Prosecutor Princess: episode 9

1 May

Episode 9 was so good! Finally we’re getting some answers and we know what Seo In Woo has been up to. Oh it was good *giggle.


We adore how the writers have built up the relationship between the OTP so brilliantly, from being unconvincing to what it is now. We sense a great deal of angst coming their way. Seriously it was so good watching In Woo’s conflicting feelings being unravelled throughout the entire episode. He started off the drama completely in control, ready to carry out his plan- remember he is the guy that will do anything to ensure a win, regardless of who he has to use and now he can’t bring himself to continue; with what is probably his biggest case/ revenge driven scheme to date and all because of Ma Hye Ri! 


The writers were so good in revealing Hye Ri’s change in attitude towards Lawyer Seo. In a way it snuck up on her and she realised that he was a lovely guy. We loved the scene when her mother asked her what she liked about him, you could see her thoughtfully work her way through her memories and then say he was like Superman- so sweet, what made the scene all the better was In Woo’s guilty look.


In Woo’s plan to ruin Hye Ri’s father and use Hye Ri to actually carry out the investigation is one healthy dose of twisted revenge on his part. It’s pretty nasty business befriending someone and integrating yourself into their life all in the aim to use them in possibly the worst way imaginable. If we were Hye Ri, we doubt we could move past this fact, can you possibly ever get together with a guy capable of that?
Well we guess we’re going to have to wait and see…damn it.


Other mentions:


-The invisible roommate storyline was both very creepy and funny at the same time. 

‘The food wasn’t substantial enough; I lost 3k in three days.’ Ha!


-Like we’ve said before we’re not fans of Prosecutor Yoon but he’s awfully sweet with Hye Ri. Everything about their date was so good. As a couple they’re really good together- he’s so stern with her all the time and she looks at him like he’s her first crush- so cute. We like how Prosecutor Yoon has learnt to smile, usually at her expense but he does look very handsome when he’s less serious.



-He’s not all bad we guess- he did hold her hand while walking through the blossom path. Now that was sweet.


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