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13 Feb

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>Korean dramas:


Pasta- To be honest this wasn’t a drama that we were desperate to see; only until Shaps suggested it did we decide to watch it. (As always Shaps manages to find a great drama *shams sighs!) So far we are half way through this drama and we are currently waiting for the subs for episode 10 to be released! And so far so good J

This drama is just sooo easy to watch, nothing to angsty or dramatic. We’ve seen so many dramas in the past that are so over the top that it’s a nice change to watch something so laid back. Mainly because the two leads are just so adorable. The way they first met was in shams opinion one of the loveliest intros to a Romance drama. Choi Hyun Wook is just too hilarious (in some dramas the angry, tough guy is a bit too much) but you cant’t help but like him even after he tries to fire her! And how can you not like Seo Yoo Kyung with her “chef chef” all the time, she isnt one of the most beautiful Korean actress around but neither is he the most handsome, which makes their relationship seem more real.  


Pick the Stars-
This is one drama where our feelings for so many characters can change just by watching one episode to the next. At first I hated the male OTP (Won Kang Ha) How could he be so cold and unfeeling towards a woman who has a) lost her parents  and b) is now homeless and responsible for her FIVE, younger siblings. And now somehow we have all managed to fall in love with him. And strangely how could we have loved his brother Won Joon Ha and now every time we see him we just want to chuck daggers at him. And we LOVE Jin Pal Kang who was so immature and ditsy when we first met her and now is sooo loving and caring towards her siblings (her character change was absolutely spot on) that you can’t help but feel nothing but love towards such a beautiful character.  


Chuno- (Shams and Shaps first historical, we’re scared that one or both of the OTP will die at the end, nooooooooooo! L) So far we have seen only 3 episodes not because its crap but we just don’t have time unfortunately. We really like the drama which is so intense and full of action but still manages to capture both romantic and a comedic aspect. We always knew that Lee Da Hae was beautiful but didn’t realise how beautiful she was until we watched her in this. On that note how a slave can be soo clean (shams doesn’t understand) and not have any dirt on her face, get real that just doesn’t make any sense!! We also like the main two guys in the show, all of the back ground stories of the characters are slowly being revealed at a good speed, which does leave us wanting to watch more. We think that we will finish this show but we all know that historical don’t have a happy ending ahhh hopefully this will be the first.  


>Japanese- None sadly- Oh forgot to mention Gokunson, well at least the first one, after that it’s pure recycling on the makers part. The first one was brilliant, totally loved the lead and my favourite Matsuo Jun okay joint tie with HYD acting role.  We loved it enough to watch the second all the way through, even though we knew exactly what was going to happen from the first episode.  


 >Taiwanese- Autumn’s Concerto (Shams and Shaps are loving this drama and are totally loving the little boy in the drama and of course the hotness of the OTP, seriously Ady An is sooo beautiful.
Now this is a drama that can definitely be called a drama.Honestly this drama is so damn addictive (Shams and Shaps are gutted that it only has one more episode to go
L) Liang Mu Cheng is the first OTP female lead that is just a quiet and shy girl which would in any other drama just be plain boring but her story is just so captivating. Unlike other dramas were the girl always needs to be rescued by the guy she is different she silently just gets on with her life without any complaints. But come on she is pretty lucky to have such a cute son (every time he says anything Shams can’t help but giggle). Oh and my god is Hua Tuo Ye an amazing friend or what!? We never really saw him as much of a love rival but more of a loving friend who would do anything for the people he loves. Come on he was willing to have his hand cut off for Hua Ci Xin his “sister”.  


We’re also considering watching Down with Love– sounds completely predicable but we can’t help ourselves, seriously gluten for icy/ cold male lead and small children (insert Pick the stars) Oww and also Summer’s Desire which hasn’t come out yet but has Barbie Xu from Mars and Meteor Gardens in it.






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