P.S Man- episode 8

21 Apr

 Sadly for us this episode wasn’t as good as last weeks but then again  last week’s episode was so good- so all is forgiven.
It’s partly our fault as well- we always watch the previews- and if you have ever watched an Asian drama you will know that they ALWAYS show far too much.

The episode was more of a foundation builder than anything else:

It was all about the Love Rival Meng Cheng En sigh* – we’re definitely not complaining. We thoroughly enjoy watching him on sceen he-he. We like how he’s a rather human character. Often love rivals are very 2D in their characterisation e.g. simply love struck, or just a really nice guy – which sometimes comes across as boring . He, on the other hand not only has great chemistry with the leading lady but we found that we look forward to his interactions with the rest of the cast in the drama. As a character, his actions are often unpredictable; this is made all the more interesting when you consider the fact that he’s super rich and incredibly smart.
Overall we like this LR because it’s possibly the first time in ages…or even ever that an Asian drama has presented an LR who we’ d happily see the leading lady be with, well at least get together with for brief period before She eventually lives happily ever after with her intended OTP.

Things we loved:

-We loved how Ma Xiao Qian and Meng Cheng En spent the majority of the episode fighting or badmouthing each other- oh it’s so good to watch, especially considering the way they look at each other- so hot. We can’t wait for her to make him into a better man!

-Ma Xiao Qian is Meng Cheng En’s Special Assistant!!!
We sense a makeover coming.


Other mentions:

As we pointed out in the last recap- we thought that He Jie would choose Amanda over Xiao Qian and we stand by that fact.We too would feel obligated if she  secretly paid off our $20 million debt.
Unfortunately for us, there were hardly any scenes with the OTP, just alot of gazing from a distance. We really liked how the writers delved right into their relationship- come on, a shower and bed scene by ep. 3/4- unthinkable for a Korean drama but it worked so well in this drama mainly because the OTP are SO GOOD together! As much as we’re loving the LR with the leading lady- we’re routing for this OTP all the way- they have such a lovely back story and not to mention all that pent up sexual tension whenever their on scene together. 
The romance in this drama is so great that we are seriously we’re spoilt for choice- hehe πŸ™‚

Overall still loving this drama 

We want more
P.S Man and Braces Girl 



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