Pick the stars – 15

3 Mar

How annoying was episode 15 of Pick the stars!!?


 I groaned throughout the whole ordeal. Dear god -is Pal Gang and her siblings the only characters who are not driving me up the wall?


Everyone else is either:


A. Needs to be killed in the most painful way imaginable- Jae Young must die! So much air time, yuck!


B. Needs serious psychological help ASAP- Joon Ha– what a weirdo, he’s scarier because he’s so nice and he does all this sly business with a smile on his face shudder*


C. Needs to wake up and realise that his brother should love him regardless of his parentage- if not tell him to feck off, he doesn’t deserve you. It’s frustrating to watch now. – Kang Ha


D. Needs to get a reality check- Granddad: how dare he allow them to continue to struggle when he’s so damn rich and he knows full well that Pal Gang’s parent’s death had something to do with him.


E. Needs a good beating- All of the above.


What do you think?

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