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Cinderella Unni- Promo pics

31 Mar

What do I see here??

A back hug in a Korean drama- I sense angst at its best!


Got to confess it’s been a while since we’ve seen anything too drama angsty. We’re intrigued. (Thank You doesn’t count- that’s melodrama)


ALSO- Hello Sir: hehehe-


drama drought solution

31 Mar

Our  lack of dramas worth watching continues since we finished Pasta and Pick the Stars a couple weeks back now. It’s a tad annoying because we thought we would have Oh! My lady to continue our obsession with but that turned out to be… unappealing, it just didn’t click for us. So for now the only drama we’re actually watching is Down with Love (that’s only once a week- not nearly enough to fuel the need).

When this happens it brings out the desperado in us and we scan the list of dramas we always planned to watch and think: ‘ummmm, possibly’ but somehow we always end up watching something we’ve already seen. Yes that’s right we’ve all been there, re-watching dramas; skipping to the best bits, missing out filler episodes ect. Sometimes it reminds you why you watched the drama in the first place, occasionally you question your sanity and wonder if you realised that the show was that rubbish the first time round, or were you blinded by the hotness of the male or even female OTP (RoRo has so many girl crushes its outrageous).

Anyway we ended up re-watching Hana Yori Dango, which in our opinion can be watched a million times over and still be loved in our house. It can do no wrong in our opinion; it’s the perfect manga to live action transfer of HYD we’ve seen, it’s just so good. So we thought that we’d put a post up about HYD, giving it some (more) love.

Reasons why we love the drama-

>     The story stays pretty true to the manga, which is always best, I hate when producers unnecessarily alter things to ‘shake’ things up. (Ahem- Meteor Garden going off to Spain.)

>     We loved Inoue Mao and Matsumoto Jun together- just a perfect depiction of the leading couple.

>      We liked how the story never veered too far away from the OTP- The Korean version showed far too much Ji Hoo and Jandi time- you’re not suppose to question 20+ episodes in whether the OTP are meant to be together. Honestly Kim Hyun Joong has to be the most wooden actor since Keanu Reeves- yikes it was bad oh so bad. Stick to the singing mate.

Our favourite scenes-

Our most favourite scenes from the whole drama are affectionately split between the following:

Number1. We adored their date together. – ‘save me, your gross, save me!’ It was so funny.

 Number 2. The scene where Makino phones Domyoji up on ‘their’ phone and cries that she never thought she would be able to speak to him on their phone and finally plucks the courage up to ask him out. Ahhhh- seriously so good. Inoue Mao is such a great actress- so beautiful when she cries.

Number 3. When Makino breaks up with Domyoji and returns his necklace. We loved his reaction. So much angst, loved it.


Of course we loved the beginning and the end and well everything in between, so as you can imagine our list could go on, but you get the picture.

-If you haven’t seen it already- why not? It’s a must for all drama fans. If you have, you probably have a similar feeling to some degree as us. – It’s just well put together, acted and written. What more can you ask for?


Down with Love: Episode 8

29 Mar


 We’ve  lost any sympathy we might have had for Ke Zhong a.k.a Chin Strap in this episode- the guy lies far too easy. How dare he string Yang Guo along so effortless?? Not to mention manipulate his ‘best friend’ all for a girl he’s never going to get! He is no longer redeemable… well for now.

We actually like Chin Strap’s mother- Of course she is annoying and constantly moans about her precious son being with the unsuitable Yang Guo but boy is she funny. We love her blunt, quick wit and we’ve got to mention the fantasy sequence with her and Yang Guo- so funny. She definitely made up for Yang Duo not being in the whole episode. We eagerly anticipate her make over for Yang Guo! Dog biscuits hahaha.

We adored Jerella’s dance together- awwww we love them so. Glad there were lots of scenes with them this week. We don’t know if we can bare it any longer- all those longing stares and miscommunications. We just want them to get together already!

We loved Yu Ping’s scene in the garden where he’s crying over the fact that he’s missed his chance with Yang Guo. We do love a good heartbroken angst scene. Plus it’s with Jerry, who we adore beyond words- *sigh- our crush on this guy is just ridiculous for words.

Side note: we read on Viikii that DWL’s episodes have been leaked online and as a result the writers are considering altering future episodes and possibly changing the ending. Don’t know how we feel about that. You know the saying why mess with a good thing? If people are going to watch it, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Till next week.



Drama repeat offenders:

28 Mar

Okay as we’re going through that phase where we’ve finished watching a string of good shows and have found ourselves without something interesting enough to hold our attention… well enough to distract us away from work and life. We thought we would reflect on actors/ actresses in dramas- in this case repeat offenders- you know what we’re talking about- those people who happen to be in everything all the bloody time that you’re completely sick of the sight of them!

Over exposed to another level- We’ve concluded that the Japanese drama scene must be a small industry because you happen to see the same faces over and over again and in some cases we really don’t get why!

So here is our list of offenders- who should consider taking a break- possibly starting up a fashion line or a perfume range (Why do celebrities always choose fashion& perfume- strange?) and then returning after a time where we can appreciate their return to showbiz.

J-Drama repeat culprits include:

Oguri Shun– This guy has been solidly working since 1995 and hasn’t taken a break since! He must have made a pact with the devil because he’s been in a string of super popular shows and to be frank we really don’t get why!?? Especially his acting in Hana Kimi- dear oh dear so bad!


Horikita Maki -Okay we admit that Maki is beautiful AND can actually act. So we get it why the industry want her so much but seriously we can’t watch another Horikita Maki drama for a long time just because it’s too much already. You’re a young girl- take a break already and return when we can actually appreciate and miss you, please.

T- Drama repeat culprits include:

Chen Qiao En– Actually looking at her dramawiki, she hasn’t worked as much as either of the ones above but boy does it feel like it. Maybe it’s because she too made a pact with the devil and has appeared in a string of successful dramas like Fated to Love you and Easy Fortune Happy Life.

Mike He– We love you Mike but we knew you were over exposed when you popped up in a random episode of Yukan Club with really rubbish Japanese. Hahahah

K- Drama repeat offenders include:

We struggled to think of anyone for this list mainly because the guys will at one point go off to the army and return to look even hotter- with muscles and that perfected manly look/ possible broody stare. Look at Go Soo he-he.

 We also struggled with possible female leads only because there is such a large selection of good female actresses for directors to select. -So their off the hook for now.

Our advice is simple- just say no. Spend some of that hard earned money and relax for a bit.


Love you Go Soo!

Pervert’s Gallery 2: Music edition – M/V

27 Mar

Can’t really have a music edition of Pervert’s gallery without alittle music- plus you get to see them in action!

Classic Killers- Jadore.

Yes thats right- Hero is Topless haha!

Big Bang classic- lots of T.O.P and Roro’s man Daesung muhahah.

Pervert’s Gallery 2: Music edition

27 Mar

Super Junior’s Si Won– Shap’s bit on the side- Yum!

DBSK’S Hero– He can sing, dance and act- there must be something wrong with him! He is HOT.

The Killer’s Brandon Flowers– Our only non Asian addition to the list (shocking we know) We’ve been Killer’s fans since the beginning and Shaps has been madly in love ever since. Even though he wears more eyeliner than her (btw she wears alot!) and went through that awful phase of having that horrible moustache, she still stood by her man, now that’s real love!

Big Bang’s T.O.P– Ever since Sham’s caught a glimpse of his evil stony glare, she was hooked. It is beyond Shap’s comprehension why- but there you go. Shams loves TOP too much!

F4’S Jerry Yan– Okay, Okay we know we’re pushing it here by having him again but come on – look at him, he’s soo hot. Swoon*

Ro Ro’s Men– hahhahahaha!

(Laughed too hard looking for pics!)



Oh My Lady- episode one

26 Mar

Oh my dear, we really didn’t like it! Okay we haven’t seen the next episode so we won’t pass judgement …too much. It could have something to do with us being super excited about watching the show and building it up far more than necessary but come on, it can’t be just us that thought it was a little flat and dare we say it boring at times.
Shaps’ man Siwon couldn’t even distract us long enough to think maybe its okay. People will say the first episode is about building the foundation of the story ect, but frankly it was just a bad first episode in our opinion.
Reading the Viikii comments turned out to be far more entertaining than the whole episode.

 Heres hoping it improves.     

Pasta 19-20/ finale

25 Mar

Here is our selection of favourite moments from the show… well the ones we could be bothered to collect he-he. If you’ve seen the show many of the pics will be very familiar and we’re sure you loved the scenes as much as we did.

Our final thoughts from the show are a little mixed -don’t guess us wrong, we adored watching the show and don’t regret it at all. However if you are looking for a show with a lot of bite- a story with plot twists and endless amounts of drama- this is not it.

The story has no big evils or angst worthy love rivals. It’s simple a story about a guy and a girl who fall in love and their everyday issues they face together. However in this case this isn’t a bad thing- it’s so wonderfully put together: the acting, the writing and musicality is spot on. We loved the OTP so much; they are definitely the reason why this show was a success.  Overall the show was charming, funny and sweet.

We would recommend this drama for those looking for some light relief after watching a more heavy weight drama where the leading lady has died of cancer or half the cast were killed in a bloody war- you get the idea.

Don’t bother watching the show if you’re looking for traditional k-drama components- such as lots of angst, drama, insane love rivals, disapproving parents or social/ economic barriers- you’re in the wrong place: Pasta is as far away from the tradition format as it gets- that you may not ‘get’ the show at all, which is shame because it was a refreshing change for us. Like we mentioned in the last post, it was completely unnecessary to have the four episode extension and it resulted in the show being needlessly drawn out- which was a pity but strangely enough we won’t hold it against the show too much because after all it prolonged our viewing time with the cutest OTP we’ve seen together in ages.

On the whole we enjoyed the show so much and will undoubtedly miss it. L


The curse of the drama extension

25 Mar

You know when you find an amazing show you’re completing loving and the thought of it ending soon is a little sad? All drama viewers have had that feeling no doubt at one point or another, so then the news of episode extensions should fill you with joy right? Wrong!

 Oh how we hate episode extensions! In our opinion it’s purely about money and ratings and hardly ever adds to a drama. We finally finished Pasta last night (there will be a post at one point) and although we adored this show to bits… could we have lived without the extra four episodes? YES, most definitely. We say this loosely because we did in fact eagerly anticipate each episode and could happily watch more, but that has more to do with the characters rather than the context of the show.  (Okay bad example ha-ha)

Shows ruined by adding extra episodes:

The First Shop of Coffee Prince –

 We watched this a year or so after it came out and so weren’t apart of the media frenzy that surrounded the show. So we watched it with no expectations what so ever and we’ve got to say we loved it… well up until episode 12/13. It was so good, well written, a great sound track and boy did the OTP have chemistry! Then they extend it by dragging the story line out and ending the show on a FLAT note because they’ve done everything already-Such a shame because when it was good, it was good.                         

The Sons of Sol Pharmacy House-    As we’ve previously mentioned before, this is the longest drama we’ve EVER watched with 54 episodes. We once again fell head over heels for this family drama- so funny, endearing and well worth checking out if you get a chance. (We also loved it because the family reminded us so much of our own family!)

Why oh why do producers think it’s a good idea to extend a long running drama?? Everyone knows that you get a slower pace, more stories and more heartache with longer dramas- so why would they think it’s a good idea to make the process longer… .?? It boggles the mind. We read that the current Sons of Sol Pharmacy rip off… we mean the show Three Brothers has been extended by a massive 20 episodes- that’s longer than many K dramas on its own! Same goes for Smile, You– another popular show breaking the 20% mark who decides to add an extra 16 episodes. It’s not a show we’ve watched but from what we’re read and heard from others, the show went completely downhill trying to fill so many episodes. Was it worth it? We doubt it.                        

Boys Before Flowers:      

Yes, we confess we got swept up in the madness that was BOF (remember Shams is totally hot for Lee Min Ho), but seriously! It was dragged across so many episodes with little context to spread out. Instead we recommend everyone watch Hana Yori Dango– the far superior version of the story- Simple as that.


The list could go on but we’ve made our point, great shows can be ruined by extensions, so don’t bother, leave them as they were intended to be- more people will appreciate it than watching extra filler episodes and outrageous plot extenders. Look at some of the best J dramas- shorter in the number of episodes and length of the show but still sooo good!

Down with Love: Episode 7

23 Mar

We really, really hope this drama doesn’t have 26 episodes, or else it just may be the end….. Not even HOT Jerry can make us stick around that long. There is nothing wrong with the show; it’s very entertaining, funny and we love Jerella as they’re affectionately referred to as in the press but we know where this old chestnuts going. (Sorry our London lingo will no doubt occasionally slip out from time to time) 
With that said we’re tuned in for now and still liking it. Oh how we love JerryElla together and apart on the show, who would have thought that such a mismatch couple would be so cute together?  What makes it even better is the fact that they even have chemistry! We realised that the episodes are much better when the OTP are acting together; the scenes are often very funny, sweet or full of confused sexual tension- So as valued viewers we demand more please J 
Yu Ping was so sweet in this episode- he was practically a giddy teenager, when he found out that his ex nanny/ fake lesbian (that’s right you did indeed read correctly) was not in fact a lesbian after all, so he spent the whole episode trying to get to her location to confront her and possible declare his interest. Seriously crushing on this guy so bad… it’s sad!
Ke Zhong is a weird character- Okay we get it, you love your ex girlfriend (Hui Fan) – who happens to love your best friend (Yu Ping) – simple drama formula no1. However now it gets weird- so your ex desperately wants your best friend back after they break up and enlists your help to ensure it happens (drama formula no.2).

 Still fine, but who in their rational mind decides to firstly seduce and fake interest in a person (Yang Guo) who is not only your friend/ employee but also the nicest girl your likely to meet, all so your ex girlfriend can get back with your best friend. Also stand in the way of your best friend’s possible happiness with a person you know he likes??

 We don’t care when people say he did it because he loves Hui Fan so much, it’s still incredibly manipulative and just crazy. After all he still loses the girl and in the process hurts an innocent Yang Guo who we adore. To think we actually liked him for a split second, we hoped they would make him a cool love rival rather than a creepy one (like Joon Ha in Pick the Stars). Heres hoping that he snaps out of it super fast and returns his attention to Yang Duo, who we also LOVE.

Best joke from the episode was when Yang Guo and Ke Zhong joked about Ella’s band S.H.E. -Also laughed hard at Yang Guo eating the tissue box because she was that hungry.

More Jerella please! Less dubbed Hui Fan, seriously so annoying to watch her ‘act’!

-Heres a little S.H.E for your viewing pleasure: