Thank You – episodes 7 to 16:

21 Mar


We finally finished Thank You and the verdict is out: WE LOVED IT! We absolutely loved it, we can’t recommend this drama enough, it’s so good.

Thank You is classified as a Melodrama/ RomCom, which we didn’t know was possible but here we are, raving about this gem of a show, how comes it took us this long to discover it? It’s that good.  The drama is so well written, with such a diverse and rich group of actors playing just an amazing range of characters. It’s hard to fault this drama especially with its great actors, writing and music…

So as you can see we like this drama…. just a bit J

Why we fell in love with this drama:

 We adored the love rival: Never have we felt so sorry for the guy who didn’t get the girl. What was so brilliant about his character within the story was he was so interconnected with the leading lady. Their relationship was so complex and she had everything she could ever want with this guy. For god’s sake he was her BABY DADDY, PLUS rich. We really did like this guy, he wasn’t the stereotypical love rival who has an ulterior motive/ or just completely delusional, he genuinely loved her but it was the case that it was just too little too late.

We absolutely loved the grandfather! How could they kill him off? We cried, oh how we cried! Sham’s cried so much that she was actually dehydrated!  He was such a lovely character, his relationship with the girls and Mrs Song ssi was adorable to watch on screen. Our favourite scene was of course the chase scene with him and Ki Seo- Pee Hyung! Pee. So funny. We want a Choco Pie, any advice on where we can find them?

Seo Shin Ae as Bom was brilliant as the daughter. She was funny, sweet and believable in her portrayal of a child who finds out she has AIDS.  We loved her interaction with the rest of the cast which was so good. Especially adored her with her Ahjussi (Min Ki Seo) and her mother.

Young Shin as Bom’s mother and leading lady was written and portrayed so well by Gong Hyo Jin. She was both strong and lovable. She had soo much on her plate but she just got on with it with no complaints. Our favourite scene with the OTP was the scene with her and Min Ki Seo where she tells him he can do better than her and not to waste his time on them. It was so heartbreaking that such a lovely character thought so little of herself.

Min Ki Seo- Jang Hyuk: We can’t rave about this guy enough- we adore him and his charisma. His acting was so good, he portrayed heartbroken grief so well, we loved him with Bom, Young Shin and the grandfather. He was funny, sweet and just so great as the leading man. He’s all the characteristics we look for in our leading man- just perfect.  

This drama made us laugh, cry, cheer and cry some more! It was our first real melodrama and one that will hold a special place in our collection of dramas viewed… dare we say it’s up there as one of our  all time favourite dramas.  We’ll miss it… a lot.



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