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SungKyunKwan Scandal

29 Aug

SungKyunKwan Scandal starts tomorrow- yay!

It’s been far too long since we’re been excited about a new drama starting-fingers crossed it’s not a dud. Heres hoping that this drama is less You’re Beautiful and more of a combination of Hana Kimi meets Boys before Flowers Joseon style!

Here is a preview to wet our appetites until the first couple episodes are subbed:

 We really like this quote:

"Shh! You’re the only one who doesn’t know,
the confession that shakes the heart of my youth…”


Old drama rambles

29 Aug

Hotaru no Hikari

As we said earlier we dropped Gloria and picked up Hotaru no Hikari and we adore it. Of course it’s not in the same league as J-drama drama greats like Pride and Hana Yori Dango but it’s still so sweet. Generally we’re not fans of the dumb/ sheltered leading lady character but Hotaru is so likable and charming that you can’t help but root for her.

Her relationship with her manager is by far the best thing about this drama. Their relationship has zero romance which is rare for a drama but instead it’s more about an unexpected friendship between two people that couldn’t be more different from each other. Although he is as straight laced as they come, he gets Hotaru and understands her feelings and thoughts usually before she does herself and more importantly he accepts her for being the jersey wearing, beer drinking layabout that she is- even if he moans about it. It’s so refreshing to see such a relationship in a drama; it’s different from your typical scenario of housemates that hate each other but quickly fall in love and for that reason alone this drama works so well. 

So if you’re looking for something easy going, funny and sweet than Hotaru no Hikari is definitely a drama worth checking out.

 Lovers In Paris

One thing we can’t stand when watching a drama that we enjoy is a WTF ending. Of course we don’t know if Lovers in Paris has such an ending as we tend to avoid spoilers at all costs but we stumbled across a post on a website which slated the drama’s ending and claimed that it ruined the whole drama experience for them, which was followed by a string of other comments completely agreeing with the statement. Usually we would ignore such a thing and try and find out for ourselves but seriously we fear the WFT ending! There is nothing worse than investing hours of your time, simply to be completely disappointed or infuriated by an ending of a drama.

The drama for us is a mixed bag of really good and unbearable to watch at the moment:

The good:

We still adore the OTP- such a lovely sweet relationship between two people that are from two different worlds. It’s a cliché scenario but handled so well because they share chemistry and plenty of airtime together, so you can believe that they love each other and are willing to fight for a love that everyone is against. As a couple they share at least a couple really sweet scenes together in every episode but our favourite OTP scene has to be their $10 dollar date- so cute.

The unbearable:

However sweet this OTP is, it’s all overshadowed by the love rival/ nut job that is Soo Hyuk. He makes the drama unbearable to watch. First of all he gets far too much air time and is a character that is sooooo hard to relate with. He’s insane- he’s madly in love with a woman he barely knows- it makes no sense at all.  He goes around crying, fighting, drinking all because he’s heartbroken over a girl that showed zero interest in him and has probably rejected him in the nicest way possible at least a dozen times- are we really suppose to feel sorry for such a character, He’s the big obstacle in the way of the OTP getting their HEA? Give us a break, how blah is that.

Anyway we’re hoping that the love rival bows out gracefully or gets run over by a truck, either way we want him to have less airtime- we may just ignore ‘the fear’ and finish the drama- you never know it might be great…Or not. We guess we have to just wait and see.   

Our English rambles:

Luther and Sherlock Holmes have been re-commissioned- yay! These two shows happen to be the best thing the BBC have done in ages, so we’re super pleased that they will both return for a few more episodes.

Luther is back with two 2 hour specials- better than nothing we guess. For those who haven’t heard of this underrated gem of a show- watch it, it’s brilliant! It’s not just your average cop show; it’s smart, fast paced and so good. You won’t be disappointed at all.

We know that Sherlock has a lot of love not just in the U.K but across the pond as well, so this will make lots of people very happy with the news that it’s back with three extra episodes. We would have loved a whole series but we won’t be picky, we’re just glad that it’s back at all!

I am Legend: episode 8

29 Aug

One word sums up how we felt while watching episode 8 – FRUSTRATION!

Seriously, how annoying was the conclusion to the court case? Yes, Seol Hee was the bigger person- she left with dignity and grace and revealed that she was a leading lady with integrity but aside a little squirming from Ji Wook and girlfriend, they managed to finish the case as the victors and without parting from a single cent. We really waited 8 episodes for that, we wanted to see those suckers suffer!? We get it, it would be far too drastic if Seol Hee revealed the tape, especially if you consider how connected everyone is in this drama, it would have had far too much of an impact on the storyline, but still….after 8 episodes of building up to this point, the conclusion was really anti climatic and disappointing.

After Seol Hee essentially saved Ji Wook’s arse from professional suicide, we really can’t believe that he had the nerve to offer her money and asked her to live a quiet life AGAIN- what a cheek! We fear that the writers are going to make him the love rival in this drama and honestly we would HATE THAT. We really can’t stand this guy; we don’t even like looking at his face. UGH. So to see this character redeemed would be so annoying to watch- yes he is a complicated character; he did actually love Seol Hee once upon a time, which they showed through the video during the case and he is also burdened with upholding his family name but he’s still a cheating, weak excuse for a husband who treated his wife badly, allowed his nasty family to disrespect her for years and showed absolutely zero consideration for her in the last 8 episodes. Generally we like the story of a reformed character but in this case, no thanks.

Okay episodes 7 and 8 left us totally unsatisfied but we see progress in the horizon- finally!

Now that Seol Hee has a job with her lawyer friend, we’re hoping for some more variation in the storylines- the last 8 episodes have focused on the court case and the band (usually failing), which is fine because that’s what the dramas about but it would be great if the writers injected a bit of life back into the storyline by mixing it up a bit with different characters and issues or at least showing some progression in the band’s aims to be successful.

More importantly with 8 episodes to go we want Tae Hyun to stop watching Seol Hee from a distance like a stalker and start taking some action. Yes their few interactions have been hot but we demand more!

Till next week, hopefully we can be nicer.

Drama Ramblings… continued

25 Aug

I am Legend episode 7:

Generally we like to do a proper post about the weekly episodes of IAL but seriously it can’t just be us that can’t wait for this court case to be finally over- it’s been dragged across eight episodes, that’s insane, plus it’s getting really boring now! It would be one thing if the case was incredibly complicated with several arches with major consequences as a result of the outcome of the case but no, its cut and dry- Seol Hee wins, nasty good for nothing husband loses. The suspense and intrigue of the case is kind of lost when you know how Seol Hee’s going to bring down her cheating husband and skanky lawyer/ girlfriend. That said we can’t wait to see that smug/ arrogant look wiped off their faces for good.

Anyway, episode 8 looks like everything will be cleared up and we can finally move on and watch Seol Hee and Tae Hyun’s relationship properly develop as well as watch in satisfaction as Ji Wook’s nasty mother watches her precious son’s reputation crumple right in front of her own eyes! Muhahaha.  The long arse court case will be worth watching just to see this evil hag’s reaction when her son loses his first case ever to the likes of her trashy daughter in law, who really did end up disgracing the family. Ha! Karma’s a bitch.


We really did try with this drama, honestly we had high hopes and although we spent hours of fun mocking it when it was bad, we just couldn’t bring ourselves to continue with it. We were sitting there watching the first half of episode 7 and we just couldn’t believe how poor the acting was- it was distracting, it was that bad! Plus the script is just so over the top and not in a good way. It felt like we were watching a parody of a good drama. So we’ve decided to drop the drama, with the possibility of picking it up after it’s completely aired and we get a proper sense for how people feel about the overall drama.

As we dropped Gloria, we decided to pick up Hotaru no Hikari- yes we know this is rather old and that a second season is currently being aired but we were bored and in the mood for something fluffy. We watched the first two episodes and we really enjoyed it. The story is pretty simple; the leading lady Hotaru is hardworking and efficient at work but at home she is a complete slob, who would happily lazy around in tracks drinking beer than go out to socialize. Due to circumstances she ends up living with her boss, who is the complete opposite of her and is far from impressed by Hotaru’s habits. The drama’s all about them living together and Hotaru rediscovering love and life outside of her messy house. The drama is funny, sweet and we really like Hotaru; who is silly and at times outrageous but so very endearing at the same time.

Although Hotaru is an extreme case of an uncover slob, let’s be honest here-Every girl has a bit of Hotaru in them and those who say they don’t are lying!

Final ramble: We can’t wait for Playful Kiss and Sungkyunkwan Scandal to start next week- totally obsessed.

Gloria episodes 5-6

21 Aug

UGH… We get it all of these characters have a hard life and are in one way or another damaged, but is it us or do you find that you like hardly any of the characters in the drama? It can’t be just us could it??

Kang Suk is boring to watch, let’s face it- the guy should now be officially included in our Android Actors list because he’s that dull on scene. Even the short flashes of him cage fighting isn’t enough to make us go – ummm maybe he’s not so bad. Please writers we beg you – don’t give us anymore scenes with him and Yoon Seo because it’s the equivalent of taking a sedative. Neither of them can act very well, they are stiff and robotic and oh so dull! Plus their reasoning for marriage is pathetic; both of them need a good slap around the face and need to be told to get a grip.

Kang Suk may be boring but at least he isn’t offensive to the eyes unlike his stupid brother! What a weirdo- how dare he hang around Yoon Seo’s house shouting from the top of his lungs like a freak. Restraining order anyone? His storyline is really annoying as well- seriously he spent a few hours on a plane with her and now he’s in love- give us a break please!

Moving on from general ranting to things we actually liked:

We’ve got to admit that we’ve really warmed to Yoon Seo and Dong Ah’s budding relationship. Yes we admit it- they are adorable together.

Even if their first date conversation is a little on the morbid side:

 I’ve been suicidal since I was 7 years old.’

 / ‘Great what flavour drink do you like?’

Guys, save something for the second date.

-Also Jin Jin finally sang a song other than ‘Gloria’ -Thank goodness! It was actually a really lovely scene in the episode, especially with all of the flashbacks of her childhood. As a character she’s growing on us…slowly. We can’t actually work out why we haven’t fallen for this leading lady; she has plenty of the qualities we like in our K-drama leads but strangely we remain emotionally indifferent to her (for now).  

We really like Kang Suk’s mother Jang Nan. At first we thought she would be really annoying and frustrating to watch on screen but she’s integrated herself at the club so well. We really like her relationship with Jin Jin, it’s a nice combination of maternal/ mentor/ friend and it’s just what Jin Jin needs considering she’s left to shoulder the burden of responsibility all the time with no one to confide her woes to.  

Aside from mocking much of the drama for its irrational 2D characters and their illogical actions, there are bits in it where we think: this has potential and so we’ve going to stick around for a couple more episodes and see how it progresses because we want to see Kang Suk aka Cold Robot fall head over heels in love with Jin Jin and watch this character go from thinking that love is nothing more than a burden and a waste of time to realising and dealing with the fact that a crazy Fishwife aka Jin Jin is his OTP.

Drama rambles

20 Aug

 Quick Lovers in Paris– gush:

This drama must have possibly the creepiest love rival we’ve seen in a K-drama in ages. He’s love for the leading lady is irrational, verging on stalker- like and really annoying to watch. Plus the guy has serious mummy issues. Shudder*

Aside from that, we absolutely adore the OTP- we’ve already seen the sweetest bath house scene and first date -all of which are standard protocols for any good K-drama but done so well in this drama- loved it!


Farewell drama- it just wasn’t meant to be:

We guess our instincts were correct about My Girlfriend is a Gumiho– aside from a couple sources the majority of people are really finding the OTP really hard to stomach, especially the wimpy, pathetic excuse for a leading man. As we sat and watched the drama we found it really hard to connect with the leads and frankly it doesn’t matter how well a drama is written or directed- if you don’t like the leads it’s not going to work. 

It’s disappointing to say but its goodbye drama, we really wished it could have worked out.

 It’s a little over a week until the Joseon F4  hit our screens aka Sungkyunkwan Scandal and we couldn’t be more excited, strangely enough we’re totally not into historical dramas at all, so this is definitely rare. If we’re honest we haven’t been terribly excited about any dramas this year except this drama and of course Dae Mul– so we have our fingers crossed that this one’s a winner. Also Doesn’t Micky Yoochun look so much better in the official promo pics than he did in previous shots?

I am Legend: episodes 5-6

19 Aug

This week’s set of episodes were on the disappointing side for us only in the sense that there was practically zero progress in the storyline. 

Episodes 5 and 6 did confirm one thing for us- we officially can’t wait to see Seol Hee’s ex husband and his girlfriend get what they deserve! Oh it was good to watch them squirm when they received the x-rated package; we hope it only gets worse because this couple is so repulsive and arrogant to watch on screen and just the thought of them losing their first ever case to the likes of Seol Hee is too good to miss. Hehe.  

Being the romantic saps that we are we can’t wait for this OTP to get together as a couple; however that said we really do like the slow development of their relationship- we can’t resist a bit of romance from a distance especially when you know that it has a happy ending, so we are currently content with watching Tae Hyun broodily stare from the sidelines and secretly help Seol Hee when he can.  Also from Seol Hee’s prospective we think It would have been totally unbelievable if Seol Hee suddenly went from loving her husband to feeling absolutely nothing for him, so watching the scene where she went to warn her ex husband really did highlight the complicated emotions that she’s going through and definitely adds that realism that is often missing from K-dramas.

Other noteworthy thoughts:

The Madonna band finally got to perform live in a proper venue- yay! So glad that the music in the drama isn’t cheesy or annoying, plus the director uses it so well- their performance was great.

Ji Wook’s mother is NAAAAASSTY. Seriously is she not the epitome of an evil mother in law in a K-drama? Just when we thought she couldn’t get worse, they wheel her out in the next episode with something even crueler to say. It’s unlikely to happen but we would love it if this old hag got some form of punishment as well, preferably with rotten fruit or a bucket of water…we’re not fussy really.

Ran Hee got her hair yanked out by Hwa Ja- thank you; we’ve been waiting for someone to give that woman a beating from practically episode 1. Muhaha.

Lovers in Paris

17 Aug

We always like to have an old drama thrown into the mix because although we’ve seen our fair share of dramas there are still plenty of dramas that we simply never got around to watching. So aside from watching I am Legend and Gloria, we picked Lovers in Paris as our old drama and you know what? We really like.

We aware that lots of other people liked it too, if the ratings are anything to go by- 50 +% on average, seriously? – That’s crazy.

This being a K-drama you have your standard issues:

1. You have your rich heir to a very big company as the leading man- slightly cold and very particular about cleanliness.

2. Very poor leading lady- hardworking, cheerful and always manages to get herself into scrapes.

3. Disapproving families forcing the OTP apart.

4. CRAZY love rivals that need to be beaten up and made to come to their senses quickly.

All very typical for a K-drama but for some reason we still really like it. Although it’s typical in content, the drama works for us because we really like the OTP both together but more importantly as individuals.

We were trying to think of a word to describe the leading lady and the only word that came to mind was ‘lovable’. It’s really easy to see why she has a OTP and a love rival after her. She is honest, cheerful and very sincere with all- plus she’s not completely stupid like other K-drama leads ugh.

The leading man’s great as well, as we said he’s rather clichéd but so very likable. We love the way he looks at her- as if he’s trying to work out a complicated puzzle. We also like how he takes on board what she says, is constantly thinking about her and of course we love the multiple rescue scenes; whether it’s punching out an old pervert (very Pretty Woman style) or saving her from completely embarrassing herself.

It’s their relationship together that really makes this drama work for us: although they couldn’t be more different from each other, you can believe that they are meant to be a OTP. They have lots of lovely scenes together building up to what is going to be a relationship. As a couple they are quite tactile as well, which is nice to see in a K-drama- regardless of how many K-dramas we’ve seen, we can never understand the lack of contact between the romantic leads in a drama. Seriously, gasping at a wrist grab or a back hug for a couple that have probably spent at least 5 episodes crying because evil love rivals or mother in laws have kept them apart is all a bit much! Although it’s become a classic feature in K-dramas, we also can’t help but wish that drama makers would get with the times (even if it’s a little bit). Anyway this being a K-drama, don’t read anything into the title, it’s of course strictly figurative. Ha!

We were thinking about whether this drama would work in 2010 and if it would have been half as successful as it was back in 2004 and we all came to the same conclusion that: we doubt it.  Which could be considered a testament to how good it was back then, considering it would seem so very stereotypical and boring now as so many dramas have taken bits here and there from Lovers in Paris and adapted them into newer dramas- including Boys before Flowers, Save the Last dance for me and even Full House.

5 episodes in and we sense crazy/ annoying love rivals at work, hopefully lots more OTP moments and plenty of angst-
We look forward to all of the above.

Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku/ Summer Romance shines in rainbow color

14 Aug

The J-drama season seems to have come and gone with absolutely nothing catching our eyes, which is a shame because we love a good J-drama in our mix of viewing. We watched the first three episodes of the new Matsumoto Jun drama aka Summer Romance shines in rainbow color. (Bloody hell the title is long).

Our verdict is a resounding: ummm it’s alright.

Frankly nothing much happens in each episode and the cast is completed wasted on this drama which can only be described as mildly pleasant to watch. The story consists of your standard set up: leading man learns to be a better man and in this case a better actor through the help of a good woman who he also subsequently falls for in the drama.


Matsumoto Jun is really endearing in this drama. He’s suppose to play your stereotypical rich brat with no manners or understanding of the real word, however the writers have presented this really lovely character that earnestly learns something important in each episode. Also the fact that people are constantly pointing out to him that he is far from a good actor or in some instances a good guy makes it’s easier to sympathise with him as he develops into a better person and hopefully a better actor because boy is he bad at the moment. His character is also more on the geeky side than anything else, so his interaction with pretty much every character in the drama manages to be either really sweet or funny.

We also really like Takeuchi Yuko’s character Kitamura Shiori. Ordinarily we wouldn’t put Jun with this actress just because she seems more grown up and well Jun will forever be Domyoji in our minds hehe. However they’re actually really sweet together with lots of bickering and banter which is a must for any good OTP. She’s also got a lot of mystery surrounding her character as the drama trickles information out about her character in each episode.


We adore Kitamura Shiori’s little girl Umi in this drama- so cute!

The drama is really easy to watch- it’s perfect Sunday afternoon viewing.


Like we said nothing much really happens, this is a very every day/ ordinary types of drama- don’t expect psychos or murders anytime soon.

We really can’t think of any other cons for this drama, it is what it is and although it’s not a drama that makes up want to immediately watch the next episode or obsess over it for days, it’s not bad and well if you find yourself bored and in the mood for something that won’t tack your mind too much- this is the drama for you.

Gloria- 3-4

13 Aug

We’re unsure about whether this is fact or not but so many sources are saying that Gloria is now officially only available to translators. Anyway it’s all a bit annoying because we finally found a currently airing drama that we wanted to watch and we can’t actually watch it. Plus we were finally getting use to Jin Jin’s violent outbursts, not to mention the fact that the Gloria song has been in our heads since last week! Oh Dear.

Anyway we managed to watch episodes 3-4 of Gloria and it raised a couple issues for us.

1. Jin Jin’s transformation into ‘Gloria’ and deciding to pursue singing as a ‘dream’:  Okay we get that the whole drama premise is about Jin Jin being a singer but seriously we were sitting there watching her talk to her boss about how she wants to be a singer to have a reason worth living for other than her sister and frankly we weren’t buying it. She got up on stage literally twice and only because she was desperate for the money and now it’s her reason for living….um still a little hard to believe (yet). The development of Jin Jin becoming Gloria should have been done so much better, it all felt really rushed and artificially set up, it lacked any real feeling or drive that it really should have had, considering this is probably one of the biggest milestones in the drama which will impact anything else Jin Jin will do in the future. Although this drama is very different from I am Legend, the two leads both share one thing in common- they are both singers and without singing their life has little meaning. However unlike Gloria, you can believe that the lead in IAL is all about the music, whereas in Gloria it all feels so forced at the moment. So in conclusion we’re really hoping that the writers add some meat to the storyline and make us start believing in these characters or else it’s going to be pretty hard to sit through this drama.

2. Timeline issues- a personal pet peeve. This is more annoying than anything else; we really can’t understand how a drama production can be established and all set to make a 50 episode drama, when the script has simple timeline issues. UGH. This is our issue with Gloria: When Jin Jin first stood up on stage and sang; they showed flashbacks of Jin Jin as a child burying her parents and then multiple scenes of her growing up while taking care of her sister and earning money for them to live on. Very poignant, it’s a great way of showing how music is suddenly an outlet for all of Jin Jin’s pain and hardship.  However, the drama clearly states that Jin Jin is 30 years old AND that her parents passed away 10 years ago. You do the maths. It’s small but so annoying, honestly a 20 year old taking care of her sister suddenly isn’t as sad as a child doing the same job. Call us heartless wenches but it’s true!

Other thoughts:

Getting both illegitimate children together is both practical and visually attractive; however in reality watching these two ice robots aka Kang Suk and Yoon Seo interact is just plain boring. Kang Suk needs to develop a personality asap- man he’s a boring leading man so far. We really can’t stand submissive children that do all they can to please their parents. Plus we get that Yoon Seo has issues but it’s not compelling to watch at all. Anyway we hope that the ice couple’s engagement is short lived and that the writers throw the OTPs of the drama together, so then the real drama can begin. Seriously the thought of Dong Ah being a part of Yoon Seo’s life is enough to keep us tuned in. He is absolutely insane and well her parents are pretty nasty characters, so to see them interact will be interesting to say the least- oh the drama of it all!

Kang Suk’s ugly older brother Ji Suk needs to be beaten up in a dark alley! What a useless good for nothing sod, plus he’s so sleazy. Seriously why is he even trying it with Yoon Seo, She is sooooo beyond of his league. The moment we went from irritation to hate was the scene where he blamed his mother for not being as good as his brother. What an idiot!

Regardless of the fact that this drama is far from perfect, it’s still compelling enough to keep us tuned in and find out what happens next- We still like the premise of it all, we love the character relationships and we’re hoping that the story has enough steam to last the whole run. So whether we watch it sooner or later depending on the subs, we pretty certain we’ll be tuning in to see how it all pans out.