Drama viewing

20 May

As we anticipate the completion of Prosecutor Princess and Down with love we realised that we’ll be left with a gap in our drama viewing , when you add the fact that Cinderella Unni has become a depressing black hole of misery, we concluded it’s time to find a new drama to watch ASAP.

So this week we found a spare couple hours and we checked out the following new dramas currently airing:


My country calls (K) – It was definitely not on our radar but having read some good reviews we thought why not and you know what? It was really good…so far.   We do enjoy when genres mix, especially when it’s done well and this drama has the right combination of comedy/ crime with hopefully romance for good measure. What we enjoy even more is when opposites collide and in this drama the OTP are most definitely that. It’s great to see Lee Soo Kyang as a leading lady, the last we saw of her was in Soulmate- which we loved. Her character is as far from her role in Soulmate as it gets. How do we describe her nicely and without it sounding too bad?…..she is a crooked cop. She’s loose with the law but only on small matters and generally she has good intentions towards her job. As a character she is funny, confident, very entertaining and also has the crooked strike to keep her interesting. We liked her instantly and for us- if we’re going to enjoy a drama, it’s vital that we like the OTP together and individually or else it’s not going to work.

Take My name is Kim Sam Soon, we couldn’t stand the OTP AT ALL, they had really horrible characteristics individually and when you put them together it was just magnified. The MNIKSS mania is beyond our understanding- simple as that.

The leading man hasn’t really been presented yet, but so far so good. He’s the stereotypical rule abiding, slightly cold but respected leading man. He’s as straight-laced as they come so to watch the OTP interact should be interesting. We most definitely intend to watch the next episode and hopefully it remains as promising as the first episode.


We also caught the first episode of Coffee House (K), after reading Drambeans high praises. This drama was also good, we still prefer MCC, only because it had a little more substance to the plot and we liked the OTP more. We concluded that this drama was strictly fuff. The leading lady’s character has a lot of parallels with the LL from Full House; they both happen to be pretty useless, unemployed girls in their mid 20s who meet highly successful men and by some strange circumstance end up working in close proximity with them.  Sure both dramas are related but come on where is the originality here? Credit where credit is due aside from the leading lady being a replica of the leading lady from Full House, the main guy is great. We do like our eccentric characters and he fits the bill perfectly- quirky, two faced and entertaining, plus he’s handsome.

In a previous post we described Park Shi Yeon as a half android actress but we must confess we actually liked her in this drama- she is insane, very funny and highly strung- her character is rather over the top and cartoon like so it doesn’t require the actress to really reach within and pull out a performance but she’s not bad, we approve.

The story line isn’t particularly original but the characters are entertaining enough, plus there were some moments where we genuinely laughed out loud. We’re unsure of whether we’ll continue watching this drama simply because it we really didn’t have that urge to find out what happens next but you never know….


Other drama contenders we might consider watching include:


Pi Li MIT (T): come on, a combination of Veronica Mars and Yukan Club, plus when you add the essential romance and madness that come with T dramas – how can we resist?


Tsuki no Koibito/ Moon Lovers (J): Once again we heard some great stuff about this drama, plus we love Kimura after watching him in Pride.


Decisions, decisions: so many dramas so little time. J



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