Down with Love: Episode 13

5 May

The only word that ran through Shaps mind by the end of that episode was: FINALLY!

Finally the writers have cut loose the crap weighing this drama down and now hopefully it can progress into something worth watching- (Jerry aside of course, but that’s a given right?)

So after 12 episodes the writers have chosen to finally conclude the following unnecessarily LONG ARSE story arches much to the relief of all of the MustHaveSubs Girls watching especially the ones being forced against their will (ahem Shaps)

-So we’re desperately hoping  that Hui Fan has finally got the hint and will get lost. After so many episodes and Yu Ping saying lovely things like:

 ‘I can’t stand the sight of you’ and ‘I’m going to change my locks’, add a mental breakdown and food disorder (fake variety or other we’re still unsure) – She finally packed her bags and left- hooray!  Seriously we doubt we could stand to watch this actress ‘act’ any longer- why did the producers of this drama think it was a good idea to dub her voice, are there no other actresses in Taiwan?   

-Yang Guo knows about Chin Strap using her to keep Hui Fan happy. Thank the Lord; we don’t need to watch this stupid, illogical story line unfold any longer! A good side affect to his mad behaviour is that Yang Duo now knows what an idiot he is and is unlikely to get together with him at the end of the drama- yay J


-Yu Ping will not stand on the side lines any longer and he fully intends to get his woman! Hopefully now it should kick the story into gear and we’ll be that much closer to the OTP living happily ever after.

Aside from cleaning up the wasteland that was this drama, nothing other than the usual happened in this week’s episode. The best part about this episode was Yu Ping taking care of Yang Guo- he has to be the just the sweetest guy in the drama world- well at least in Taiwan anyway. Not only did he take her to just the most beautiful mountain top, just so she can cry about another man, he spent the remainder of the time feeding her all of her favourite foods, just to cheer her up,- now that’s our kind of guy- its definitely the way to OUR hearts.  How long is Yang Guo going to be blind to Yu Ping’s Hotness and blatant love for her? – We know she’s slow but come on woman, open your eyes!

-Are they really going to have a faceoff between Chin Strap and Yu Ping for Yang Guo’s heart? How boring and predictable. Plus Chin Strap and Yang Guo share absolutely ZERO chemistry- which always makes it harder to watch.

-We beg you writers, don’t make this last longer than an episode, let Yang Guo develop some brain cells and work out that Ke Zhong is a stupid idiot and that Yu Ping is waaaayyy better.



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