Cinderella Unni- Episodes 3-4

10 Apr

We finally managed to watch Cinderella Unni – yay! We can’t tell you how much we love this drama, it’s just got the perfect mix of angst, drama and romance, plus it seems to only get better.

(We hope we’re not speaking prematurely because boy would we be disappointed!)

For us the best thing about episodes 3 and 4 was the development of Ki Hoon and Eun Jo’s relationship- love this OTP soooo much! Honestly so great together and is Ki Hoon like the most adorable love interest ever? We loved him instantly as soon as he met Eun Jo. We guess we’re suckers for a smile like his.

Here are a few of our favourite moments with our OTP from the last couple episodes- we’re going to try and preserve these moments in our mind, because we know full well that the next few episodes are going to full of misunderstandings, lost chances and a whole lot of angsty longing- which we will happily eat up mmmhahah- Come on the show moves eight flipping years into the future!

-We had to have this scene because, look at him- he looks so cute and pleased by her question. Also we love how she unashamedly asks him out right, not embarrassed at all- that’s our kind of leading lady.

-This scene for us is so compelling- Even in her fantasy there is the harsh reality of her life. The scene consists of Ki Hoon putting cold meat on her wounds caused by being whipped repeatedly by her Step father (btw- what the feck?- HE’S THE ADULT IN THE RELATIONSHIP, HE SHOULD HAVE STOPPED LONG AGO!), even with that fact she’s allowed herself to dream about something other than running away- plus for the first time: she’s not alone in her fantasy- great OTP moment. We also loved how she finally responded to him when he called her name, even if it was just an ‘mmm’.  Also we’re got to mention her trying to pull his socks off and then running away when he stirred in his sleep- so sweet and funny.

-Also this scene- He was the only person she wanted to tell *sigh.
If it was anyone else she would have:

 A. not bothered to show them OR
B. beaten the crap out of them for touching her.

-How could we not have this scene? Honestly look at the longing stares! Everyone in that household probably realised that Eun Jo and Ki Hoon liked each other after that scene. As soon as we saw the way he was looking at her, we knew he was leaving for good and  would break her heart. It was worth it, just to watch her finally react, Moon is such a great actress and her crying scene on the beach was just brilliant- damn that stupid cow Hyo Sun- finally revealing her true characters.

Our love hate relationship with Viikii continues- we hate how they’re the only site subbing the show but we LOVE the Viikii commentators – full of both evil, funny and DUMB and did we mention EVIL comments? sooo fun to read! We haven’t had this much fun reading comments since watching Pick the Stars which was full of Jae Young haters, looks like they’ve found a new ‘victim’ in the form of Cinderella- Hyo Sun- good!

Can’t wait till next week!


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