Oh My lady and Personal Taste

26 Feb

Viewing Obsession continued

 Due to birthday season (3 family member birthdays in a week …..EEK!)  our drama viewing has gone down to zero L Even though we haven’t had time to watch a drama, we still have time to think of  dramas we want to watch, we’re that obsessed…..or sick, however you want to think about it!

So we have seen the new promotional picks for Personal Taste (with Shams OTP Lee Min Ho, haha) we really want to watch it but we’re scared!! Ahhh because:

A)     I think it might be offensive to gays and non- gays everywhere!

B)      They both look ridiculous in the promo pics.

C)      It will either be really really funny or just plain awful!!!

We also want to watch Oh My Lady for a few reasons

A)     Choi Si Won from Super Junior is hot (he has proven his worth in other previous dramas)

B)     Even though we really hated Dal Ja Spring we really did like Chae Rim

C)     We hope its like My Last Scandal we absolutely loved that drama!

D)     And embarrassingly Shaps for some bizarre reason likes the title of the show.



What do you think?

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