Cinderella Unni – episode 15&16

24 May

Cinderella Unni episodes 15 & 16 =
Another level of twisted crazy!

For us this drama is all about family and the importance it plays in shaping ones destiny. Could Hyo Sun and Kang-Sook’s relationship be any more screwed up? Honestly we thought Eun Jo and her mother were messed up but this is beyond crazy. Hyo Sun hates Kang-Sook for betraying and using her father but at the same time she can’t bare the thought of her leaving…seriously???
We love the twisted irony of the situation, Kang-Sook wanted that life so badly that she cheated and faked her way through eight years of marriage and now Hyo Sun has made it so, she can’t escape it whether she wants to or not- the saying: you’ve made your bed and now you have to lie in it– couldn’t be more fitting in this situation.   


We really do like the transformation in Hyo Sun’s persona; finally the writers have introduced the catalyst that changed her character from being a person that just put up with all the crap that Eun Jo and Kang Sook threw at her and has moved on to become a character that will not be taken advantage of ever again. Thank goodness for that! You know what, we’re glad that this happened but the writers took their sweet time. It would have been so much better if this happened after Dae Sung’s death, when she realised that her mother’s a nasty witch and would happily treat her like dirt, regardless of the fact she just lost her father. Instead the writers chose to drag out Hyo Sun’s pathetic needy side. If it wasn’t for the fact that we thoroughly enjoyed watching Kang-Sook and Hyo Sun’s interaction, especially the chase scene- we would have concluded: too little too late but seriously the cast can act! They manage to convey so many conflicting, insane emotions so well that somehow they manage to pull off the insanity of it all, a lesser cast would have killed the drama already.  


Elsewhere in the depressing land of Cinderella Unni….


Jung Woo, we beg you, stay away from Eun Jo! She will only tell you something incredibly depressing causing you nothing but pain and possibly make you cry pretty man tears!



Yikes, that scene between Jung Woo and Eun Jo was beyond morbid. You know the scene we’re talking about- Eun Jo telling Jung Woo how she saw little point in living and that after she met Ki Hoon; she found a reason to wake up in the morning. Woman, you know full well how he feels about you, do you honestly need to tell him all this? Maybe we would sympathize with her if it wasn’t for the fact that we’ve seen nearly twelve thousand variations of Eun Jo rejecting Ki Hoon…so far! – Yes she’s heartbroken that Ki Hoon’s leaving and she won’t be able to ignore or scowl at him and oh yes reject his love confess AGAIN but at this point with two weeks left of this drama, we really don’t care anymore. Get together already and may they live miserably ever after! 


We know this is wrong and totally going against the OTP in this drama but we wouldn’t mind Eun Jo getting together with Ki Hoon’s brother Ki Jung or at least having a steamy make out session giggles*

It can’t have just been us who thought that their meeting was outrageously HOT! Come on they both happen to be two very cold, intelligent attractive people, it would be so much more interesting than the sleep inducing romance between Eun Jo and Ki Hoon yawn* We are so over them.

With two weeks to go, we have no doubt that the drama will kick up a gear and that we will see some much desired progress, we just wish it came sooner.  




One Response to “Cinderella Unni – episode 15&16”

  1. boginje May 24, 2010 at 11:20 pm #

    I CAN`T hate the actor playing Ki Jung-HE IS WAY TOO HOT!!!And funny(on variety shows)! And he can really sing(he was in a ballad trio)! I want to see him in another drama-preferably as a lead.BTW it`s interesting how everyone is putting pictures of Ki Jung/EJ meeting in their CU reviews-I haven`t seen it yet(stopped watching CU after episode 11)so I am starting to feel curious about it.
    I guess I`ll marathon this drama when it finishes airing:)

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