Loving you a thousand times- The final leg

1 Aug

Yes, we confess that we have little self control- this damn drama is far too addictive!

Watching this drama would have been so much better if we didn’t devour the insanity and OTT drama so quickly. However that said its sooooo good!

Dramas shrouded with secrets and lies either pan out in two ways:

You wait and wait for the secrets and lies to be revealed over the course of the drama as the threat of the big revelation is teased more and more.  However being a K-drama, the writers and directors tend to use every way possible to manipulate the scenario before everything is revealed so you end up going

1. WTF! We waited all this time for this crap??

2. That was bloody good! Thank goodness we stuck around for that.

We can confidently say we felt #2 was the most apt response. Although this drama had minimal drag especially for a 50+ drama, we were getting a little restless as we waited for everything to fall into place and the big bad secret to be finally revealed. So we’re so pleased to report that it’s so worth it, you won’t be disappointed! It also has a domino effect in the drama- Poor Kang Ho his world comes crashing down around him and the writers decided – why not, let’s add a bit more pain to make it more interesting. The sweet natured, lovely leading man has turned into a broken man and it’s oh so good to watch.

We’re glad that the consequences to the revelation were both realistic and made sense, while remaining true to the core characters in the drama. Come on, if you found out that you’re beloved wife was actually the surrogate mother to your nephew, you too would have been a bit off- man there are no words, it’s so twisted- his brother and wife share a child together that he thought his sister in law gave birth to….only in a K-drama would it get that screwed up.

(note: those are not Kang Ho’s words in the pic- we wouldn’t stick with a drama where the leading man uses the word ‘maiden’ in such a context, haha.)

We don’t know if it’s just us getting swept up in the madness of the drama but seriously we couldn’t help but be a little choked up over the last few episodes- (episode 40-46) they were that intense and sad, especially watching the OTP’s relationship be reduced to what it has. As characters they are the most innocent of the drama- their love was an unexpected one they fought hard for and as a OTP we thoroughly loved them. We just hope they can ride the wave of misery that’s come their way and the drama can end on a happy note. We would be so gutted if it was one of those half arsed ends where everyone is content with their miserable lot- we want a happy ending, goddamn it!

I’m going to forget about you. –Kang Ho to Eun Nim

Nooooo Kang Ho you can’t! She’s suffered enough already.

Less than 10 episodes to go and we sense more drama coming our OTP’s way. *Sob!


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