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Live Action Ramble

31 May

-We finally watched Nodame Cantabile the movie part 1, after waiting for subs for so long. Sadly for us it was a complete waste of time. Don’t get us wrong we adore the Nodame series and all of the specials- just brilliant viewing but this movie was just rubbish. It’s like the producers went crazy with animation just because they had a bigger budget, the most annoying thing about it all is that the producers stayed faithful to the manga so we can’t even blame them for fluffing up the script.

Even though this movie was super disappointing- we won’t lose hope  as we know what happens next in the manga. Seriously, we can’t express in words how excited we are to watch the next movie!

Oh Nodame and Chiaki we have missed you!


-We read on Viikii that Ariel Lin is going to play Kyoko Mogami in the live action version of Skip Beat! Rumour has it; it’s also has Siwon most recently of Oh! My lady and of course Super Junior fame cast opposite her- why, oh why??

We see this scenario going down in two ways:

Siwon will either be dubbed the whole way through- which is both frustrating and annoying to watch

OR he may attempt something far worse by actually speaking Mandarin- please tell us it’s just a horrible rumour.

Nothing against Ariel Lin either but…
Where the hell are all the T-drama actresses hiding??

Why is it that all of the major leading roles are played by

1. Joe Chen

2. Ella

or Ariel??

Also, she’s going to be in Coffee Prince, really??


-We’ve been watching Yankee-kun to Megane-chan casually since it aired a month ago and you know what, it’s not so bad- we were disappointed with the Wallflower live action version, so our expectations were a tad low for this remake but so far so good. It’s a shame its missing the toilet scenes from the manga and its dipped its comedy level a little but how can you not love Shinagawa and Hana together, they are so cute! Plus Hana just doesn’t understand the meaning of personal space.



Cinderella Unni- episode 17-18

30 May

As we sat down to watch episodes 17-18 we wondered if we would regret completing this drama, like we did with Down with Love but with one week to go we can conclude that with all its faults and over the top angst, we won’t regret it…too much anyway. As we predicted in our last post, these two episodes were packed with a great deal of progress both plot wise and in the character development of the cast but we’re unsure of whether it’s a case of too little too late. What’s really changed from the last 4 to 6 episodes that has made these characters suddenly become better?…we can’t think of anything other than the usual angsty hardship that comes with the drama. This drama really should have had only 16 episodes, than possibly all the tears and angst would have been bearable but the writers made the fatal error of spreading out the heartbreak and pain over FAR TOO MANY episodes to the point where as viewers we really don’t care any longer. If the writers presented Eun Jo’s character development in small doses since the time leap rather than her instant transformation in the last couple weeks of the drama, than possibly we would be able to connect better to her as a leading lady but at this point her transformation is rather forced and her rationality is a tad unbelievable.


So the major event last week was Ki Hoon saving Dae Sung Doga from the evil clutches of Ki Jung and Daddy Hong. Frankly it was missing the dramatic impact that it should have had, considering this was the big bad in this drama. It could have something to do with the fact that Ki Hoon took it upon himself to swoop in and rescue the two damsels in distress – fair enough considering it was his family causing all the trouble but seriously we really don’t like how he took it upon himself to handle everything just in case heaven forbid Eun Jo and Hyo Sun are shocked or hurt by the news. It’s their family business and what century is this drama set in? Eun Jo and Hyo Sun are not helpless little girls that need protecting especially when it regarding something as important as their family heritage. It would have been so much better if they all had to work together to resolve the crisis working as a team highlighting the trust and confidence that they had built between each other- rather than having Ki Hoon running off and saving the day, all of which felt a little disjointed.  


Things we’ve been waiting for since the time leap:

-Eun Jo finally read Ki Hoon’s letter and realised that he truly loved her. In a way it’s a good thing she read it now rather than when she first found out about the letter because now she truly trusts him and believes in his love, where as if she read it earlier we doubt that she would know what to do with herself- considering her heart was made of ice back then, that is if she had one–Seriously she must be the most emotionally screwed up female lead ever.


-Eun Jo swooped in and rescued Ki Hoon from his HOT brother Ki Jung- which was swiftly followed by her running into Ki Hoon’s arms and hugging him! Oh yes, you read correctly the emotionally stunted ice pack heart Eun Jo hugged Ki Hoon.



-Eun Jo acknowledged Dae Sung as her father to Hyo Sun and the elders. About bloody time too! It was a sweet scene of reflection as Hyo Sun asked her why she had been so stubborn for so long and Eun Jo realised that Hyo Sun has grown as a person so much and that she had remained the same and possibly it was time to move forward too. Shame it took 18 episodes to realise that fact. 



-Hyo Sun transformation from spoilt, naive girl to what she is now was the only transformation that was done well in this drama. Honestly we couldn’t stand her for so long but now we can’t help but like her, if anything the girl has suffered long enough that all is forgiven.


Other news:


Kang Sook has finally learnt what it means to be ashamed. As a character we knew that she was going to be redeemed for all her sins, after all forgiveness seems to be a focal theme in this drama. Also we doubt that Eun Jo would ever get over it- they share a really twisted relationship. We’re glad about this because for all her faults Kang Sook really does love Eun Jo. It was a great scene when Eun Jo phoned her mother up and asked her not to return- she would take her mother’s punishment in her place, their relationship is so bittersweet and complex.  


Poor Jung Woo, yes we’re aware we sound like a broken record when it comes to discussing him but seriously the guy is going to be so heartbroken at the end of this drama- he gets neither girl or a family- sob* Please writers, give Jung Woo a happy ending, he is the only character that we didn’t dislike at any point throughout the duration of this drama- plus he accomplished the impossible by making Eun Jo smile- he deserves a medal just for that!



As long as there is a happy-ish ending and no mass killings next week- we’ll survive.

My Country Calls- episodes 5-6

29 May

 We Love, love, love this drama! Six episodes in and we can happily report that we are still hooked and can’t wait till the next episode. It’s just so funny, it doesn’t take its self too seriously and it’s written really well.


The best thing about it is that drama doesn’t depend solely on the OTP like other dramas do; this drama has a great assembled cast. Damn our inability to hate the love rival Choi Eun Seo! We really wanted to dislike her, just because it’s in our nature to do so but seriously, she’s a very human type of character; she has a career ambition that you can’t help but admire, she makes mistakes, can be irrational and she gets jealous- all of which she admits to. Very often in K-dramas, the female love rival is presented as desperate, insane or pathetic- in many instances all of the above. This can be fun to watch, especially when they’re getting into mishaps but having seen our fair share of dramas we can safely say, we’re seen it all before. So we’re hoping that the writers continue like this and make Ha Na and Eun Seo odd friends.


 We also happen to love the male love rival/ villain Han Do Hoon, who is brilliant opposite Ha Na; he’s rude, eccentric, possibly evil and just really interesting as a character. As they have just introduced him, we’re unsure on whether he’s a love rival or not but so far we’re getting vibes from his end- either way villain/ love rival, it should be interesting to watch considering it involves Oh Ha Na- who is still hilariously insane!  As well as the love rivals, we really like the rest of the Intelligence team that have to deal with Ha Na- the writers have managed to really inject some individuality into the cast, all of whom are funny and smart together and apart. We especially love Kim Byung Hoon with Ha Na, they are so funny together- it was so hilarious when Jin Hyuk found them on the bed together!


The romance between the OTP is very much at the beginning phase of the drama; Ha Na is still thinking with her brain and all the money Jin Hyuk can bring her- or in her case the chicken franchise she’ll be able to give her mother if they were to marry, she is so unbelievably delusional that you can’t help but like her. Go Jin Hyuk being a nice upstanding man, has so far only shown concern for her as a person having got to know her, rather than in any other way.  We’re really glad that he told her straight about the agency using her as a scapegoat if the mission is deemed a failure, we really hate when dramas have a secret that hovers over the OTP throughout a drama until its revealed once the couple are happy and in love- it’s been done a million times over, so boring. Aside from being rather stroppy at times when he doesn’t like something, he’s a really easy going leading man- we love how he’s constantly disapproving of something Ha Na has got herself into- he’s got a great look of disgust/ outrage.


Aside from character development, episodes 5-6 built the foundations for the drama, by diving right in and putting Ha Na undercover as a really rubbish secretary for Han Do Hoon. So far he has insulted her dress sense, called her old looking and she in return has tried to strangle him with his own tie! We sense their relationship is going to be far from smoothing sailing- we can’t wait!

Down with love- episode 16/ finale

26 May

All we have to say is what a waste of time that was. Don’t bother watching this pointless, poorly written, over the top rubbish. We had more fun mocking the drama in our recap posts than we actually did watching it. Seriously it was beyond fluff it was so sickly sweet that our teeth nearly fell out. From now on we will follow our instincts and ignore friends who raved about how brilliant this drama is. They have obviously lost their minds. 


Next time we want to know if our drama tastes are compatible with someone we will ask them if they enjoyed this drama along with My Name is Kim Sam Soon and if the answer is yes- sorry we’re incompatible, we can’t be drama buddies. Simple as that!


We won’t even go into details; we think we’ve wasted enough hours already.


How dare the only two people we like in this damn drama not get together!!?

P.S Man – Episode 13

25 May
This episode had the promise of being so good; what with a love confession and a HOT kiss in the rain, we did indeed get both but still it was overshadowed by the sheer stupidity of it all!

PS MAN you’re better than this why, why, why have you decided to introduce the biggest cliché in romantic dramas?? Was it really necessary to keep the OTP apart by getting the love rival to beg and use her pitiful son as a way to keep Xia He Jie? This storyline always stumps us, it makes no sense at all. The leading man has already rejected the love rival and confessed his undying love for the leading lady, what on earth does the love rival think will happen if the leading lady rejects him- he’ll come running back to the love rival and confess that he made a mistake- UH NOT LIKELY and if it does, has she no dignity, the love rival will always know that he loves someone else! Watching Amanda tell Xiao Xian her sad sob story and followed by her begging her was so pathetic; we really wanted to just fast forward all that stuff, it has been done to death in the past dramas- so yawn inducing.


We really wish that Xiao Qian turned around and said- ‘look he doesn’t like you like that, he picked me!’ – Highly unlikely we know considering how annoyingly kind Xiao Qian is in this drama.

Xiao Qian was so frustrating to watch in this episode- she let her family push her about so much; honestly the woman needs to get a backbone. She spent the majority of the episode passively watching as her country bumpkin family and village bullied Xia He Jie, it was just so annoying to watch, we really can’t stand weaklings- you love him/ you hate him make a decision. Sure she made a decision at the end but she was pressured both by a manipulative and pathetic Amanda and her grandmother.

 It was the first time we actually felt sorry for Xia He Jie, he genuinely loves Xiao Qian and he put himself on the line for her, he was so determined and sincere in this episode that we can’t help but wish he wasn’t such a idiot with all his ‘brothers’ talk and general playboy ways in the past episodes. The worst thing is he knows full well why she would be so hesitant in accepting his love declaration, if it were us- we wouldn’t go near him with a barge poll! It hard to lose such a reputation, especially when the guy in question compared love to a heat pad that you throw away once the heat has gone. Xia He Jie better watch himself because it appears that not only is Meng Cheng En richer, better looking but also better with words than him- oh please writers, we beg you throw in a make out session with MXQ and MCE please!


We look forward to seeing Xia He Jie return to his play boy ways next week- he’s much more fun to watch when he’s bad! We’re even more pleased to see LR Meng Cheng En return to our screens next week, we’ve missed him! Giggles*

Cinderella Unni – episode 15&16

24 May

Cinderella Unni episodes 15 & 16 =
Another level of twisted crazy!

For us this drama is all about family and the importance it plays in shaping ones destiny. Could Hyo Sun and Kang-Sook’s relationship be any more screwed up? Honestly we thought Eun Jo and her mother were messed up but this is beyond crazy. Hyo Sun hates Kang-Sook for betraying and using her father but at the same time she can’t bare the thought of her leaving…seriously???
We love the twisted irony of the situation, Kang-Sook wanted that life so badly that she cheated and faked her way through eight years of marriage and now Hyo Sun has made it so, she can’t escape it whether she wants to or not- the saying: you’ve made your bed and now you have to lie in it– couldn’t be more fitting in this situation.   


We really do like the transformation in Hyo Sun’s persona; finally the writers have introduced the catalyst that changed her character from being a person that just put up with all the crap that Eun Jo and Kang Sook threw at her and has moved on to become a character that will not be taken advantage of ever again. Thank goodness for that! You know what, we’re glad that this happened but the writers took their sweet time. It would have been so much better if this happened after Dae Sung’s death, when she realised that her mother’s a nasty witch and would happily treat her like dirt, regardless of the fact she just lost her father. Instead the writers chose to drag out Hyo Sun’s pathetic needy side. If it wasn’t for the fact that we thoroughly enjoyed watching Kang-Sook and Hyo Sun’s interaction, especially the chase scene- we would have concluded: too little too late but seriously the cast can act! They manage to convey so many conflicting, insane emotions so well that somehow they manage to pull off the insanity of it all, a lesser cast would have killed the drama already.  


Elsewhere in the depressing land of Cinderella Unni….


Jung Woo, we beg you, stay away from Eun Jo! She will only tell you something incredibly depressing causing you nothing but pain and possibly make you cry pretty man tears!



Yikes, that scene between Jung Woo and Eun Jo was beyond morbid. You know the scene we’re talking about- Eun Jo telling Jung Woo how she saw little point in living and that after she met Ki Hoon; she found a reason to wake up in the morning. Woman, you know full well how he feels about you, do you honestly need to tell him all this? Maybe we would sympathize with her if it wasn’t for the fact that we’ve seen nearly twelve thousand variations of Eun Jo rejecting Ki Hoon…so far! – Yes she’s heartbroken that Ki Hoon’s leaving and she won’t be able to ignore or scowl at him and oh yes reject his love confess AGAIN but at this point with two weeks left of this drama, we really don’t care anymore. Get together already and may they live miserably ever after! 


We know this is wrong and totally going against the OTP in this drama but we wouldn’t mind Eun Jo getting together with Ki Hoon’s brother Ki Jung or at least having a steamy make out session giggles*

It can’t have just been us who thought that their meeting was outrageously HOT! Come on they both happen to be two very cold, intelligent attractive people, it would be so much more interesting than the sleep inducing romance between Eun Jo and Ki Hoon yawn* We are so over them.

With two weeks to go, we have no doubt that the drama will kick up a gear and that we will see some much desired progress, we just wish it came sooner.  



My Country Calls- episodes 1-4

23 May

We are loving My Country Calls! Okay we’ve only seen four episodes so our opinion may change, but for now we pretty much like everything about it. What makes it better is the fact that it was such a pleasant surprise; we didn’t expect to find it so entertaining and funny. It’s got a lovely combination of really sharp writing with a great cast to deliver. The drama so far has moved at a good pace, with the OTP being thrown together quickly and the introduction of a wide selection of other characters being presented well, especially the love rival- who we already dislike ALOT.

So far so good.


Lee Soo Kyung is brilliant as the leading lady OH Ha Na, so hilarious, who would have thought that she would have such excellent comedy timing. Her character is great – she is completely insane and as a result we spent the majority of the time laughing our butts off at her expense. Insane in the best way possible…of course- as a character she is unpredictable, crooked as they come and doesn’t do anything unless there is something in it for her. Could she be any more different from your standard Korean leading lady? She is completely reprehensible and the best thing about it is that everyone knows exactly what she is like especially the leading guy- Go Jin Hyuk.



We really like this OTP, he spends half the time questioning her motives and wondering what trouble she’s going to cause him and she spends the majority of the time counting all the money she can make out of him.
Also we love the way he looks at her- (see photo above!) A mixture of complete disgust and shock, which is completely normal because she is after all absolutely mad! The writers have done well in developing the relationship between the OTP, considering he is as straight laced as he is and she is well…. mad, they complement each other really well. If anything its very entertaining seeing all of the strange situations he finds himself in because of her. All we’ll say is he pretended to be a famous wallpaper man and measured OH Ha Na’s tenants house in ‘American units’- like we said she’s mad.  

We can’t wait for these two to get together; it should be very entertaining to say the least.

Prosecutor Princess:episode 15&16

22 May

All good things much come to an end and we’re so pleased that Prosecutor Princess finished on a high. The last two episodes were perfect in our opinion- great acting, writing, it was fast paced and thankfully not predicable at all. We pretty much spent the majority of episode 15 holding our breath in anticipation of how everything was going to pan out. Throughout the last two episodes we simultaneously felt for every single character in this drama, how rare is that? We guess it’s just a testament to the brilliant writing for this drama, honestly  did anyone imagine that In Woo would be the person proving Ma Sang Tae’s innocence? We sure didn’t.


Of course we predicated correctly that MST wasn’t a murderer and was unlikely to go to jail, but we’ve got to hand it to the writers for making us sit on the edge our seats- we admit we were worried for a bit there.  We liked how the issue of redemption and punishment was dealt with in this drama. It would have been completely wrong if MST wasn’t punished one way or another, because after all he was responsible for an innocent man going to jail. We love the irony of the situation; MST covered up the crime 15 years earlier to secure his business and financial standing and 15 years later he goes bankrupt as a result of his acts- just perfect. Dealing with the issue of proving In Woo’s father’s innocence and proving MST wasn’t actually a murderer was done really well, it wasn’t too intense or over the top but at the same time it had that emotional punch that made you think that justice had be carried out appropriately.


We’ll miss Hye Ri as a character, we’re so pleased that she stood her ground and didn’t run away. The scene where her mother hit her and asked her how she could turn her father’s case in was so sad. It was a scene that summed up completely the hardship and emotionally conflicting feelings that she had to deal with and you realise just how far she had come. The Hye Ri from the start would have happily allowed In Woo to cover up the case or accepted his money when her family went bankrupt but this Hye Ri toughed it out and stayed strong. 


‘Do you know what it’s like to have a nail in your heart?’


We don’t know what was sadder- the scene where Hye Ri’s father pulled away from Hye Ri and told her to act like she didn’t know him. Or Hye Ri’s father crying in the lift and apologizing to In Woo for what he did to his father. It was so well done, such a tragic scene full of complicated emotions from all three characters.

We’ll also miss In Woo aka the cutest stalker in Korea. For a leading man he was morally ambiguous, which made him really interesting to watch, plus we truly felt for him, especially when we watched his flashback scenes. To go through so much hardship and loss at such a young age, he didn’t have chance of growing up normally. We’ll miss his beautiful angsty stares towards Hye Ri as he stalked her from a distance and his lovely chemistry and interactions with her, they really were a surprisely great OTP that we’ll miss rooting for. Seriously, he must have loved Hye Ri so much to do everything he did for her in the last two episodes, especially considering the fact that he had been driven by revenge and an intense sense of justice for the past 15 years. We’re glad he got justice for his father and also got the girl at the end.


We are so glad In Woo and Hye Ri got a happy ending, they deserve it after all they went through! It was sweet but not overly sentimental like other dramas tend to be. The time leap was just right as well, if it were us and we had gone through as much as this OTP had, we too would be still heartbroken six months later.


‘I didn’t know you were dying too.’
 -Jenny always underestimated Hye Ri.


Our favourite bits from the whole drama:


  • Hye Ri paying In Woo back in one dollar bills and In Woo pulling out a cash counter- so funny.
  • We liked the scene where In Woo and Hye Ri shared the bowl of noodles, after they went shopping together.
  • We adored the love confession followed swiftly by the KISS.
  • We liked the clock and later the secret message.
  • We loved the scene where Hye Ri told her mother what she liked about In Woo and she realised that she actually did like him.
  • We liked In Woo’s fishing rod.
  • You know what? We could be here for a while, let’s just conclude we loved this drama a lot.

This is by far our favourite 2010 drama so far.
We thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it. We’re sad it’s over. Sob*


Drama viewing

20 May

As we anticipate the completion of Prosecutor Princess and Down with love we realised that we’ll be left with a gap in our drama viewing , when you add the fact that Cinderella Unni has become a depressing black hole of misery, we concluded it’s time to find a new drama to watch ASAP.

So this week we found a spare couple hours and we checked out the following new dramas currently airing:


My country calls (K) – It was definitely not on our radar but having read some good reviews we thought why not and you know what? It was really good…so far.   We do enjoy when genres mix, especially when it’s done well and this drama has the right combination of comedy/ crime with hopefully romance for good measure. What we enjoy even more is when opposites collide and in this drama the OTP are most definitely that. It’s great to see Lee Soo Kyang as a leading lady, the last we saw of her was in Soulmate- which we loved. Her character is as far from her role in Soulmate as it gets. How do we describe her nicely and without it sounding too bad?…..she is a crooked cop. She’s loose with the law but only on small matters and generally she has good intentions towards her job. As a character she is funny, confident, very entertaining and also has the crooked strike to keep her interesting. We liked her instantly and for us- if we’re going to enjoy a drama, it’s vital that we like the OTP together and individually or else it’s not going to work.

Take My name is Kim Sam Soon, we couldn’t stand the OTP AT ALL, they had really horrible characteristics individually and when you put them together it was just magnified. The MNIKSS mania is beyond our understanding- simple as that.

The leading man hasn’t really been presented yet, but so far so good. He’s the stereotypical rule abiding, slightly cold but respected leading man. He’s as straight-laced as they come so to watch the OTP interact should be interesting. We most definitely intend to watch the next episode and hopefully it remains as promising as the first episode.


We also caught the first episode of Coffee House (K), after reading Drambeans high praises. This drama was also good, we still prefer MCC, only because it had a little more substance to the plot and we liked the OTP more. We concluded that this drama was strictly fuff. The leading lady’s character has a lot of parallels with the LL from Full House; they both happen to be pretty useless, unemployed girls in their mid 20s who meet highly successful men and by some strange circumstance end up working in close proximity with them.  Sure both dramas are related but come on where is the originality here? Credit where credit is due aside from the leading lady being a replica of the leading lady from Full House, the main guy is great. We do like our eccentric characters and he fits the bill perfectly- quirky, two faced and entertaining, plus he’s handsome.

In a previous post we described Park Shi Yeon as a half android actress but we must confess we actually liked her in this drama- she is insane, very funny and highly strung- her character is rather over the top and cartoon like so it doesn’t require the actress to really reach within and pull out a performance but she’s not bad, we approve.

The story line isn’t particularly original but the characters are entertaining enough, plus there were some moments where we genuinely laughed out loud. We’re unsure of whether we’ll continue watching this drama simply because it we really didn’t have that urge to find out what happens next but you never know….


Other drama contenders we might consider watching include:


Pi Li MIT (T): come on, a combination of Veronica Mars and Yukan Club, plus when you add the essential romance and madness that come with T dramas – how can we resist?


Tsuki no Koibito/ Moon Lovers (J): Once again we heard some great stuff about this drama, plus we love Kimura after watching him in Pride.


Decisions, decisions: so many dramas so little time. J


Down with love- episode 15

19 May

We thoroughly enjoyed this episode of DWL, it was funny, sweet and packed with lots of action. We were pretty certain that the only way was up, after the writers for this drama cleared up all the loose ends that had being weighing the drama down for at least a few weeks.

We have to confess that this episode did make us feel sorry for Chin Strap…damn it. It’s only because he graciously gave up his pursuit for Yang Guo’s heart. He knew he did wrong and that the better man won. 

How annoying, we actually enjoy hating him, it’s more fun that way.


There were quite a few scenes that we really enjoyed this week:


-The scene where Yu ping listed off actions that Yang Guo can’t do with her fake boyfriend was very sweet. It’s lovely to finally see his unrequited love be acknowledged by Yang Guo- so glad the writers moved quite quickly in developing their relationship.


-The lunch scene with Chin Strap’s mother was hilarious! Could it get any worse?



-Yu Ping following Yang Guo and Chin Strap around was so silly and over the top but at the same time completely charming. Plus we got to witness Yu Ping and Chin Strap kiss as a result of it- that could a be a completely different drama all by its self.


-How could we forget the other KISS! Finally Yu Ping and Yang Guo lock lips and it was far from a Korean Prude’s kiss. 


Other news:

-We still adore Daddy Yang- he is simply comedy gold in this drama.


-Yang Duo and Liang Zhi Hao are dating! Yay- we loved it when she stood up for him in the office, so cute. They are most definitely our favourite odd couple in ages, he is such a sweetheart and she is just so feisty. Love them.

Favourite quote:


‘I doubt she has any maternal instincts, she probably sold it on eBay.’


– Office workers about Yang Duo.