P.S Man- episode 9

26 Apr

Okay we asked for more P.S Man and Braces Girl and sadly for us we didn’t get it- we only got a bloody phone call between the two! That said it was a REALLY GOOD phone call but still….we demand more air time with our OTP. 

Even though the last couple episodes have had minimal scenes with our favourite couple, the ones they do share are so worth it. We love these two together, they’re a great couple- so much to enjoy when watching them; they have great chemistry, the best banter and we adore the way they are so natural and honest with each other.  

If we confessed our feelings to the guy we liked after he told us that he was dying of a tumour and then he turned around and said he was just joking.

We concluded that we would do the following:

(Shaps)- March off to the hospital and beat the crap out of him- how evil!

(Shams)- Hang up immediately and possibly leave the country in embarrassment. Only to return once married to Jerry Yan.

– At least He Jie hasn’t lost his wicked streak yet.


-Our favourite scene was when Xiao Qian’s grandma pulled out her marriage suitor photos. Soooo funny! Seriously this show definitely manages to get the right combination of serious and light hearted.

-We’re also still loving Meng Cheng En- nothing much to add to that statement- he’s still hot, he still looks at Xiao Qian like he wants to bed her immediately and they still share that oh so HOT chemistry!

-We weren’t quite sure about Xiao Qian’s grandma staying with them; honestly how much can they get up with a chaperon around? But she is so funny, especially with Marie.  We like how she’s so honest and blunt and really doesn’t care what she says, She definitely a good addition to the show.

-Of course we must mention how disappointed He Jie was when Xiao Qian dismissed their relationship as being nothing more than a brotherly one. The look on his face said it all.

Other mentions:

-Having watched the preview- we’re crazy excited: several possible kisses, potential jealousy and love rival trash talk- you better believe we’re watching.

Oh T-dramas you are good to us, even if you’re ridiculously long.

If we had one complaint about the show, it would have to be Blue Lan’s unruly hair- run a comb through it please!

They could be twins:



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