City Lovers 5-6

7 Mar

So much to watch sooo little time:

Yep, we’re behind on this drama and it’s a shame because it’s really good!  Sadly I think it’s probably going to remain that way because we’re way too behind to catch up now and also because there is sooooo much to watch elsewhere- damn our  greedy drama obsession.  

You know when you watch a drama and as soon as you’ve finished an episode you need to watch the next one?? Well City Lovers isn’t like that for us, which is shame because when you’re watching it- we’re completely tuned in- it’s funny, charming and very entertaining.

Highlights from episodes 5- 6:

Jung Da Jung is by far our most favourite character out of the girls- she’s completely insane and so funny. Love her.

Best bits– When she got carted off to the police station and had to give a hair sample- hilarious.  Also she finally met the Doctor- hooray! We’ve been waiting for these two to  meet since episode one. Love them. J

Also love Da Jung and Sang Woo’s friendship- such an odd pair to match up. They’re so very cute together.

 We think that City Lovers has the same feel as Soul Mates (which is great because we adored that show.)  We love how everyone is inter-connected with eachother and how they get into crazy scrapes. Shin Young and Ha Min Jae’s mother are bound to meet soon ahhhh!


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