Noona Love

28 Jun

(n) When a man is romantically interested in an older woman.

Usually we’re not fans of Noona Love as it is generally really boring and repetitive to watch.

Typical Scenario:

Young Lovesick Sap (YLS) – ‘Noona, I Love you.’

Older woman- ‘We can never be together our families will never accept it.’

Or ‘I’m scarred for life by my ex love and fear that I can never love again, little lone with a child like you.’

Young Lovesick Sap‘NOooooo Noona, don’t say that! I’ve loved you from a distance for so long, give me a chance.’

Yawn- Oh! My Lady and The woman who still wants to Marry are key examples of Noona Romance and also examples of boredom personified! Watching the same issues addressed over and over again across 16 episodes… er no thanks! It’s the equivalent of taking a sedative.  

However that said, we think we may have found our first example of Noona Love that actually works for us in the form of the secondary couple in Creating Destiny.

Kyu Han and Yoon Hee are the couple that will probably never be but it’s oh so sweet to watch as the drama progresses.

Yoon Hee is a thirty something unmarried woman with a child out of wedlock- yep for a Korean drama she has her plate full, so she definitely doesn’t have the time to acknowledge possibly the nicest young Lovesick Sap we’ve seen in ages. Kyu Han is kind, handsome and young- you’d think that Yoon Hee would be counting her lucky stars but nope not in a K-drama, love can never prevail so easily. Insert Yoon Hee past love/ Baby daddy- he has returned to Korea and wants his woman (his words) and his daughter back. Although we’re already seeing shades of redemption and forgiveness with Yoon Hee’s Baby daddy, it’s hard not to hope for Kyu Han to get the girl. He has patiently waiting for Yoon Hee and her daughter Jin Ju for many years  and practically every time he’s on screen with them he says or does something outrageously sweet and you think- damn you writers, why do you have to make us fall for a YLS, who has no chance of getting the girl/ older woman.

The moment that made us fall for this particular YLS:

We always love an ‘in your face’ moment and Kyu Han definitely delivered that when he passionately told Yoon Hee’s Baby Daddy- Hae Sung that he wasn’t the outsider in this situation as he was the one that had been there for both mother and daughter for the past seven years. He was the one that had held Jin Ju as a baby, seen her walk and talk and had stuck around instead of discarding Yoon Hee to marry someone else, all for the sake of his family business; so ultimately  he had absolutely no right to say anything about him being an outsider.
Sigh* so well said.


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