P.S Man – Episode 21/Finale

24 Jul

We’ve been in two minds about finishing P.S. Man because frankly it pretty much became a waste of time after episode 9. However having watched 18 episodes, we decided to skip all of the unnecessarily extended episodes and just watch the drama finale and all we can say is UGH! Seriously, what a waste of time that was. What is up with T-Dramas and their outrageously cheesy endings? We actually had high hopes for this drama, because we absolutely loved it until about episode 9 and then it became pointlessly dragged out.

Our main issue with this drama was the OTP’s relationship. Man, it’s been a long time since we’ve watched a drama where the OTP were as frustrating as these two were. This couple had no issues stopping them from being a couple from the very start.

The leading lady was hesitant right up until the final minutes of episode 21 and why?

·         She didn’t have a past love that had scarred her from loving another.

·         She didn’t have a big, bad secret which threatened to ruin her happiness.

·         No evil love rivals/ family members forcing her apart from her OTP.

·         NOTHING!

She was simply a chicken, who couldn’t confess her feelings for a guy she loved but she could at the same time string along a lovely but naive LR who thought he had a shot with her. Yeah makes perfect sense right.

We are so annoyed by how this OTP got together at the end, just yuck. It took a faked kidnapping/ murder scenario to make this leading lady realise that she couldn’t live without her OTP. Did we mention that this little scheme involving real guns and a very realistic set of bad guys- was set up by the LR?? Yep, pass us the bucket once you’re done using it, because it was that cheesy!

This OTP had HOT chemistry together and it was so good to watch their relationship develop on screen but once they got over the fact they both mutually liked each other they should have got together, not got together- they should have done something! Instead all we got were multiple episodes where this OTP would have really hot scenes together where the sexual tension was electric and we would sit in anticipation waiting for them to confess their feelings for each other, so then we can move on with the storyline but no, instead the scenes would end with one or both running away, because heaven forbid they get together before the last seconds of the whole drama!

We have a pretty good idea why there was so much fan love for the LR Meng Cheng En and the leading lady Xiao Qian – there was even a flipping public poll. Sadly for the LR, it’s got very little to do with the fact that he was hot, charming and has steamy chemistry with the leading lady and more to do with the fact that the writers put a nail in any affection we may have had the for the OTP in this drama by having them act like complete losers and frustrating the hell out of us by having sooooo many aborted love confession scenes from the leading man- the guy was keeping the Taiwanese florist business alive all by himself! Don’t get us started on how much we wanted to shake the leading lady and make her come to her senses.

The drama was missing many of the components that make a great T-drama in this case; the OTP’s relationship fell completely flat and the storyline ran out of steam far too quickly, this was made worst by the show being extended by another 4 episodes. There was also a lack of excitement or drama that T-dramas are famous for; instead this drama was rather ordinary…well as ordinary as T-dramas came.

Reasons why you should tune in:

-Pretty much every episode up until episode 9 was great.

-It’s worth checking out the LR Meng Cheng En, who somehow managed to capture the hearts of most P.S Man viewers- it’s been ages since we watched a T-drama where there was so much love for the LR. We definitely intend to check out James Wen’s next project, well only the projects where he actually gets the girl at the end of the drama.

-Blue Lan and James Wen’s rivalry/ trash talk was hilarious in this drama.

-Blue Lan fans won’t be disappointed by this drama- he’s great as the leading man- even if you spend the majority of the drama wondering what the feck is going on with his hair. Ha!


What do you think?

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