him) would have tea and chat to the school nurse it was soo sweet.

The Sons of Sol Pharmacy house Harabahji and Brutus– love them together- could it get any cuter?

Bad Family The whole family! Simple as that: For those who haven’t seen it, you should its so funny- take a bunch of complete misfits- who don’t particular like each other and force them to pretend to be a fake family for the sake of a little girl who has lost her memory. Special mention goes to the ‘grandma’- who is just hilarious and I must mention Oh Dal Gun as the head of the family and the one trying to keep everyone in check – it’s worth watching just for his sake.

Mars- Ling and Qi Luo– the OTP in this drama is amazing, really fell in love with this couple and this drama. You couldn’t get a couple more different from each other than these two and it works all the more because of it- they complement each other so well and the chemistry HOT!