Love Rivals – Special V-day mention

14 Feb

Happy V- DAY:

As its Valentine’s Day, I thought we should commiserate the Love Rivals in Asian dramas.

 The poor sods who never get the girl or guy- Oh how they must hate V- Day. They shouldn’t worry so much because there are many of whom who didn’t get the girl/ guy in the drama but still have a special place in my heart.

Although I have mad love for some love rivals, I must confess that on many occasions Love rivals just need to be put out of their misery- quickly and sometimes painfully! HA.

Favourite Love Rivals:

Hana Kimi’s Nakatsu Shuichi:

Totally love this guy- just soooo funny and sweet – He was the only reason why I’m mentioning this show- Why, oh why would she pick that slow, boring Sano over Nakatsu???

Shining Inheritance’s Park Jun Se:

 As I’ve previously mentioned we have mad love for this guy- Just perfect, such a good guy and oh so handsome. (I really want to watch Dong Yi- but I know he doesn’t get the girl in this one either, gutted)

-Technically not a really love rival but we loved Bad family’s Ha Bu Kyung: So sweet and funny and ahhh just loved her!

Most annoying Love Rivals            

-Most of the Hong Sister’s Love Rivals- man do they kill a show or what?!

-Delightful girl Choon Hyang– Both male and female love rivals (Byeon Hak-do and Hong Chae-rin):

Just crazy, annoying- I wanted to beat them senseless every time they were on the screen, honestly get a clue, you freaks!!

-Pick the StarsJung Jae Young:

What a pathetic loser, the girl needs to be run over and made to lose her memory, just so she can get some dignity back! She makes no logical sense at all- He has never shown any interest in her, he’s rude, sometimes offensive and damn right cold to her but still like a dumbass she still wants him – what a weirdo. (I have a horrible feeling she’s just going to get worse.)

The worst bit was when she got her granddad to ask for her- honestly someone would think that she was some ugly, poor troll with no hope of finding anyone to love her.  (RANT ABORTED)


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