P.S Man – Episode 7

12 Apr

 Cinderella Unni (which rocks) and P.S Man win the prize for most obsessed over dramas for the Musthavesubs girls- two dramas we have been thinking about on an unhealthy level.

Introducing the contenders giggles*


(Beware this post is outrageously spoilertactic)

Okay so we’ve become a little obsessed by this drama- we realised this gradually but all the signs are there:

1. We think way too much about it- especially about the characters and what we think is going to happen in the next episode.

2. Whenever P.S Man is brought up (in some instances unnecessarily) we giggle/ squeal with excitement.

3. We finish an episode and say- ‘oooohhhh, we have to wait till next week till we can what the next one’.

4.  We want to watch the drama as we’re writing this post- enough said!

So episode 6 didn’t fail to deliver and trust us when we say our expectations were sky high after seeing the preview last week! We are absolutely loving the pace of this drama, seriously they have already packed in so much and we’re only on episode 6.  Down with Love is on currently on episode 9 and we’ve moaned about the level of repetition and the oh so SLOW pace that the drama is moving at and did we mention out of the 9 episodes, at least 2 of them were filler episodes? We think it’s time for Down with Love to move over, because we’ve found a new front runner for currently airing T-dramas.

Major things that took place in episode 6:

-Xiao Qian and (Love rival) Cheng En FINALLY met! We can’t express the level of giddy fan girl behavior that took place while watching this episode. We are so pleased by how they met, not so much the circumstances but the amazing sexual chemistry that they shared. Honestly it was perfect. (Come on she was fixing a broken toilet!) We really hate when the love rival has zero chemistry with the leading lady- it’s a fundamental necessity for an Asian drama that the LR and the leading lady share at least a tiny spark. Anyway we love how he’s a real contender for Xiao Qian’s love, plus he’s honourable: which he proved by confessing that he was the reason why her (crazy/ amazing) Grandma was at the party and subsequently the reason why she was hurt.

In conclusion we approve giggle.*

-Finally someone knows about Amanda and her son! When compared to other dramas, this revelation wouldn’t have been found out until at least episode 12, so we’re rather pleased. Amanda is also a really interesting female love rival in the sense that we really like her. She is just a straight laced, lovely person who just happens to have a secret son that no one knows about. We concluded that in regards to being a love rival she isn’t really an official LR- that would be Cheng En (rich, hot and charming…tick, tick and tick). Instead we think she’s going to be the consolation prize that He Je will pick before he realises that he really does love the leading lady.   

-Other mentions- He Jie loved Braces Girl! Swooning*:

We knew the Horse shoe would be symbolic but this was better than we could have envisioned. So sweet and finally Xiao Qian knows that he wasn’t just a complete idiot that bullied her for years, but instead a complete idiot that obviously loved or majorly crushed on her. What makes it sweeter is the fact he originally picked on her when they were around 7 years old and he still has a special spot in his heart for Braces Girl all these years later.

What we expect/ hope for in the upcoming episodes:

-We expect a lot of longing from the OTP, especially now that Xiao Qian has promised her Grandma that nothing will ever happen with He Jie. We love the ‘Brothers’ relationship that they decided to share in episode 5- very Coffee Prince like. Which we don’t mind at all because that was angst at it’s very best.

– From the preview, it looks like Cheng En and Xiao Qian are going to start off on a bumpy road to romance, with lots of bickering and clash of values. Mmm, we really shouldn’t be this excited about the LR but we can’t help ourselves. It should be interesting watching these two interact- so excited. J

Till next week

P.S Man loves Braces girl forever!!!!!


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