My Country Calls- episodes 5-6

29 May

 We Love, love, love this drama! Six episodes in and we can happily report that we are still hooked and can’t wait till the next episode. It’s just so funny, it doesn’t take its self too seriously and it’s written really well.


The best thing about it is that drama doesn’t depend solely on the OTP like other dramas do; this drama has a great assembled cast. Damn our inability to hate the love rival Choi Eun Seo! We really wanted to dislike her, just because it’s in our nature to do so but seriously, she’s a very human type of character; she has a career ambition that you can’t help but admire, she makes mistakes, can be irrational and she gets jealous- all of which she admits to. Very often in K-dramas, the female love rival is presented as desperate, insane or pathetic- in many instances all of the above. This can be fun to watch, especially when they’re getting into mishaps but having seen our fair share of dramas we can safely say, we’re seen it all before. So we’re hoping that the writers continue like this and make Ha Na and Eun Seo odd friends.


 We also happen to love the male love rival/ villain Han Do Hoon, who is brilliant opposite Ha Na; he’s rude, eccentric, possibly evil and just really interesting as a character. As they have just introduced him, we’re unsure on whether he’s a love rival or not but so far we’re getting vibes from his end- either way villain/ love rival, it should be interesting to watch considering it involves Oh Ha Na- who is still hilariously insane!  As well as the love rivals, we really like the rest of the Intelligence team that have to deal with Ha Na- the writers have managed to really inject some individuality into the cast, all of whom are funny and smart together and apart. We especially love Kim Byung Hoon with Ha Na, they are so funny together- it was so hilarious when Jin Hyuk found them on the bed together!


The romance between the OTP is very much at the beginning phase of the drama; Ha Na is still thinking with her brain and all the money Jin Hyuk can bring her- or in her case the chicken franchise she’ll be able to give her mother if they were to marry, she is so unbelievably delusional that you can’t help but like her. Go Jin Hyuk being a nice upstanding man, has so far only shown concern for her as a person having got to know her, rather than in any other way.  We’re really glad that he told her straight about the agency using her as a scapegoat if the mission is deemed a failure, we really hate when dramas have a secret that hovers over the OTP throughout a drama until its revealed once the couple are happy and in love- it’s been done a million times over, so boring. Aside from being rather stroppy at times when he doesn’t like something, he’s a really easy going leading man- we love how he’s constantly disapproving of something Ha Na has got herself into- he’s got a great look of disgust/ outrage.


Aside from character development, episodes 5-6 built the foundations for the drama, by diving right in and putting Ha Na undercover as a really rubbish secretary for Han Do Hoon. So far he has insulted her dress sense, called her old looking and she in return has tried to strangle him with his own tie! We sense their relationship is going to be far from smoothing sailing- we can’t wait!


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