Pick the Stars episode 20/ finale:

20 Mar


Due to life being a little hectic this week we’ve found very little time to watch dramas or do anything other than work. So when RoRo told us that she had a feeling that we wouldn’t like Pick the Stars finale, add Dramabeans comments about it being a tad disjointed/ haphazard- we found ourselves discouraged about watching it, writing it off completely. So Shams and I watched the drama simply because we had invested 19 hours of our time watching it so far, so we might as well finish it….

But we’ve got to conclude it wasn’t THAT bad. It wasn’t great but then again the show was a little like that overall.

Of course it was manic with the double kidnapping, tidy revelations/forgiveness and oh so cheesy ending, but do we mind that much? Not really, we knew what to expect and come on that family had suffered enough!


Why the show is worth watching and why we stayed tuned even when at times we groaned, moaned and wanted to kill many of the characters:


Pal Kang- the leading lady: Is ultimately the best thing about the show- as a character she is so well written, when you’re watching the show you can’t help but fall for her and her adorable siblings. Never once did you question her actions or words. She was always forth right, hard working and just determined to do what it took to take care of her family. She is one of the characters that you root for (our favourite kind) and really wish gets the predicable happy ending that comes with K-dramas.


Kang Ha- We loved his transformation from a cold, horrible love interest to an adorable leading man. We can’t understate how much we hated him at the beginning of the show. Highlights include his oh so cute relationship with Par Rang, his love for his brother and of course his relationship with Pal Kang (loved his sexually charged bickering with Pal Kang!)


The siblings- They were all really cute separately and together. We loved how they all each separately rooted for that special guy for their sister. Also, we loved Nami with his hand clapping and great timing.


Just a quick mention- Thank you Viikii commentators for making us laugh soo hard at while watching the show. Especially, liked all the hate they had for Jae Young aka fish lips as they affectionately referred to her.  

Now what we really hated:

 The Vampire- Jae Young, oh how we hated this love rival so so much. The fact she got a happy ending and was redeemed for being a psychotic bitch was totally annoying. We hate instant personality transplants of characters that are really really annoying or just plain evil.

The grandfather- We have already mentioned our dislike for his character before, but still we can’t forgive him for allowing then to suffer for so long. Also, Pal Kang being revealed to be his granddaughter was done in such a sloppy and hasty manner, which is sad because it could have been a huge revelation. 


Overall we  agreed that if you want to watch a drama with a conspiracy, romance, and a lot of heart we recommend Shinning Inheritance, Pick the Stars is a poor man’s Shinning Inheritance! We enjoyed the show or else we wouldn’t have bothered watching it, but at time it was far too frustrating and many of the characters actions made no logical sense at all!!


So, to sum up it was alright but we have seen better. J



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