drama drought solution

31 Mar

Our  lack of dramas worth watching continues since we finished Pasta and Pick the Stars a couple weeks back now. It’s a tad annoying because we thought we would have Oh! My lady to continue our obsession with but that turned out to be… unappealing, it just didn’t click for us. So for now the only drama we’re actually watching is Down with Love (that’s only once a week- not nearly enough to fuel the need).

When this happens it brings out the desperado in us and we scan the list of dramas we always planned to watch and think: ‘ummmm, possibly’ but somehow we always end up watching something we’ve already seen. Yes that’s right we’ve all been there, re-watching dramas; skipping to the best bits, missing out filler episodes ect. Sometimes it reminds you why you watched the drama in the first place, occasionally you question your sanity and wonder if you realised that the show was that rubbish the first time round, or were you blinded by the hotness of the male or even female OTP (RoRo has so many girl crushes its outrageous).

Anyway we ended up re-watching Hana Yori Dango, which in our opinion can be watched a million times over and still be loved in our house. It can do no wrong in our opinion; it’s the perfect manga to live action transfer of HYD we’ve seen, it’s just so good. So we thought that we’d put a post up about HYD, giving it some (more) love.

Reasons why we love the drama-

>     The story stays pretty true to the manga, which is always best, I hate when producers unnecessarily alter things to ‘shake’ things up. (Ahem- Meteor Garden going off to Spain.)

>     We loved Inoue Mao and Matsumoto Jun together- just a perfect depiction of the leading couple.

>      We liked how the story never veered too far away from the OTP- The Korean version showed far too much Ji Hoo and Jandi time- you’re not suppose to question 20+ episodes in whether the OTP are meant to be together. Honestly Kim Hyun Joong has to be the most wooden actor since Keanu Reeves- yikes it was bad oh so bad. Stick to the singing mate.

Our favourite scenes-

Our most favourite scenes from the whole drama are affectionately split between the following:

Number1. We adored their date together. – ‘save me, your gross, save me!’ It was so funny.

 Number 2. The scene where Makino phones Domyoji up on ‘their’ phone and cries that she never thought she would be able to speak to him on their phone and finally plucks the courage up to ask him out. Ahhhh- seriously so good. Inoue Mao is such a great actress- so beautiful when she cries.

Number 3. When Makino breaks up with Domyoji and returns his necklace. We loved his reaction. So much angst, loved it.


Of course we loved the beginning and the end and well everything in between, so as you can imagine our list could go on, but you get the picture.

-If you haven’t seen it already- why not? It’s a must for all drama fans. If you have, you probably have a similar feeling to some degree as us. – It’s just well put together, acted and written. What more can you ask for?



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