Prosecutor Princess: episodes 7 and 8

25 Apr

Finally, Ma Hye Ri is asking the right questions!

Who is Lawyer Seo and what is he up to? A coincidence is one thing when it happens once or twice but their relationship is based on one big series of chance encounters and sudden appearances. So we’re rather pleased that Hye Ri has decided to open her eyes to possibly the cutest stalker in Korea! He-he

We love how they’re neighbours and how she wakes up to his voice yelling at her every morning. These episodes showed a really cute side to their relationship and built up a more realistic portrayal of them becoming a couple. Before ep. 7 and 8, it was all completely one sided, whereas now Hye Ri has formed a bond with In Woo and has started thinking about him a lot more than she did….which is probably his plan….or not?? We’re so beyond confused- what is he up to!!!?? We feel like we’re watching Lost, when In Woo does his mysterious business. You know what we mean- you’re completely confused while watching and by the time the episode has ended, you still feel confused. We need answers!

 Things we liked:

– In Woo and Hye Ri together! Loved all of their scenes together, especially the scene where they shared the noodles. No specific reason why, just thought it was sweet and very normal.   

-We like how Hye Ri has evolved as a Prosecutor, while remaining exactly herself. We’d be gutted if she ever lost her fabulous sense in heels. Her dress sense is questionable sometimes but her heels are faultless.

– In Woo’s fishing rod! Not quite as funny as the Cash counter but still very amusing.         

 Other mentions:

-Although we dislike Prosecutor Yoon, it’s hard not to think he’s cool when he takes down the bad guys or gives one of his inspirational speeches.

-We hate to admit it but we actually like Jung Sun aka the other female Prosecutor. We liked how she was upfront and honest about liking Prosecutor Yoon and although she finds Hye Ri frustrating, she does often have Hye Ri’s best interest at heart. Our prediction about a makeover and them becoming possible Prosecutor BFFs is so going to happen especially after these two episodes.

-We liked how In Woo made Hye Ri give him a ‘Wonder Woman’ coupon- we wonder when he’s going to cash in on it and what for?

Oh the questions!


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