Down with Love: Episode 14

15 May

Although there was a lot of hesitance on Shaps part for watching this episode, she had to confess it was….actually not that bad. *Gasp. Yes we are aware that the majority of the DWL posts tend to be incredibly bitchy and harsh, so it is indeed a  shock to be admitting to this statement. Aside from wanting to fast forward every scene with Ke Zhong and Yang Guo together, we’re pleased by the amount of progress made in this episode. We desperately hoped that they wouldn’t drag the Yu Ping VS. Ke Zhong competition for Yang Guo’s heart story line out, just because its yawn inducing boring and thankfully someone agreed and had everything sorted out in this one episode- we think this is possibly a small miracle for T-drama standards.

The revelation of Yu Ping’s love for Yang Guo was done really well- nothing outrageously dramatic, where you’d go: come on your joking right! Instead it was  more realistic in the sense that she found out quickly and didn’t ponder over it for the next twelve episodes. She told him she wasn’t ready and he told her, he would wait until she was. Sigh* – He is beyond adorable. 

 One thing we really hated about the episode was how the drama makers are trying to spin sympathy for Chin Strap. Honestly we get that Yang Guo is supposed to be compassionate and kind but let’s get real here, who forgives a guy like that? -A guy who strung you along for ages simply for the sake of another woman who he happened to confess his love for a couple weeks back. Then to make matters worse; Yang Guo kept having romantic moment flashbacks of Chin Strap, seriously how dumb of her, he was faking it!

What’s with the flashbacks anyway? Is it necessary to have every other scene a flashback of something that literally happened 10 minutes earlier?

We think it’s okay to have one maybe two flashbacks per episode but really, every thinking scene? We’re sure we can get an idea of what the OTP are crying about; if not -maybe we really shouldn’t be watching the drama and the actors possibly need to return to acting school or the pop band they came from because they’re obviously not doing a good enough job if they need visual assistance in practically all their scenes.


Almost forgot this was supposed to be a positive post about DWL- Oops! :S

We’ll try harder next time.


Things we actually liked:


-They had plenty of Yang Guo and Yu ping time, which is always great!

-We adore Daddy Yang- so sweet and funny- We love his moments with Yu Ping the most.



– We liked how Yu Ping was rather forceful in his pursuit of Yang Guo- about bloody time mate!


Things we learnt:

-Yang Guo is actually that dumb! How dare she forgive Chin Strap so easily and worse- hesitate over Yu ping- crazy!



– Yu Ping is rubbish at Basketball- the guy is hot, so hot but it was beyond hilarious watching him play basketball in this episode.



– Chin Strap is ugly without his glasses- so ugly we laughed nonstop for about ten minutes when we saw this picture.



So we’re glad that the drama has progressed from the horrible repetitive loop it was stuck in and we look forward to the next chapter where we hope for lots of the following: plenty of OTP time, less of Chin Strap with EITHER of the Yang sisters, zero Hui Fan and of course lots of Yang Duo air time- because she still rocks!  



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