City Lovers 1-4

20 Feb

The woman who still wants to marry
(Whoa what a mouth full!!) Episodes 1-4

For this very reason we have decided to call it City Lovers, please catch on. So far we have seen episodes 1-4. Our feelings about the show are the following:

-Why is Shams seeing Kim Bum in a different way, (Shams HATED him in BOF!)

-We too have found the comedy value with Bells Palsy. We know that it is a serious condition and shouldn’t be laughed at…….too much. But our Dad had it last summer and we couldn’t help but laugh. So when Shin Young got it we giggled throughout and reminisced about the time when our dad had it.

-Loving the friendship between the three girls, especially Jung Da Jung (the translator) she is pure comedy value. When Shin Young attacked Sang Woo with an actual sword we knew we would love this crazy leading lady, oh and we think she is really beautiful aswell. And H.O.T (as she is refered to) Boo Ki is just tooo cool.

-I love the crazy story lines and just how mad they all are.

-We’ve realized that it is a cross between Sex and the City and Desperate Housewives without the marriage!

To sum up we still like it; it’s funny, crazy and easy to watch. Looking forward to the next episodes!!


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