Pasta 19-20/ finale

25 Mar

Here is our selection of favourite moments from the show… well the ones we could be bothered to collect he-he. If you’ve seen the show many of the pics will be very familiar and we’re sure you loved the scenes as much as we did.

Our final thoughts from the show are a little mixed -don’t guess us wrong, we adored watching the show and don’t regret it at all. However if you are looking for a show with a lot of bite- a story with plot twists and endless amounts of drama- this is not it.

The story has no big evils or angst worthy love rivals. It’s simple a story about a guy and a girl who fall in love and their everyday issues they face together. However in this case this isn’t a bad thing- it’s so wonderfully put together: the acting, the writing and musicality is spot on. We loved the OTP so much; they are definitely the reason why this show was a success.  Overall the show was charming, funny and sweet.

We would recommend this drama for those looking for some light relief after watching a more heavy weight drama where the leading lady has died of cancer or half the cast were killed in a bloody war- you get the idea.

Don’t bother watching the show if you’re looking for traditional k-drama components- such as lots of angst, drama, insane love rivals, disapproving parents or social/ economic barriers- you’re in the wrong place: Pasta is as far away from the tradition format as it gets- that you may not ‘get’ the show at all, which is shame because it was a refreshing change for us. Like we mentioned in the last post, it was completely unnecessary to have the four episode extension and it resulted in the show being needlessly drawn out- which was a pity but strangely enough we won’t hold it against the show too much because after all it prolonged our viewing time with the cutest OTP we’ve seen together in ages.

On the whole we enjoyed the show so much and will undoubtedly miss it. L



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