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29 Apr

Usually we wouldn’t put up such a post but seriously if you haven’t seen the following clip from BGT- you really should because not only is it impressive, it’s downright FREAKY at times.
The satanic music doesn’t help! 


Down with Love- episode 12

29 Apr

Shaps officially wants to stop watching this drama….actually she wanted to stop watching at least three episodes ago but Shams is still hooked. Her favourite line is:

‘We invested our time in twelve episodes, we can’t stop now!’

Usually Shaps would respond to that statement with a simple:

‘Get lost; I’m done with this crap!’

However it’s difficult because as drama viewers we always watch things together- you will never find us sitting alone watching a drama by ourselves, it’s just not us, plus who would we possibly rant, vent and gush our thoughts to, if not to the person you’re watching with?  

So for now Shaps is trapped watching this LONNNNNG arse drama which seems to have not progressed at all in the past four episodes mainly because Shams is:

1. Mesmerised by Jerry Yan’s hotness.
2. …… um no that’s it- it’s all about Jerry Yan for her.

The episode only had one redeeming factor and that is Yang Duo and Liang Zhi Hao’s budding relationship! Like we’ve previously mentioned- we adore Yang Duo, add the sweet natured darling that is Lawyer Liang and its great viewing.

-We loved how he hasn’t given up and he’s using her love of money and practical nature to get close to her. As a character he’s simply adorable and the fact that he likes the bossy, aggressive and mean Yang Duo makes it so interesting- come on everyone loves an opposite’s attracts storyline!

-Everything about the Cactus scene was so sweet. The fact it’s still on her desk makes us hopeful- She better not get together with Chin Strap- Or else someone will pay!

– We like how everyone responded to the news that someone likes Yang Duo- Yang Guo and her dad were so funny together. Plus the office staff is on fire with their teasing.

People and issues that make us want to switch off:

-the main issue that ruins the drama for us, is the lack of progression in the story line. The drama has focused on the same points for far too long now. It’s most definitely time for the OTP to start looking at each other in a more romantic light. – In this case- Yang Guo needs to open her eyes and realise that Yu Ping is crazily in love with her. (What a lucky……girl he-he) 


-The love Square all need to get a reality check!

-Yang Guo- inoffensive she may be but boy is she DUMB. She needs to stop being so ‘helpful’ and caring for everyone. We’re glad that Yu Ping yelled at her this week for interfering in his relationship with Hui Fan- The girl needs to read the atmosphere better- obviously Yu Ping really doesn’t want to get back together with Hui Fan.

-Hui Fan and Yu Ping this week were beyond annoying. He’s staying with her because he feels sorry for her- is this not the oldest cliché in Asian dramas? Oh it’s hard to watch, oh so hard.

-Ke Zhong aka Chin Strap wasn’t so bad this week but he’s still an idiot for stringing Yang Guo along- From the preview it looks like this element will be resolved/ addressed next week- thank goodness!

For Shams’ sake we hope something happens next week, or else Shaps may just kill her. Muhahaha!

Hard to say I love you- episode 1

26 Apr

Three reasons why we tuned in:


1. Ueno Juri– We absolutely adore her as Nodame and haven’t had the chance to see her in anything else.


2. Eita– Again the Nodame element kicked in, but also the chance to see Juri and Eita as a couple- you know we’re there.


3. Hero from DBSK- hello, he’s a part of our Pervert’s gallery- this is a given. Plus look at him!


Add the fact that it’s a J-drama which we’ve been oh so deprived of – we were sold.


We’ll be completely honest, we tend to just watch School dramas in the Japanese variety and as a result have only seen a couple grown up j-dramas, so this was a refreshing change and we’re pleased because we thoroughly enjoyed it.


-We loved how messed up everyone was, they all had one issue or another- all the while trying their best to get on with life.


– Although we rubbished the Twitter concept, we actually like what it represents in this drama. In one respect it’s a mask, a facade for hiding the reality of their lives by pretending to be someone else for a bit. On the other hand, it’s like a gate way to avoid being alone, even if it’s with people you really don’t know- it’s better than being completely alone in ‘real’ life.

-All of the characters so far are really compelling, you feel for them and their situations. Especially ‘Doctor’/ Park SeonSu, we wanted to go in there and rescue him when he was being bullied by his boss.  We’re always a little cautious when boy band members’ branch into acting but Hero was actually very good in our opinion. We really felt for him when he had to pick his sister up from the store for shoplifting text books. Sob*


-We also like Haru, we knew we would because Ueno Juri is a great actress but we like her as a character as well. She is upfront, honest and very likable. We knew we would like her when she corrected herself about going in the same direction as Nakaji after they left the pub. She asserted herself and was confident- we don’t like wimpy female leads. Haru and Nakaji also have great chemistry together, very natural and believable. We also liked how they met…awkward.


‘Apologise for calling me a Pervert.’– ha-ha.


So the writing is solid, the acting is great and we’re loving the individual stories -So far so good- heres hoping it stays like that.

P.S Man- episode 9

26 Apr

Okay we asked for more P.S Man and Braces Girl and sadly for us we didn’t get it- we only got a bloody phone call between the two! That said it was a REALLY GOOD phone call but still….we demand more air time with our OTP. 

Even though the last couple episodes have had minimal scenes with our favourite couple, the ones they do share are so worth it. We love these two together, they’re a great couple- so much to enjoy when watching them; they have great chemistry, the best banter and we adore the way they are so natural and honest with each other.  

If we confessed our feelings to the guy we liked after he told us that he was dying of a tumour and then he turned around and said he was just joking.

We concluded that we would do the following:

(Shaps)- March off to the hospital and beat the crap out of him- how evil!

(Shams)- Hang up immediately and possibly leave the country in embarrassment. Only to return once married to Jerry Yan.

– At least He Jie hasn’t lost his wicked streak yet.


-Our favourite scene was when Xiao Qian’s grandma pulled out her marriage suitor photos. Soooo funny! Seriously this show definitely manages to get the right combination of serious and light hearted.

-We’re also still loving Meng Cheng En- nothing much to add to that statement- he’s still hot, he still looks at Xiao Qian like he wants to bed her immediately and they still share that oh so HOT chemistry!

-We weren’t quite sure about Xiao Qian’s grandma staying with them; honestly how much can they get up with a chaperon around? But she is so funny, especially with Marie.  We like how she’s so honest and blunt and really doesn’t care what she says, She definitely a good addition to the show.

-Of course we must mention how disappointed He Jie was when Xiao Qian dismissed their relationship as being nothing more than a brotherly one. The look on his face said it all.

Other mentions:

-Having watched the preview- we’re crazy excited: several possible kisses, potential jealousy and love rival trash talk- you better believe we’re watching.

Oh T-dramas you are good to us, even if you’re ridiculously long.

If we had one complaint about the show, it would have to be Blue Lan’s unruly hair- run a comb through it please!

They could be twins:


Doctor Who- episode 4

25 Apr

How good was this episode!!!? We were ridiculously excited by the prospect of Professor Riversong returning this season and with the WEEPING ANGELS!


The Weeping Angels episode was by far a favourite and so we’re very pleased that they’ve returned and creepier than ever.  Who would have thought that Matt Smith and Alex Kingston would have such good chemistry, oh it was good to watch. We love their ambiguous relationship…are they/ aren’t they? We also liked the dynamics in this episode- Riversong knows so much more than the Doctor, which is a rare thing indeed. Add Amy’s teasing and Riversong’s wisecracks, it was well worth the wait.

The reason why we love Riversong so much is because she is pretty much solid evidence that the Doctor will fall in love with someone on the show and not be completely alone and heartbroken as previous seasons have shown. Also she is just so great a character- smart, sassy and very entertaining, when you include their lovely chemistry and confusing time line- we’re so there!

Best line:

‘It’s not supposed to make that sound, YOU leave the brakes on.’

Prosecutor Princess: episodes 7 and 8

25 Apr

Finally, Ma Hye Ri is asking the right questions!

Who is Lawyer Seo and what is he up to? A coincidence is one thing when it happens once or twice but their relationship is based on one big series of chance encounters and sudden appearances. So we’re rather pleased that Hye Ri has decided to open her eyes to possibly the cutest stalker in Korea! He-he

We love how they’re neighbours and how she wakes up to his voice yelling at her every morning. These episodes showed a really cute side to their relationship and built up a more realistic portrayal of them becoming a couple. Before ep. 7 and 8, it was all completely one sided, whereas now Hye Ri has formed a bond with In Woo and has started thinking about him a lot more than she did….which is probably his plan….or not?? We’re so beyond confused- what is he up to!!!?? We feel like we’re watching Lost, when In Woo does his mysterious business. You know what we mean- you’re completely confused while watching and by the time the episode has ended, you still feel confused. We need answers!

 Things we liked:

– In Woo and Hye Ri together! Loved all of their scenes together, especially the scene where they shared the noodles. No specific reason why, just thought it was sweet and very normal.   

-We like how Hye Ri has evolved as a Prosecutor, while remaining exactly herself. We’d be gutted if she ever lost her fabulous sense in heels. Her dress sense is questionable sometimes but her heels are faultless.

– In Woo’s fishing rod! Not quite as funny as the Cash counter but still very amusing.         

 Other mentions:

-Although we dislike Prosecutor Yoon, it’s hard not to think he’s cool when he takes down the bad guys or gives one of his inspirational speeches.

-We hate to admit it but we actually like Jung Sun aka the other female Prosecutor. We liked how she was upfront and honest about liking Prosecutor Yoon and although she finds Hye Ri frustrating, she does often have Hye Ri’s best interest at heart. Our prediction about a makeover and them becoming possible Prosecutor BFFs is so going to happen especially after these two episodes.

-We liked how In Woo made Hye Ri give him a ‘Wonder Woman’ coupon- we wonder when he’s going to cash in on it and what for?

Oh the questions!

Cinderella Unni: episodes 7-8

24 Apr

These two episodes were just okay for us- mainly because nothing really happened, other than a lot of angsty, emo longing/glaring from the love square. Which is okay in small doses but when, it’s a key foundation for a show it can be a tad tiresome to take. That’s why we’re super pleased that Jung Woo is around to distract Eun Jo. How cute is this guys? He is just such a sweetheart. We loved when he picked her up and ran for her *sigh.Do we even need to mention that dance routine he performed? ha-ha.

How rare is the following picture? Yes that’s right Eun Jo is ACTUALLY smiling!

-Ki Hoon is really getting on our nerves- as a drama viewer we like our leading men to have alliance ONLY to the leading lady- if you like her, like her properly. We can’t stand to see him staring at Eun Jo as if he’s completely heartbroken (which he does really well and you feel for him) but then he goes off and plays with Hyo Sun- sure he made himself clear to her that he’s not interested but come on, we too would be confused by his actions and we don’t love him like Hyo Sun does.

‘If you treat Hyo Sun badly, I’ll kill you’ – Just when we thought we had Eun Jo pegged, she goes and says that. She is by far the best thing about this show.

– After we watched episode 7, we feared that the end was near for Hyo Sun’s Dad sob*

We love him and Eun Jo together. She finally found that parental figure in her life that she never had and their tentative relationship is so lovely to watch on screen. We can’t explain how relieved we were when he didn’t die in ep. 8, although we know it’s going to happen soon. L 
 We wonder if she’ll ever call him dad, although we imagine that the fact he asked her out right was a bit much for Eun Jo’s emotions to take. Moon has the conflicted, hurt look down perfectly, we don’t know about you, but she has us as viewers captivated whenever she’s on screen, she is THAT GOOD. Even her longing, envious/possibly jealous looks at Hyo Sun and her dad’s interactions make us feel for her.
We totally don’t get those people that can dislike Eun Jo as a character- she is so complex and emotionally broken that it’s hard not to understand why she is the way she is.     

Other mentions:

-We really didn’t like how Hyo Sun was praised for getting those Japanese contracts. She used her looks to secure those contracts, not her hard work, intelligence or even her charm – for us, that’s nothing really to be proud of. Although we guess it’s a starting point to show her progress from being completely incompetent to learning the ropes and building up her character to be a decent adversary to Eun Jo.

– We love Eun Jo and her mother’s interaction- it’s just so good to watch- brilliant acting, writing and they share such great chemistry together. Can you imagine how tired you’ve got to be to speak to your mother that way?  

‘It would be a whole lot easier to endure hell, than to be with you.’


P.S Man- episode 8

21 Apr

 Sadly for us this episode wasn’t as good as last weeks but then again  last week’s episode was so good- so all is forgiven.
It’s partly our fault as well- we always watch the previews- and if you have ever watched an Asian drama you will know that they ALWAYS show far too much.

The episode was more of a foundation builder than anything else:

It was all about the Love Rival Meng Cheng En sigh* – we’re definitely not complaining. We thoroughly enjoy watching him on sceen he-he. We like how he’s a rather human character. Often love rivals are very 2D in their characterisation e.g. simply love struck, or just a really nice guy – which sometimes comes across as boring . He, on the other hand not only has great chemistry with the leading lady but we found that we look forward to his interactions with the rest of the cast in the drama. As a character, his actions are often unpredictable; this is made all the more interesting when you consider the fact that he’s super rich and incredibly smart.
Overall we like this LR because it’s possibly the first time in ages…or even ever that an Asian drama has presented an LR who we’ d happily see the leading lady be with, well at least get together with for brief period before She eventually lives happily ever after with her intended OTP.

Things we loved:

-We loved how Ma Xiao Qian and Meng Cheng En spent the majority of the episode fighting or badmouthing each other- oh it’s so good to watch, especially considering the way they look at each other- so hot. We can’t wait for her to make him into a better man!

-Ma Xiao Qian is Meng Cheng En’s Special Assistant!!!
We sense a makeover coming.


Other mentions:

As we pointed out in the last recap- we thought that He Jie would choose Amanda over Xiao Qian and we stand by that fact.We too would feel obligated if she  secretly paid off our $20 million debt.
Unfortunately for us, there were hardly any scenes with the OTP, just alot of gazing from a distance. We really liked how the writers delved right into their relationship- come on, a shower and bed scene by ep. 3/4- unthinkable for a Korean drama but it worked so well in this drama mainly because the OTP are SO GOOD together! As much as we’re loving the LR with the leading lady- we’re routing for this OTP all the way- they have such a lovely back story and not to mention all that pent up sexual tension whenever their on scene together. 
The romance in this drama is so great that we are seriously we’re spoilt for choice- hehe 🙂

Overall still loving this drama 

We want more
P.S Man and Braces Girl 


Down with Love – episode 11

21 Apr


OH YES- we’ve been waiting for this moment for sooooo long! Good work Yu Ping- finally you lay your cards on the table and show that you actually have some balls.

Yu Ping was by far the best thing about this episode- yes we know we say this every week but this time it’s really true.

‘When I think of you, I feel disgusted!

-Firstly he brutally tells Hui Fan exactly what he thinks of her- yay – she obviously needs it spelt out for her, as she didn’t get the hint when he told her he planned to change the locks to his house. She is a prime example of an overly dramatic/ verging on crazy love rival. (we seriously hate LRs like that, they are just too much to stomach at times- especially the Hong Sisters LRs- they are all super crazy)

-Then he tells Chin Strap aka Ke Zhong that he likes Yang Guo and that if he doesn’t treat her right he’ll snatch him away from him… heheheheh. For us, Yu Ping as the leading man was getting a little pathetic in his moping and puppy love for Yang Guo, so we’re pleased that he has finally decided to take a stand and move forward- it was getting really annoying to watch.
-We’ve concluded we still hate Chin Strap and are unlikely to change our minds anytime soon- he’s such a loser!

-Yang Duo- we love you- you rock!

Aside from Yu Ping, Yang Duo is the best thing about this drama. She is funny, bossy, confident and just so entertaining. Now they’ve given her a potential love interest and we’re soooooo pleased! Mainly because Chin Strap doesn’t deserve her- He and Hui Fan can get lost together.  What makes it even better is the fact that her love interest is the polar opposite of her character- he is quiet, polite and an all round sweetie pie. We loved the whole scene where he’s asking the guys in the office about her- so funny!

Other mentions:

-We appreciate Yang Guo as an individual- she is as we’ve previously stated harmless, sweet and earnest in a stupid girl kind of way- but at times its beyond our imagination to believe that Yu Ping loves her so much- for gods sakes he rescues her from some kind of disaster every episode and he’s constantly thinking about her but their interaction feels… forced at times, like we’re suppose to believe that they are the OTP rather than actually investing our emotions into following their interactions.

-We loved the scene with Yu Ping and Yang Guo’s dad- It’s lovely to see Yu Ping doing something other than rescuing Yang Guo or pining for her in his office. Even if it’s getting drunk!


‘For tonight can I call you Pa?’ – So sweet.


Sunao ni Narenakute

19 Apr


This is late- but just realised that Eita aka Mine (from Nodame Cantabile) and Ueno Juri aka Nodame are playing love interests in this drama!!! OMG- ADD Hero from DBSK and you know we’re there!!! The actually story about relationships formed through Twitter, sounds … crap but we’re sold- simple as that!

Oh J-dramas, we’ve missed you- it’s been far too long:

We also really, really hope Yankee-kun to Megane-chan is good! RoRo’s read the manga and seemed to like it so fingers crossed the live action lives up to its reputation because we were so disappointed by the Wallflower.