P.S Man – Episode 15

9 Jun

Just when we thought we couldn’t love Meng Cheng En any more….

When a carjacking and donating over 1000cc of your own blood is not enough to win the heart of the leading lady, you know it’s time to throw in the towel. Sob*

We really hoped that the writers would choose to focus on the OTP’s relationship and leave the love rival out of it, just so then we could reframe ourselves from sitting in front of the screen and making whimpering sounds at the sight of a heart broken MCE.

Love rival + lots of drama = happy MustHaveSubs girls- simple as that.

This episode stepped up a gear and had that must desired drama that had been missing so far in this show. It was great to watch MCE finally be something other than the shoulder to cry on and sounding board to Xiao Qian’s love woes. He not only saved Xiao Qian’s life by risking his own; he stole a car and got arrested for his troubles, now that’s our kind of guy. The worst thing about it is, he overheard Xiao Qian confess that she had no feelings for him and then decided to tell her that he wouldn’t give that easily- the silly fool, he’s only going to cry when the final credits roll at the end of this drama.

The scene when the police came to take him away was the first and possibly only time which made us realistically think- we wouldn’t mind if these two ended up together at the end of this drama. Of course it’s never going to happen but the drama has achieved what so many other dramas fail to do, they gave us viewers a plausible love rival who not only shares chemistry with the leading lady but is presented as a real opponent to the leading man. On the whole this makes this drama all the more compelling to watch, add the fact that he’s hot and is an all round good guy and we’re sold. 

Other news:

Xia He Jie finally cut his hair- thank goodness, honestly how can the leading man in a drama have such problem hair and still be presented as a woman magnet?? Now we’re hoping that he finds a hair brush and does something with the mess. The Viikii discussion commentators seem to only have comments about Blue Lan’s hair, which are hilarious to read, and there’s us thinking it was just us obsessing over his crazy locks.

Aside from hair watching, He Jie was rather sweet in his conversations with Braces Girls, we’re pleased that the writers have clearly presented him as still very much in love with Xiao Qian, rather than a last minute realisation/ confession of love that dramas have done to death over the years. What’s keeping us from jumping ship and completely cheering for MCE to get the girl is the fact that He Jie has always loved Xiao Qian and when he says that he would drop everything to be with her if she gave the word- we believe him. This OTP have been given a really lovely back story, share great chemistry and like each other in a believable way, so although we’re sad for MCE, this OTP have us rooting for them all the way to the end.


One Response to “P.S Man – Episode 15”

  1. Anonymous June 11, 2010 at 3:44 pm #

    Support MCE and Xiao Qian
    I hope the writer will change his mind, and make some surprise for us, make the end of this drama become unbelievable 🙂 because I really love to see if MCE will get together with Xiao Qian…

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