Cinderella Unni – episode 13&14

15 May

What has happened to Cinderella Unni? We’re confused, so confused- this drama was so brilliant, we couldn’t praise it enough but somewhere along the way it just become more and more detached from reality and the characters that we once felt such strong emotions for (good and bad)  have become characterchures of themselves.


What was with Eun Jo trying to drown herself!!? It made no sense at all. Her life as it currently stands isn’t as bad as it has been. Plus it was a tad over the top if it was just trying to scare Jung Woo’s father.  It’s like the writers thought-


‘I know, why  don’t we make things really dramatic by making Eun Jo try and drown herself.’


Seriously it was THAT out of the blue and unnecessary. As a character she has progressed so far from the screwed up teenager she was at the start of the drama to what she is now. Honestly it was weird, one thing that makes her such a appealing character and one you ultimately root for despite her not so sunny disposition as a leading lady is the fact that she is so strong, loyal and really does care for those around her even if she can’t show it directly, so to have her suddenly try and kill herself was very strange. We swear it was simply for shock factor- which is a shame because this drama doesn’t need to stoop to such levels, the writing and acting is still up there with the best k-dramas this season.


Even though Ki Hoon is annoying the hell out of us, we’re glad that he told Hyo Sun bluntly without muddling his words that he didn’t like her that way. It was actually quite a dignified rejection. We’re even more pleased that she took it like a lady and doesn’t plan to hold on for dear life like other delusional love rivals.

We like how Ki Hoon has finally decided to pick Eun Jo and stick with her but how many times is he going to get rejected? This part of the drama is actually getting really tiresome to watch, it’s as if the story is on loop- he makes a major declaration of love and then she knocks him back- they both cry sadly about it for awhile and then repeat the process all over again in the following episode.

It couldn’t have just been us who felt like they were in a twilight zone while watching the scene where Hyo Sun and Ki Hoon were pleading with the rice merchant. We were a little repulsed by Hyo Sun using her dead father’s memory to secure the rice deal. It was beyond emotional manipulation; it was so fake and forced- we knew what she was doing and so did the rice merchant. Who does that? It wasn’t so bad the first time, a mention of what a great man her father was and the loyal working relationship shared between the men over the years is fine but this was just…yuck- over the top and disrespectful. The thing that made it all the more infuriating was the fact that neither she nor Ki Hoon thought it was wrong. In fact Ki Hoon smiled at her, why didn’t he just high five her when they left the office?  

Shshjfshhnas- annoying, these two losers should just run off into the sunset together.


Jung Woo has the one characteristic that we love in a drama love rival. Even though he knows that he has no chance with the leading lady and he is completely heartbroken, he loves the leading lady so much that all he wishes for her is not to be hurt in anyway usually by the guy she actually does love. It’s just such a lovely heartbreaking quality to watch in a drama and we never get tired of seeing it.

Poor Jung Woo, he too has joined the rest of the cast in this drama- who are in desperate need of some Prozac. We hope he smiles again simply because he is just a sweetheart. It was really sad when Jung Woo’s father didn’t recognise him, considering he’s the closest thing to family in Jung Woo’s rather sad upbringing. We really hope that he gets a happy ending at the end of this oh so depressing drama.


Our ahjumma perving continues with Eun jo’s mother- seriously she is so beautiful and for a woman of a certain age she is looking hot. She practically dazzles on screen, plus she can act. We loved her discovery of Dae Sung’s diaries, how good was the scene where she cried in front of their wedding photo? It was just such a great realisation of regret and lost moments, she’ll never get back. In her whole life no other man loved her so much- for better and more importantly for worse and she treated him so badly.

We wonder if this is the panicle moment in the drama where she will realise that perhaps it’s time to change her evil ways and be a better person.     


Did you see the madness in Hyo Sun’s eyes at the end of episode 14?

We sense trouble!  


What do you think?

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