Prosecutor Princess- 9&10

3 May

‘I don’t want to give her pain, nor do I want to love her’


Unfortunately for you Lawyer Seo, we think you’re going to do both and its going to get awfully messy. 


Episode 10 was definitively the turning point in this drama- there is definitely no looking back now. All of In Woo’s sneaky hard work has lead up to this moment and he has truly landed Hye Ri’s Dad in it. Even his moment of guilt didn’t stop himself from carrying out his plan and now whatever happens next he’s stuck with the consequences. We wonder if he’ll regret it.


Aside from Hye Ri finding out about her father, this episode further developed the Hye Ri’s conflicting feelings for In Woo, which is always lovely to watch. It’s nice to see her be a little jealous for a change. We also like how it’s slowly dawning on her that he is the first person she thinks of whenever she wants to share good/ bad news, hang out with or of course be saved by every now and then. This is all going to make it all the more harder when she finds out what he has been up to.


We’re finding it really hard to imagine how this OTP are going to be able to get their happy ending at the end of the drama. First of all there is the issue of In Woo using her to get revenge against her Dad, which is bad enough but also what about Hye Ri’s Dad? Either way you look at it, he will get in trouble and that is ultimately because of In Woo. In the drama Hye Ri’s Dad may be responsible for doing some really dodgy work but he’s presented as a good father, stern and hard at times but nevertheless has the love of his daughter- Hye Ri will no doubt suffer as a result of it all.


Other mentions:


-How cute was Prosecutor Yoon in this episode? Using exercise as an excuse to see her!


-We really like the side story lines- the conclusion to Hye Ri’s homicide case was really great. We were so proud of Hye Ri when she went and arrested the bad guys- could she be any more different from the start of the drama? What made the storyline even better was how she went and cried her eyes out in the toilets- the moment was so poignant and sad. It’s difficult not to like a character that cares so much.


Seriously we are so excited about the next lot of episodes, it’s crazy!

After 10 episodes of secrets and creepy sneakiness everything is now out in the open- let the games officially begin.  


What do you think?

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