Down with love : episodes 1-2

21 Feb

Down With Love: episodes 1-2:

Okay we decided to watch this T-drama with a lot of hesitation only because we’ve already watching loads and we unfortunately don’t have the pleasure of watching T.V for a living, so there is  that thing called life, but sadly we couldn’t help ourselves, we are the original gluten for cheesy/ potentially predictable dramas!

So the story is one that has been told a million times over- cold, unfeeling lawyer inherits two cute kids- hires hard working, average looking nanny with a heart of gold (in this case he thinks she’s a lesbian as well) – sparks fly, they will no doubt live happily ever after. *sigh

Things we liked:

So far all of the characters in the drama: especially the OTP-

Xiang Yu Ping (Jerry) and Yang Guo (Ella) – As I’ve mentioned before, we love a good odd couple and these two definitely fit that category.

-When did Jerry get hot?? Seriously, neither Shams nor I ever noticed before but now it’s a case of Hello Jerry hehe- We’re still in shock  : O

Aside from his looks, we like his cool, quiet presence and all the confused feelings he’s going to have for his ‘lesbian’ nanny.

Yang Guo (Ella) is great, really lovable, funny and a female lead worth rooting for.

Other things we like:

-Of course the sisterly love between Yang Guo and her older, money hungry sister Yang Duo. These sisters are lovely together (we noticed that there are a lot of brotherly relationships in dramas in general, but few sister ones, so this is nice to watch) Yang Duo is great as an older sister: money obsessed with a lot of love for her sister. The best scene with her was when she negotiated with the kids to stop bully her little sister- so funny.

-The lesbian nanny cover- Come on if we’re honest, I imagine it’s not a hard stretch to believe that Yang Guo is a lesbian, but it’s funny to watch her embrace her inner lesbian on the show. Plus her best friend is a hoot as her lesbian partner.

– We’re both liked the introduction of the male love rival- the geek chic Ke Zhong. Shams doesn’t get the appeal of him but strangely Shaps does.

-We already hate the female love rival.

Things we don’t like:

-It’s still 25 episodes long

-And it’s still an hour and half each episode – Oh why, oh why are T- dramas so long?? We love them but still too long. *sob. 

– It’s episode 2 and she already has feelings for him- It’s too soon, hold it in alittle longer, well aleast until he registers you as female! 


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