Shag, Cliff or Marry

14 Apr


As we’re once again waiting impatiently to watch our drama selection- especially Cinderella Unni, which we are ridiculously excited about after watching the preview on Viikii. We decided to play a game- strictly tongue ‘n’ cheek of course called: Shag, Cliff or Marry. We’re not actually sure whether this is just a cheeky English game amongst the immature and perverted but it’s quite simple to follow. You are given three names and you’ve got to decide between the three who you would

1. Shag– one night of HOT passion! (Mainly, the man that you are most attracted to).  

2. Cliff– Who you would throw over a cliff.

3. Marry– The one you’re stuck with forever in happiness (or not).

The first selection is as followed: Go Soo, Jerry Yan and Vic Zhou.

Go SooWill it Snow for Christmas: A unanimous vote that we would all shag him! Come on who can resist those bedroom eyes and that broody glare that screams “come with me for a good time, I shall ravish you right now!” (Yah if it’s a historical!!!)

Jerry YanDown with Love: (If you haven’t noticed we kinda like Jerry…just a bit he he) another unanimous vote that we would marry Jerry. He is the type of guy that would bring you flowers home every day and make you delicious diner. And also be a tender, giving lover. He has that sexy voice working for him, who would ever get bored?

Vic ZhouMars: The decision to cliff Vic was a very hard one, the competition was very tough. Shaps wanted to shag him because she thought it would be a crazzzzzy night. Shams thought that because he is so mentally damaged that if we didn’t cliff him he would end up doing it himself.  We are sorry Vic we still love you, forgive us!

The next bunch of guys (once again in a tough category) is as followed: Super Juniors’ big guy, Deasung from Big Bang and Phillip-shi from Soulmate.  

Mushroom head from Super Junior: We decided we would shag him. It would be interesting to have a shapely lover. And also we really had no choice with the other two that we had to chose from.

Daesung from Big bang (RoRo’s OTP): We would marry him because he is so funny and sings like an angel. He would serenade you to sleep every night. However, for ethical reasons we would have to share separate beds.  

 Choi Phillip from Soulmate who plays Phillip-shi: super yuck, his character is repulsive! We would definitely have to cliff him. To be honest how could anyone with a heart cliff Daesung or the mushroom? There so lovely!

The final selection (somehow all the villains have ended up together) are: Bad Family’s Kim Gyu Chul who plays Han In Soo, Delightful girl’s Uhm Tae Woong who plays Byun Hak Do and finally Mars’ An Jun Can as Tong Dao.  

Delightful girl Choon Hyang Byun Hak Do – scary evil: Out of the three we would have to marry him. We have to keep in mind that he is super rich and although he may be evil he is very handsome (Even our mum said that he should be the main guy in delightful girl!!)

Mars creepy Ling stalker! – An Jun Can as Tong Dao: Ahhhh we have no choice. Although we are scared that he might do creepy stuff to us WE CANNOT MARRY THE TOAD!

Bad family’s the Toad Ha In Soo – yuck: We would have a lot of pleasure whilst we pushed him of the cliff!! Yes he is absolutely evil and yes he does deserve to be pushed!


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