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My country calls- 7-10

30 Jun

Yep, we finally found a steady stream of links for this drama- yay and yes, it’s true we couldn’t wait until the drama ended as we’d rather be watching this drama slowly than not at all.


We read on Dramabeans website that MCC failed to do well in the ratings with only 6% on average, which is so sad to hear because the drama is far more enjoyable than half the currently airing dramas and a damn sight more entertaining! It’s a shame that it’s gone under the radar and has failed to draw attention from the start. What is it with us falling for great dramas that no one seems to watch- take Alias and Veronica Mars?


The drama is still standout funny, as its progressed the humour has dimmed a little to allow for more progression in the story however there is atleast one scene in every episode that will make you laugh out loud, it’s that funny. It’s a combination of little jokes, along with the obvious funny scenarios that makes this drama so hilarious to watch. We are not surprised at all that this drama won an award for its script because honestly it’s really well written and rather sharp and witty in its dialogue. The pace as well has moved quickly and you can understand and believe the relationships formed within the drama.


Contrary to other people’s opinions regarding the lack of focus at the start of the drama, we actually found it refreshing to have drama mainly focused on character development, especially when they are as likable as the characters of MCC are. It’s great to see such an assembled cast bounce off each other so well and share such lovely chemistry together- we hate when dramas are held together only on the strength of the OTP. 


As we’re picking the drama up after not recapping for a while here is a quick rundown of major events that have taken place over the course of 10 episodes:


-Oh Ha Na is currently undercover as the Assistant to the drama’s villain/ love rival – Han Do Hoon who is played so brilliantly by Ryu Jin. Their relationship is most definitely the most entertaining thing about this drama at the moment; it is so hilarious to watch! He is eccentrically comedic, and happens to be completely delusional about most things especially Ha Na’s ‘feelings’ for him. We love how they are each other’s confidantes, what an unexpectedly funny twist to their relationship- especially when he was the one who pointed out that she was in love with Jin Hyuk.  


-The drama has slowly started to unravel why Eun Seo left Jin Hyuk three years earlier. For Horan’s first acting role, she’s not bad at all; she’s channelled the character really well and has managed to present a well rounded character that you can understand and respect. The return of the past love is a rather stereotypical storyline in K-dramas and could have been handled in a tired and predicable kind of way but in MCC, Eun Seo is actually a really interesting and compelling character. The best scene so far with Eun Seo had to be the cat fight with Ha Na. It could possibly be the funniest girl on girl fight we’ve seen in a K-drama to date. It had the lot; hair pulling, childish insults and being caught by the man of their affection- classic scene.  


-How could we forget that Jin Hyuk and Ha Na are now officially dating- she might get her chicken franchise after all. The writers didn’t waste much time dragging out the; he likes her; she likes blah, blah- thank goodness. We hope that the comedy level doesn’t completely disappear now that they are a couple. We’d hate it if they injected too much romance into this drama, just because with romance naturally comes angst, dilemmas and romantic squabbles and this drama happens to be the first drama in ages that has been (so far) consistently funny. 


Heres hoping for more of the same, because at the moment we have no complaints what so ever with this seriously underrated drama.


Noona Love

28 Jun

(n) When a man is romantically interested in an older woman.

Usually we’re not fans of Noona Love as it is generally really boring and repetitive to watch.

Typical Scenario:

Young Lovesick Sap (YLS) – ‘Noona, I Love you.’

Older woman- ‘We can never be together our families will never accept it.’

Or ‘I’m scarred for life by my ex love and fear that I can never love again, little lone with a child like you.’

Young Lovesick Sap‘NOooooo Noona, don’t say that! I’ve loved you from a distance for so long, give me a chance.’

Yawn- Oh! My Lady and The woman who still wants to Marry are key examples of Noona Romance and also examples of boredom personified! Watching the same issues addressed over and over again across 16 episodes… er no thanks! It’s the equivalent of taking a sedative.  

However that said, we think we may have found our first example of Noona Love that actually works for us in the form of the secondary couple in Creating Destiny.

Kyu Han and Yoon Hee are the couple that will probably never be but it’s oh so sweet to watch as the drama progresses.

Yoon Hee is a thirty something unmarried woman with a child out of wedlock- yep for a Korean drama she has her plate full, so she definitely doesn’t have the time to acknowledge possibly the nicest young Lovesick Sap we’ve seen in ages. Kyu Han is kind, handsome and young- you’d think that Yoon Hee would be counting her lucky stars but nope not in a K-drama, love can never prevail so easily. Insert Yoon Hee past love/ Baby daddy- he has returned to Korea and wants his woman (his words) and his daughter back. Although we’re already seeing shades of redemption and forgiveness with Yoon Hee’s Baby daddy, it’s hard not to hope for Kyu Han to get the girl. He has patiently waiting for Yoon Hee and her daughter Jin Ju for many years  and practically every time he’s on screen with them he says or does something outrageously sweet and you think- damn you writers, why do you have to make us fall for a YLS, who has no chance of getting the girl/ older woman.

The moment that made us fall for this particular YLS:

We always love an ‘in your face’ moment and Kyu Han definitely delivered that when he passionately told Yoon Hee’s Baby Daddy- Hae Sung that he wasn’t the outsider in this situation as he was the one that had been there for both mother and daughter for the past seven years. He was the one that had held Jin Ju as a baby, seen her walk and talk and had stuck around instead of discarding Yoon Hee to marry someone else, all for the sake of his family business; so ultimately  he had absolutely no right to say anything about him being an outsider.
Sigh* so well said.

How to meet the perfect neighbour: episode 20/ finale

26 Jun

We finally finished this drama and we’re glad we stuck around because the last episode wasn’t half bad. We’ve got a complicated relationship with this drama- on one hand we enjoy watching it when we can be bothered to tune in but then again we find some of the issues addressed rather annoying to watch. The thing that kept us tuned in rather than dropping it midway through was the fact that it provoked an emotion regardless of whether it was good or bad. We were never indifferent to the storyline and for the majority of the drama; we were very much engaged and very pleasantly surprised by how much we liked it.

For a drama that changed its OTP and practically the majority of its storyline   due to fan demand, the writing was actually quite impressive and yes a lot better than other dramas that had no issues during production. After we got over the fact that we weren’t going to get our first choice OTP, we learnt to accept Joon Suk and Yoon Hee as a couple. We won’t be too upset because this OTP did actually share really good chemistry together and although it made little sense why she stayed with him at the start, the writers did a good job in presenting the development of this very complicated relationship.  

Considering there was so much to wrap up, we’re so pleased that everything was covered and nothing was missed out or rushed, we guess that’s another sign of solid writing.

The best thing about the finale was Yoon Hee and Soo Chan’s goodbye- we adored it completely. Although they were not the OTP of this drama, they happened to share just the most wonderful friendship, which never wavered throughout the 20 episodes and we’re glad that the writers decided to focus on their friendship rather than ending it with a OTP moment, which would have been both predictable and a bit of a cliché. It was lovely because it was so heartfelt and there were so many mixed emotions attached in their farewell- just a great scene.

We loved how the Go family were punished, just perfect; we like when justice is served appropriately! It was on the same level of satisfaction as when the mother and daughter duo in Shining Inheritance were punished- we waited patiently all the way through and when justice was served, it’s was oh so good!

Thoughts of the drama:

Our favourite character is Soo Chan aka the Gigolo of the drama. We loved his character; he started off as a conceited womanizer but had to quickly change into a decent human being, worth respecting and rooting for. We loved his relationship with practically everyone on screen, especially his bromance with Duk Gil! What an adorable relationship these two men shared- love, hate, the works.  Duk Gil was a combination of a naggy housewife/ angry older brother; they definitely shared some of the cutest scenes together as they raised Go Ni as a couple.

Of course we can’t forget Soo Chan with Yoon Hee. At first we didn’t get their relationship at all and was certain that the drama writers had gone mad by making them a OTP but as the drama progressed, we totally got it, they were so sweet together and had just a very natural and believable chemistry. – We were actually very disappointed that the writers changed the script. We completely aware that we’re probably in the minority with that opinion but there you go.

Joon Suk was a little disappointing as a character- frankly he was a bit of a coward. We understand that his situation was difficult but although he tried to fight for his love he always ended up giving in and yes asking the love of his life to be his mistress!! (soooooo frustrating to watch). Even at the very end of the drama, he only got his happy ending because circumstances dictated it rather than him taking the incentive and fighting for what he wanted.  Also what was up with Park Shi Hoo’s acting in this drama!? The guy was unable to squeeze a tear out of his eye, we‘re so glad that his acting has much improved since this drama or else he may have ruined Prosecutor Princess with his wooden acting skills.

Although we practically worked out the murder mystery of Yeon Soo Yeon from the start, we like how the drama slowly unfolded the mystery through the eyes of the Police Investigation team and of course with the help of nearly everyone else in the drama. It never over powered the storyline but was present enough to hold our attention, so it had a nice balance and was a nice distraction from the angsty OTP aspects of the story.

Overall this drama was one we don’t regret tuning in to. If you like your K-dramas more on the soapy and slightly dramatic side this is the drama for you. Well acted, written and you will no doubt laugh, frown and feel for these characters by the time you finish this rather surprisingly good drama.

How to meet the Perfect neighbour: 18-19

25 Jun

We’ve been watching this drama on and off and just haven’t had the chance to post about it, what with falling head over heels in love with Que Sera, Sera and trying to fit work and life in as well but as we don’t like to leave things half finished, we intend to complete this drama…hopefully!

One thing we really like about this drama is how much they manage to fit in per episode- There are so many dramas where you sit down and watch an episode and realise that absolutely nothing happened during the whole hour, it’s insane and really annoying but this drama manages to cover multiple stories while keeping us as viewers very much engaged.

Joon Suk- unlucky in love and pretty much everything else:

Joon Suk’s luck just seems to get worse as the drama progresses- it got so bad that he went on a drinking bender until he ended up in hospital- not so great when you’re a recovering alcoholic.

The guy finds out that his mother murdered a woman he thought was his half sister but turns out to be his father’s mistress. We don’t know what’s worse…okay the mistress who is probably the same age as Joon Suk is far worse.

He thought he had a nephew but turns out that he actually has a six year brother.
(Side note- how cute was Go Ni and Joon Suk’s play date?)

His father dies, his mother goes crazy and he still has nutty Hye Mi and Daddy forcing him into marriage or else they intend to turn his mother into the police for murder- oh yes and all this in the last three episodes!

Regardless of how horrible life is for Joon Suk, we still can’t believe the way he broke up with Yoon Hee- it was unforgivably cruel and so unnecessary!

How could it be that bad we hear you ask??

Joon Suk betrayed everything he ever promised when he coldly told her that he intends to marry Hye Mi and then asks her to be his Concubine AGAIN! How could he, the bastard! The way he said it as was so wrong aswell- if you put your bracelet back on…personally we would have gone psycho on him and beaten him up until he regained his sanity. If we were Yoon Hee and have gone through as much as she had just because of one man, we would seriously consider cutting all ties just to maintain our sanity as well as our self esteem. One minute she can only be his mistress, the next he’ll never part with her…it was heartbreaking to watch him break up with her because essentially all she ever wanted was him- rich/poor didn’t matter and all he ever manages to do is hurt her.

Other thoughts:

Mi Hee and Duk Gil are getting married, yay- such an adorable couple! We love this odd couple so much; even though they are polar opposites, the writers did really well in developing their relationship and you can actually believe why they ended up together. How funny was it when police inspector Kang Yeok Gae found out that they were engaged- we could literally see his heart crumble.

Oh we can’t wait for justice to take place in regards to the evil Go family! Every single member is crazy- so obsessed with money and power that they are willing to do practically anything to achieve their goals. We can’t wait for Hye Mi to get her comeuppance for letting her ex boyfriend drown to death and well Daddy Go is such a nut job; he’s got blackmail, murder and god knows what else on his C.V, as a result we really hope that the writers deliver a worthy punishment for this nasty father and daughter team.

With one episode to go, there is so much to wrap up and although it hasn’t grabbed us like other dramas, when we’re tuned in we thoroughly enjoy watching this drama, so we look forward to seeing how everything plays out.

Creating Destiny: 2-9

24 Jun

Yep we’re still watching and enjoying this drama, so far no real shockers unless you count the leading man’s bad acting! Family dramas tend to be towards the over the top side in regards to its acting, which we’ve learnt to accept but this guy is in a league of his own- yikes it’s bad. In spite of that we’re still tuned in and we actually look forward to the next lot of episodes- which we think is a good sign.

Although we’re nine episodes in there has been very little progress in the romance department for the OTP- they still absolutely hate each other and spend the majority of the time sniping at one another. Even though Sang Eun is in a foreign country with no support and is stuck with a nasty guy who really doesn’t care about her welfare; the leading lady acts strong, is completely resilient and is someone worth rooting for. We can’t stand weak female leads that need protecting or rescuing every two minutes, it’s so boring and cliché and thankfully there is nothing weak about Sang Eun. She more than makes up for Ki Tae Young’s BAD acting! This OTP also happen to share great chemistry which is clearly presented in her numerous sniping sessions and quick witted banter, we can easily see this couple turn from hating each other to falling head over heels in love. 

No real romance just yet, but we do have possibly the funniest and sweetest bromance we’ve seen in ages. As you may know from previous posts we can’t resist a bit of bromance and this drama delivers in spades. The OTP’s fathers’ share just the cutest relationship on this show- come on they even shared a bed together, where they reminisced about the good old days while holding hands! Yes that’s right while holding hands- how very un-Korean indeed. The best thing about it is how very jealous Yeo Jun’s mother is of their special ‘relationship’, we really didn’t see the bromance coming, which makes it all the more hilarious to watch. 

Aside from the OTP, the other characters are also already well developed with a couple surprising characters thrown in the mix. For example the love rival is very interesting- as soon as she heard that she may lose her man, she went to the family and confessed her feelings, asking for the opportunity to be considered as a future daughter in law. She is both direct and manipulative; she has clearly laid her cards out on the table with Sang Eun and is not afraid to do what it takes to get Yeo Jun. It’s a refreshing change to see such a ruthless love rival as they usually secretly love from a distance (boring) or act outrageously sly without anyone realising, which is frustrating to watch.   

The grandmother is still hilarious to watch on screen- she has perfected the role of being comically morbid; practically every other sentence is about her dying. Watching her on screen is even better when she’s acting opposite Eun Sang’s grandfather. They absolutely hate each other and as a result their banter is great to watch.

A quick rundown of what’s happened so far:

Sung Eun’s family have returned to Korea- yay, we adore her family, they have such a lovely relationship and are so sweet together. This means plenty of uninterrupted bromance, funny showdowns between the grandparents and lots of Eun Sang’s father with everyone- we love him!

To avoid the constant harassment from the OTP’s families regarding Sung Eun and Yeo Yun getting married- the pair have decided to pretend to date, right at the moment the families planned to drop the issue and let them marry whoever they wanted. Unfortunately for the OTP they spoke too soon and now they are stuck with one another- whether they like it or not. Yes we know where this is heading but we don’t care!

Yoon Hee’s Baby Daddy Hae Sung has returned after 6 years and has found out that he has a daughter- insert multiple arguments, grandma’s collapsing and Yoon Hee’s father begging Hae Sun to stay away from his daughter by dropping down to his knees. Not the dreaded begging scene; they are always so dramatically OTT to watch!

Love Rival Hye Rim is a nasty piece of work who really needs a reality check- we love how Yeo Jun bluntly rejected her- he might as well as have said- no way, never little girl.  As she isn’t the real love rival, we’re quite interested in the person Yeo Jun really loves and has waited two years for.

Ki Tae Young’s acting has much improved from the start of the drama, where we were distracted from the actual storyline because he was that over the top. His character Yeo Jun has also rapidly improved from being just a nasty git to actually being a character worthy of the leading lady- we’re glad that the writers didn’t drag out the nasty/ inconsiderate leading man role too much and moved forward with a more considerate and earnest character.

So nine episodes in and we’re pleasantly surprised by how much we’re enjoying this drama; heres hoping it maintains its charm, refreshing approach to a typical k-drama scenario and of course builds on what we anticipate to be a lovely OTP to watch.

PS MAN- 17

22 Jun

Seriously, PS MAN has been extended to 24 episodes!? Why, why are they doing this to us? For practically the first 6-8 episodes we were in t-drama heaven and then this drama was dragged out so much to the point where we wondered why the feck we’re still tuned in. Having read the Viikii comments it sounds like practically everyone else agrees with us on this- this drama is beginning to out stay its welcome.

Okay 6 extra episodes could mean:

-They can convincingly get He Jie and Xiao Qian together as a couple without fan backlash. As it appears that it’s not just us rooting for the love rival Meng Cheng En to get the girl at the end of this drama.

-We thought that the writers were just going to give Amanda a quick happy ending with her Baby Daddy, but they appear to have decided to drag this story line out as well, so that needs concluding. Regarding the Amanda and son story line-honestly we really don’t care anymore.

-The writers have also decided to complicate Meng Cheng En’s life with money and family issues- As long as this guy gets a happy ending, we will forgive this drama for turning into a long arsed mess.

What we would like them to do with the extra episodes:

We would love it if they made Meng Cheng En get the girl!!! Oh yes, we know that there is a real demand for this and the writers would most definitely be doing a fan service if they made this happen. However chances of this happening- ZERO/ZILCH/ NEVER.

As long as Meng Cheng En isn’t the loser who catches the bouquet at the OTP wedding- we’ll be fine.

Note worthy news from episode 17:

-He Jie knows that Xiao Qian is Braces Girl!!!- Finally the secret has been revealed.

The feeling of betrayal and anger is completely understandable and if we were him we would tell her to get lost as well.  From his perspective we totally understand why he would feel used; as Braces Girl she encouraged him to confess his feelings again and again and then when he does it in real life she rejects him brutally, leaving him heartbroken. If she were to get revenge for years of bully, this sounds like a pretty good way to achieve it.

We really wish that Xiao Qian spoke her mind more often, instead of bottling up her feelings all the time- as a character she is incredibly strong and motivated but when it comes to love, she’s a complete weakling and someone who is absolutely infuriating to watch on screen. Having seen the preview it looks like He Jie won’t stay mad for long, which is a shame because we feel that it’s about time that Xiao Qian took some action and finally decided who the hell she wants before we turn against her and start rooting for He Jie and Meng Cheng En to get together instead but we have a feeling that would  be a completely different type of drama all together- haha.

The drama has so little interaction between the OTP that at times you forget how amazing they are together- they have just the most electric chemistry, so episodes like 17 where they spend the majority of air time together reminds us how good they are and why we rooted for this couple from the start. We really hope that the drama continues along this path and captures some of that earlier charm that has been so missed over the last couple episodes.

We don’t want to turn nasty on you PS MAN, so don’t disappoint us- pretty please. 

Creating Destiny- 1-2

21 Jun

We always like to have a family drama added in the mix of our list of currently watching; simply because we’re from a large, eccentric and at times dramatic family, so as you can imagine we relate really well! The thing about family dramas we like so much is the fact that although they are rather predicable, over the top and at times silly, they have a lovely charm about them that makes you forget all the negatives and simply sweeps you up in their world of family bickering, falling in love and eventually marriage.

Anyway as we’ve practically finished all of our current dramas we thought it was the perfect opportunity to add a new drama to the mix in the form of Creating Destiny.

Although it’s not quite as long as most family dramas, 31 episodes is more than enough for us to sink our teeth into and we’ve got to say so far, not bad. We were actually really surprised; we had a feeling that we would either like it or not but we’re pleased to report that we like it!

The story consists of Eugene’s character Sang Eun wanting to marry her American boyfriend, which of course doesn’t go down well with her family, so to try and delay and possible change her mind, her father sends under false pretences to meet her ‘betrothed’ in Korea. Her ‘betrothed’ happens to have no interest what so ever in an arranged marriage, so they decide to work together to ensure that their arranged marriage never happens. Yes, yes, we know exactly what’s going to happen ect, ect but we don’t care.

The reasons why we’re sticking with the drama (for now) is because we love pretty much the whole cast. It’s got half the cast of Bad Family- who are hilarious in this drama and we hope will provide endless belly laughs throughout the drama. The mother is played by Yang Hee Kyung, most recently Hye Ri’s mother in Prosecutor Princess– we adore her, so sweet. It’s also got the grandmother from Shining Inheritance as the head of the Kim family- she is particularly stern and funny in this role. Of course we love Eugene after watching her in Save the last dance for me and the leading man Ki Tae Young is not too bad either.

As well as the well assembled cast; it’s got great comedy timing, moves at a reasonable pace and has a fresh approach to stereotypical issues.

So for now we’re sticking with it. We hope we can be this positive 20 episodes in, if not- its always more fun to mock away, either way we win. He-He

Roy Qiu broke our hearts again

21 Jun

Why Roy Qiu!? We patiently waited for you to finish a new drama where you’re finally the leading man and will get the girl but no you have to go and star in a drama where you have terminal cancer and die at the end!

Okay we’ll explain, so we don’t sound completely insane- we stumbled across Roy Qiu in the Tdrama Easy Fortune Happy Life, where he played the original perfect love rival, only recently dethroned by James Wen in P.S. MAN. It was possibly the first time in a Tdrama where we rooted for the love rival to get the girl. Having seen our fair share of dramas we know that this was never going to happen but seriously in that drama he REALLY should have got the girl at the end and still to this day we can’t believe that a grandma killing, assassin hiring Blue Lan beat Roy Qiu’s character to win the heart of the leading lady, insane!  

The Girl in Blue:

The drama consists of your usual boy and girl date under false pretences but soon fall in love BUT  before they can get their happily ever after, boy gets terminal cancer and disappears to leave girl completely heartbroken and in the arms of her first love…there is only one way this drama is going to end- BADLY!

Perverted reasons why we want to watch this drama:

1. Hello, Roy Qiu is finally the lead.

2. Have you seen Roy Qiu!? (Forgive us for being completely superficial this once)

3. ROY!!!!!!

Reasons we’re probably not going to watch this drama:

1. Any drama which has terminal cancer in the synopsis is a NO.

2. Anything connected with Roy and cancer is a NO.

3. We can’t watch Roy fall in love with Rent -an -Actress Joe Chen. NOOooooooo, NEVER.

Que Sera, Sera- 16-17/ Finale

19 Jun

We’ve got to confess that the last two episodes had to be the weakest from the whole drama, which is a shame because we adore Que Sera, Sera and it has most definitely found a spot in our drama loving hearts.  The last episode felt very choppy, rushed and lacked that emotional punch that has defined this drama.

Things that didn’t work for us:

Personality transplants- This is one element of the drama that we really didn’t like especially with such a strong leading lady. After Tae Joo broke up with Eun Soo; her personality practically disappeared and she suddenly became this submissive wallflower, who just went along with whatever her Ice Robot husband said and hardly spoke her real thoughts or feelings. We get it, she’s so heartbroken and emotional damaged as a result of her break up with Tae Joo that she lost the will to really care about life and love but still…. we missed the kind, slightly naive but honest leading lady we rooted for from the start of the drama. This was particularly apparent when Ji Soo had her heart surgery and Joon Hyuk told her to stay away, as well as suggest that they leave for America even though Ji Soo hadn’t completely recovered. She just went along with what he said, no real arguments, nothing and this is from a girl that  was presented as someone who truly loves her family and spent the majority of her life taking care of them- it just felt wrong and was something we felt she really wouldn’t do.  


Joon Hyuk’s Jekyll and Hyde personality with Eun Soo- They really did have a very sweet, innocent relationship at the start of the drama but after their marriage, his behaviour was slightly inconsistent. One episode he was crazy and then he would return to mild mannered in the next, we wish they had made his behaviour more balanced, slowly spreading his jealous, distrustful nature across a few episodes rather than have it explode onto our screens, only for it to disappear immediately, this also adds to that overall rushed feeling at the end of the drama.

Joon Hyuk’s side story- Although this part of the drama had been well developed from the start, the conclusion fell completely flat. It was resolved in a very rushed and slightly predicable fashion. As a character Joon Hyuk was interesting for literally two minutes when he showed some feelings and revealed how betrayed and emotional damaged he was as a result of his father’s death and subsequently his upbringing in the Cha household. For a split second we thought the drama would go down the path of revenge and betrayal and really make Joon Hyuk’s character more original as a love rival but sadly for us that didn’t happen. In many ways this part of the drama was wasted with such a weak conclusion; especially when it had the potential to be very bold and interesting.  

Was it necessary to use a large part of the last episode as recap session of what’s happened over the last 17 episodes? We would have preferred more OTP time than a discussion of what’s already past.

Things we liked:

Tae Joo’s character development remained faithful right to the very end. Aside from the OTP’s love story, we loved the development of Kang Tae Joo from Bastard to human; it was done so well and was portrayed in a very organic and compelling way. We loved how he thanked Eun Soo for being his first love and how he explained he was scared and confused by the experience. We wondered what such an epic OTP would say to each other after two years apart and in our opinion that was perfect, it summed up exactly what this drama was all about and presented this very humbled, changed man.

We loved the desperation and intensity as Tae Joo begged Eun Soo to run away with him. Despite the mess that was their lives, all he wanted was her. The double screen crying shots with her inside the lift and him outside it was brilliant. It couldn’t have been any more apt; they were stuck in two different locations but still feeling exactly the same way. Also we adore Tae Joo’s beautiful man tears; Eric does man pain so well.

We were completely indifferent to Joon Hyuk and Eun Soo’s breakup at the Airport, the guy couldn’t even squeeze out a single tear but we loved Tae Joo and Hae Lin’s break up. It was one of the few scenes in the last episode that actually worked for us. It had plenty of emotion, angst and we really liked his reasoning for breaking up with her, this was the moment that as viewers we were presented with the transformation of Kang Tae Joo. Like he said, if he was the old him, he would have no problems living the rich life based on a lie but he had changed and understood her feelings and more importantly how she would feel if they got married, whereas before other people’s feelings/ opinions really didn’t factor in his mind when it came to fulfilling his needs.

We loved how Tae Joo never wavered from loving Eun Soo. Although he couldn’t quite understand it and at times it made him do stupid stuff, it was a lovely thing to watch this womanizer come to terms with falling in love. His tormented angst and heartbreak was just spot on and really made this drama all the more compelling to watch.

We like how the drama went full circle, ending as it began. We think two years was the right amount of time for a time leap, simply because what this OTP went through together and individually was huge and their relationship had become so damaged that it would be wrong and unrealistic if they were to become a couple, right after breaking up with their perspective others, they needed time to heal and grow. So although we would have preferred more OTP air time in the last two episodes we’re satisfied with their reunion at the end of the drama.  


Final thoughts for the overall drama:

Although the last two episodes didn’t quite work for us, we have absolutely no regrets about watching Que Sera, Sera. This great drama had just the more engaging and exciting OTP we’re seen on screen for a very long time; their chemistry was verging on haunting it was that good. The drama had a wonderful combination of writing and directing that allowed for us as viewers to truly experience and understand the characters and their journey. This was also helped with fantastic acting from the whole cast. The main four characters of this drama had incredible chemistry together. Sometimes in dramas the love rival relationships with the leads can be quite tiring to watch simply because they share zero chemistry together but in this drama all of the relationships were incredibly engaging to watch and you understood why they were in their relationships regardless of whether it’s due to physical or emotional security. The drama doesn’t drown in angst or drag at any point as a result it’s easy to remain completely engrossed and emotionally invested. Would we recommend this drama?  HELL YES- Its most definitely worth it.

Favourite top three scenes:

1. Tae Joo declares his love. Hello, this is the scene that made the drama!

2. Tae Joo finds out Eun Soo is pregnant- aka the glass scene. We loved this scene, it was heartbreakingly good.

3. The Lift scene- Tae Joo and Eun Soo’s first kiss. Come on all that chemistry and confusing emotions mixed together to make a very cute scene.

Favourite Quote:

‘Even if we die and rot away, I don’t think my feelings for you will ever change.’

Eun Soo to Tae Joo

Que Sera, Sera: 13-15

17 Jun

When we’re hooked on drama we avoid all things spoiler related including M.V, past commentaries – the lot, so you can imagine how excited we are about the last two episodes of Que Sera, Sera! We intend to watch them on Friday night, so for now we’re conspiracies galore with what we think is going to happen, it’s slowly driving us mad!


Things that happened over the last few episodes that has fuelled our increasing insanity:


Eun Soo married the Ice Robot aka Joon Hyuk! It’s the first time we’ve seen a Korean drama with such an epic OTP, that had one or both of the OTP doing something as drastic as marrying someone else.


Not only did she get married but she’s also PREGNANT! AHHHHH.

How great was the scene where Tae Joo found out she was pregnant?! Oh so good. We loved how he dropped his glass and was in such a state of shock that he sat there fumbling around trying to pick up the pieces despite cutting his hand in the process.  The look Tae Joo gave Eun Soo was just so tragically perfect: it was a combination of utter shock, betrayal and heartbreak all rolled into one. There were no words needed what so ever, just a very human response. Thank you drama for being so good to us.


Our theories about what’s going to happen now that Eun Soo is pregnant include the following scenarios:


1. The dates don’t match up and it can’t possibly be Joon Hyuk’s baby- we would love that!


2. Eun Soo loses her baby and it’s somehow Joon Hyuk’s fault. There has to be a realistic reason for leaving him.


3. She loses her baby and the grief of it all makes her realise that she can’t keep living in a fantasy.


We would be satisfied with any of the above as long as she ends up with Tae Joo. This OTP have to be up there with the best OTPs in dramas because they share just the most electric chemistry together and the way this couple look or talk to each other is just so intimate and intense that they make other drama couples just pathetic in comparison.


We haven’t seen Eric in anything before this drama but we’ve got to say he’s brilliant. The way he portrays Kang Tae Joo is just the right combination of masculinity with an edge of vulnerability. The thing we love about his character is that he spent his time thinking about how Eun Soo would feel about breaking up with him and how she would cope and totally ignored how he would feel. We love the tortured looks his sends Eun Soo’s way whenever he see her. We love how this lady’s man and possibly the most self assured man in Korea has found himself completely and utterly vulnerable to this very ‘ordinary’ female and regardless of how hard he tries he just can’t move on.


Two episodes to go and no matter how it goes, we have absolutely no regrets about watching this incredibly underrated but oh so good drama.