P.S Man – Episode 13

25 May
This episode had the promise of being so good; what with a love confession and a HOT kiss in the rain, we did indeed get both but still it was overshadowed by the sheer stupidity of it all!

PS MAN you’re better than this why, why, why have you decided to introduce the biggest cliché in romantic dramas?? Was it really necessary to keep the OTP apart by getting the love rival to beg and use her pitiful son as a way to keep Xia He Jie? This storyline always stumps us, it makes no sense at all. The leading man has already rejected the love rival and confessed his undying love for the leading lady, what on earth does the love rival think will happen if the leading lady rejects him- he’ll come running back to the love rival and confess that he made a mistake- UH NOT LIKELY and if it does, has she no dignity, the love rival will always know that he loves someone else! Watching Amanda tell Xiao Xian her sad sob story and followed by her begging her was so pathetic; we really wanted to just fast forward all that stuff, it has been done to death in the past dramas- so yawn inducing.


We really wish that Xiao Qian turned around and said- ‘look he doesn’t like you like that, he picked me!’ – Highly unlikely we know considering how annoyingly kind Xiao Qian is in this drama.

Xiao Qian was so frustrating to watch in this episode- she let her family push her about so much; honestly the woman needs to get a backbone. She spent the majority of the episode passively watching as her country bumpkin family and village bullied Xia He Jie, it was just so annoying to watch, we really can’t stand weaklings- you love him/ you hate him make a decision. Sure she made a decision at the end but she was pressured both by a manipulative and pathetic Amanda and her grandmother.

 It was the first time we actually felt sorry for Xia He Jie, he genuinely loves Xiao Qian and he put himself on the line for her, he was so determined and sincere in this episode that we can’t help but wish he wasn’t such a idiot with all his ‘brothers’ talk and general playboy ways in the past episodes. The worst thing is he knows full well why she would be so hesitant in accepting his love declaration, if it were us- we wouldn’t go near him with a barge poll! It hard to lose such a reputation, especially when the guy in question compared love to a heat pad that you throw away once the heat has gone. Xia He Jie better watch himself because it appears that not only is Meng Cheng En richer, better looking but also better with words than him- oh please writers, we beg you throw in a make out session with MXQ and MCE please!


We look forward to seeing Xia He Jie return to his play boy ways next week- he’s much more fun to watch when he’s bad! We’re even more pleased to see LR Meng Cheng En return to our screens next week, we’ve missed him! Giggles*


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