P.S Man – Episode 14

7 Jun

This episode presented the aftermath of Xiao Qian’s rejection, so we got two things that we’ve missed:

Bad He Jie and lots of love rival action! Oh yes Meng Cheng En has returned.

Even though we got lots of love rival scenes, we kind of wish that we didn’t because he is such a nice guy and he’s only going to get his heart broken when Xiao Qian rejects him which is inevitable. Meng Cheng En is a lot like Joon Sae in Shining Inheritance in regards to being practically perfect in every way and has zero chance with the leading lady because she has already fallen for a guy who is generally a loser compared to him. Which is a shame because when Xiao Qian first met MCE, they shared great chemistry together and it was lovely to watch on screen but now she’s all love sick and spends her time moaning about He Jie to MCE, which is often the case with Love Rivals in Asian dramas. We hoped that maybe they would give MCE a fighting chance with Xiao Qian but unfortunately for us, the writers decided to go with the boring traditional format. Ah well, at least we get to witness several jealous scenes between He Jie and Meng Cheng En- so funny.

Things we enjoyed:

He Jie has returned to his playboy ways with multiple girls on his arms and lots of drinking, which is completely understandable after the ordeal he went through the previous week. Although we do like how he hasn’t completely returned to his former glory, the producers did well in highlighting the odd scene where he physically struggled to hold it together, like the scene in the bathroom.

How good are all of the scenes between Xiao Qian and He Jie? They hardly say anything to each other but seriously the atmosphere is practically electric whenever these two are on screen together.

The restaurant scene/ show down between Meng Cheng En and He Jie- once again their trash talk was laugh out loud funny! Also it’s so hilarious how they are always inches away from physically having it out regardless of the location. Question: how is it that such a swanky restaurant only managed to have two sets of customers in the whole place and of all people it happens to be the leads in this drama? We know it’s a small world but come on!

So our OTP are currently apart because Xiao Qian is too kind for her own good, forsaking her happiness because she’s keeping He Jie away from Amanda and her son- drama makers why are you doing this to us!? How pathetic of Amanda to hold onto a man who has confessed his love for another woman and has already rejected her. 
Xiao Qian also has doubts about He Jie’s sincerity which is completely understandable considering his sordid past. From the previews it looks like the writers are going to use the developing friendship between Braces Girl and PS MAN as a way of proving to Xiao Qian that He Jie truly does love her, which may either be rather sweet or incredibly cheesy- please writers don’t kill that drama with an over the top cheesy ending- it’s deserves better than that! Then again we may be completely wrong with our predications and be pleasantly surprised- heres hoping.

Anyway we look forward to more of the same- With three episodes left, we really hope that the writers abandon the developing relationship between MCE and MXQ and move right onto the good stuff between the OTP, of course we wouldn’t mind some last minute drama for good measure and possibly a hot farewell make out session between MCE and MXQ….Okay the make out session between them may strictly be wishful thinking on our part. Giggles*


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