Que Sera, Sera- 16-17/ Finale

19 Jun

We’ve got to confess that the last two episodes had to be the weakest from the whole drama, which is a shame because we adore Que Sera, Sera and it has most definitely found a spot in our drama loving hearts.  The last episode felt very choppy, rushed and lacked that emotional punch that has defined this drama.

Things that didn’t work for us:

Personality transplants- This is one element of the drama that we really didn’t like especially with such a strong leading lady. After Tae Joo broke up with Eun Soo; her personality practically disappeared and she suddenly became this submissive wallflower, who just went along with whatever her Ice Robot husband said and hardly spoke her real thoughts or feelings. We get it, she’s so heartbroken and emotional damaged as a result of her break up with Tae Joo that she lost the will to really care about life and love but still…. we missed the kind, slightly naive but honest leading lady we rooted for from the start of the drama. This was particularly apparent when Ji Soo had her heart surgery and Joon Hyuk told her to stay away, as well as suggest that they leave for America even though Ji Soo hadn’t completely recovered. She just went along with what he said, no real arguments, nothing and this is from a girl that  was presented as someone who truly loves her family and spent the majority of her life taking care of them- it just felt wrong and was something we felt she really wouldn’t do.  


Joon Hyuk’s Jekyll and Hyde personality with Eun Soo- They really did have a very sweet, innocent relationship at the start of the drama but after their marriage, his behaviour was slightly inconsistent. One episode he was crazy and then he would return to mild mannered in the next, we wish they had made his behaviour more balanced, slowly spreading his jealous, distrustful nature across a few episodes rather than have it explode onto our screens, only for it to disappear immediately, this also adds to that overall rushed feeling at the end of the drama.

Joon Hyuk’s side story- Although this part of the drama had been well developed from the start, the conclusion fell completely flat. It was resolved in a very rushed and slightly predicable fashion. As a character Joon Hyuk was interesting for literally two minutes when he showed some feelings and revealed how betrayed and emotional damaged he was as a result of his father’s death and subsequently his upbringing in the Cha household. For a split second we thought the drama would go down the path of revenge and betrayal and really make Joon Hyuk’s character more original as a love rival but sadly for us that didn’t happen. In many ways this part of the drama was wasted with such a weak conclusion; especially when it had the potential to be very bold and interesting.  

Was it necessary to use a large part of the last episode as recap session of what’s happened over the last 17 episodes? We would have preferred more OTP time than a discussion of what’s already past.

Things we liked:

Tae Joo’s character development remained faithful right to the very end. Aside from the OTP’s love story, we loved the development of Kang Tae Joo from Bastard to human; it was done so well and was portrayed in a very organic and compelling way. We loved how he thanked Eun Soo for being his first love and how he explained he was scared and confused by the experience. We wondered what such an epic OTP would say to each other after two years apart and in our opinion that was perfect, it summed up exactly what this drama was all about and presented this very humbled, changed man.

We loved the desperation and intensity as Tae Joo begged Eun Soo to run away with him. Despite the mess that was their lives, all he wanted was her. The double screen crying shots with her inside the lift and him outside it was brilliant. It couldn’t have been any more apt; they were stuck in two different locations but still feeling exactly the same way. Also we adore Tae Joo’s beautiful man tears; Eric does man pain so well.

We were completely indifferent to Joon Hyuk and Eun Soo’s breakup at the Airport, the guy couldn’t even squeeze out a single tear but we loved Tae Joo and Hae Lin’s break up. It was one of the few scenes in the last episode that actually worked for us. It had plenty of emotion, angst and we really liked his reasoning for breaking up with her, this was the moment that as viewers we were presented with the transformation of Kang Tae Joo. Like he said, if he was the old him, he would have no problems living the rich life based on a lie but he had changed and understood her feelings and more importantly how she would feel if they got married, whereas before other people’s feelings/ opinions really didn’t factor in his mind when it came to fulfilling his needs.

We loved how Tae Joo never wavered from loving Eun Soo. Although he couldn’t quite understand it and at times it made him do stupid stuff, it was a lovely thing to watch this womanizer come to terms with falling in love. His tormented angst and heartbreak was just spot on and really made this drama all the more compelling to watch.

We like how the drama went full circle, ending as it began. We think two years was the right amount of time for a time leap, simply because what this OTP went through together and individually was huge and their relationship had become so damaged that it would be wrong and unrealistic if they were to become a couple, right after breaking up with their perspective others, they needed time to heal and grow. So although we would have preferred more OTP air time in the last two episodes we’re satisfied with their reunion at the end of the drama.  


Final thoughts for the overall drama:

Although the last two episodes didn’t quite work for us, we have absolutely no regrets about watching Que Sera, Sera. This great drama had just the more engaging and exciting OTP we’re seen on screen for a very long time; their chemistry was verging on haunting it was that good. The drama had a wonderful combination of writing and directing that allowed for us as viewers to truly experience and understand the characters and their journey. This was also helped with fantastic acting from the whole cast. The main four characters of this drama had incredible chemistry together. Sometimes in dramas the love rival relationships with the leads can be quite tiring to watch simply because they share zero chemistry together but in this drama all of the relationships were incredibly engaging to watch and you understood why they were in their relationships regardless of whether it’s due to physical or emotional security. The drama doesn’t drown in angst or drag at any point as a result it’s easy to remain completely engrossed and emotionally invested. Would we recommend this drama?  HELL YES- Its most definitely worth it.

Favourite top three scenes:

1. Tae Joo declares his love. Hello, this is the scene that made the drama!

2. Tae Joo finds out Eun Soo is pregnant- aka the glass scene. We loved this scene, it was heartbreakingly good.

3. The Lift scene- Tae Joo and Eun Soo’s first kiss. Come on all that chemistry and confusing emotions mixed together to make a very cute scene.

Favourite Quote:

‘Even if we die and rot away, I don’t think my feelings for you will ever change.’

Eun Soo to Tae Joo


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