Que Sera, Sera -10 to 12

15 Jun

Post break-up: Is lump in your throat good! Episodes 10 to 12 were just the perfect depiction of heartbreak at its best. The acting and writing was spot on and just when we thought we couldn’t like and root for these characters any more, someone will say or do something that literally made your heart pound a little harder, it’s that good.

The scenes with Eun Soo crying by herself in the dark were so poignant and couldn’t have been better at showing how alone and completely engulfed she was in her heartbreak. The scenes worked so well because it’s a stark contrast to the rest of the time; She is someone who is forced to act strong, someone others depended on, so to see a strong character reduced to her most vulnerable state is very affective and really made us feel for her as a leading lady.


Tae Joo, you fool! Sacrificing yourself to save Eun Soo and her family from suffering is a noble thing to do in retrospect but come on man there are other ways to do it! The scenes where he spots Eun Soo at a distance were done so well, it was like he was unable to physically do anything but look at her with just the perfect look of heart ache and guilt, as viewers it’s pain achingly good to watch. The conversations between the OTP are amazing anyway but post break up its reached another level. You can literally cut the atmosphere with a knife, it’s that tense and the fact that Tae Joo is unable to stop himself from prying into her life and finding out how she is, ect, is so good to watch, you also get that added layer of hostile angst as Eun Soo has decided to give him the cold but polite treatment, which is the least he deserves after dumping her AGAIN!

Other mentions:

We wish Joon Hyuk wasn’t so desperate as a character. Eun Soo rejects him so many times but he bounces back and confesses his love, or marriage ect- you hardly know the woman and you love her! His behaviour may be a tad unrealistic in other dramas but in this drama it kind of works simply because he has been presented as such a pitiful character with no allies or love in his life. So here is this woman who is kind and sincere and most importantly says that she’ll be there when you need someone to talk to and in a way, despite its speed you can believe that he’s really fallen for her. We just wish we didn’t have to watch this really sad character get his heart broken again.
We wonder if the drama is going to change his personality and make him the big bad who betrays the mighty World Mall or if the writers will keep him as the loyal but tragic love rival?? We’re hoping for the big bad because we’re tired of feeling sorry for the love rivals in dramas.     

Sweetest quote from Joon Hyuk: ‘Eun Soo, please catch hold of me.’

We still hate Hye Lin, honestly the woman won! She got the guy, but still she’s acting like a pathetic brat. We love how she ‘won’ but is still eaten up with insecurity.

Have we mentioned how much we like the Grey’s Anatomy lift scenes? Those one/two minute lift scenes between the main characters speak volumes compared to a half an hour action sequence in other dramas and half of the lift scenes no one says a word! Now that’s a real testament to the great acting and writing of this drama. We think we’ve moved past the gushing phase, so we’ll stop while we’re ahead.


What do you think?

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