Prosecutor Princess:episode 15&16

22 May

All good things much come to an end and we’re so pleased that Prosecutor Princess finished on a high. The last two episodes were perfect in our opinion- great acting, writing, it was fast paced and thankfully not predicable at all. We pretty much spent the majority of episode 15 holding our breath in anticipation of how everything was going to pan out. Throughout the last two episodes we simultaneously felt for every single character in this drama, how rare is that? We guess it’s just a testament to the brilliant writing for this drama, honestly  did anyone imagine that In Woo would be the person proving Ma Sang Tae’s innocence? We sure didn’t.


Of course we predicated correctly that MST wasn’t a murderer and was unlikely to go to jail, but we’ve got to hand it to the writers for making us sit on the edge our seats- we admit we were worried for a bit there.  We liked how the issue of redemption and punishment was dealt with in this drama. It would have been completely wrong if MST wasn’t punished one way or another, because after all he was responsible for an innocent man going to jail. We love the irony of the situation; MST covered up the crime 15 years earlier to secure his business and financial standing and 15 years later he goes bankrupt as a result of his acts- just perfect. Dealing with the issue of proving In Woo’s father’s innocence and proving MST wasn’t actually a murderer was done really well, it wasn’t too intense or over the top but at the same time it had that emotional punch that made you think that justice had be carried out appropriately.


We’ll miss Hye Ri as a character, we’re so pleased that she stood her ground and didn’t run away. The scene where her mother hit her and asked her how she could turn her father’s case in was so sad. It was a scene that summed up completely the hardship and emotionally conflicting feelings that she had to deal with and you realise just how far she had come. The Hye Ri from the start would have happily allowed In Woo to cover up the case or accepted his money when her family went bankrupt but this Hye Ri toughed it out and stayed strong. 


‘Do you know what it’s like to have a nail in your heart?’


We don’t know what was sadder- the scene where Hye Ri’s father pulled away from Hye Ri and told her to act like she didn’t know him. Or Hye Ri’s father crying in the lift and apologizing to In Woo for what he did to his father. It was so well done, such a tragic scene full of complicated emotions from all three characters.

We’ll also miss In Woo aka the cutest stalker in Korea. For a leading man he was morally ambiguous, which made him really interesting to watch, plus we truly felt for him, especially when we watched his flashback scenes. To go through so much hardship and loss at such a young age, he didn’t have chance of growing up normally. We’ll miss his beautiful angsty stares towards Hye Ri as he stalked her from a distance and his lovely chemistry and interactions with her, they really were a surprisely great OTP that we’ll miss rooting for. Seriously, he must have loved Hye Ri so much to do everything he did for her in the last two episodes, especially considering the fact that he had been driven by revenge and an intense sense of justice for the past 15 years. We’re glad he got justice for his father and also got the girl at the end.


We are so glad In Woo and Hye Ri got a happy ending, they deserve it after all they went through! It was sweet but not overly sentimental like other dramas tend to be. The time leap was just right as well, if it were us and we had gone through as much as this OTP had, we too would be still heartbroken six months later.


‘I didn’t know you were dying too.’
 -Jenny always underestimated Hye Ri.


Our favourite bits from the whole drama:


  • Hye Ri paying In Woo back in one dollar bills and In Woo pulling out a cash counter- so funny.
  • We liked the scene where In Woo and Hye Ri shared the bowl of noodles, after they went shopping together.
  • We adored the love confession followed swiftly by the KISS.
  • We liked the clock and later the secret message.
  • We loved the scene where Hye Ri told her mother what she liked about In Woo and she realised that she actually did like him.
  • We liked In Woo’s fishing rod.
  • You know what? We could be here for a while, let’s just conclude we loved this drama a lot.

This is by far our favourite 2010 drama so far.
We thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it. We’re sad it’s over. Sob*



One Response to “Prosecutor Princess:episode 15&16”

  1. tirenard June 25, 2010 at 1:27 pm #

    You were so enthusiastic about this drama that I decided to give it a try and omg, I just loved it!! I watched the 5 last eps in 2 days lol. Thanks a lot for your review 🙂

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