Down with love- episode 15

19 May

We thoroughly enjoyed this episode of DWL, it was funny, sweet and packed with lots of action. We were pretty certain that the only way was up, after the writers for this drama cleared up all the loose ends that had being weighing the drama down for at least a few weeks.

We have to confess that this episode did make us feel sorry for Chin Strap…damn it. It’s only because he graciously gave up his pursuit for Yang Guo’s heart. He knew he did wrong and that the better man won. 

How annoying, we actually enjoy hating him, it’s more fun that way.


There were quite a few scenes that we really enjoyed this week:


-The scene where Yu ping listed off actions that Yang Guo can’t do with her fake boyfriend was very sweet. It’s lovely to finally see his unrequited love be acknowledged by Yang Guo- so glad the writers moved quite quickly in developing their relationship.


-The lunch scene with Chin Strap’s mother was hilarious! Could it get any worse?



-Yu Ping following Yang Guo and Chin Strap around was so silly and over the top but at the same time completely charming. Plus we got to witness Yu Ping and Chin Strap kiss as a result of it- that could a be a completely different drama all by its self.


-How could we forget the other KISS! Finally Yu Ping and Yang Guo lock lips and it was far from a Korean Prude’s kiss. 


Other news:

-We still adore Daddy Yang- he is simply comedy gold in this drama.


-Yang Duo and Liang Zhi Hao are dating! Yay- we loved it when she stood up for him in the office, so cute. They are most definitely our favourite odd couple in ages, he is such a sweetheart and she is just so feisty. Love them.

Favourite quote:


‘I doubt she has any maternal instincts, she probably sold it on eBay.’


– Office workers about Yang Duo.


What do you think?

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