Gloria- 3-4

13 Aug

We’re unsure about whether this is fact or not but so many sources are saying that Gloria is now officially only available to translators. Anyway it’s all a bit annoying because we finally found a currently airing drama that we wanted to watch and we can’t actually watch it. Plus we were finally getting use to Jin Jin’s violent outbursts, not to mention the fact that the Gloria song has been in our heads since last week! Oh Dear.

Anyway we managed to watch episodes 3-4 of Gloria and it raised a couple issues for us.

1. Jin Jin’s transformation into ‘Gloria’ and deciding to pursue singing as a ‘dream’:  Okay we get that the whole drama premise is about Jin Jin being a singer but seriously we were sitting there watching her talk to her boss about how she wants to be a singer to have a reason worth living for other than her sister and frankly we weren’t buying it. She got up on stage literally twice and only because she was desperate for the money and now it’s her reason for living….um still a little hard to believe (yet). The development of Jin Jin becoming Gloria should have been done so much better, it all felt really rushed and artificially set up, it lacked any real feeling or drive that it really should have had, considering this is probably one of the biggest milestones in the drama which will impact anything else Jin Jin will do in the future. Although this drama is very different from I am Legend, the two leads both share one thing in common- they are both singers and without singing their life has little meaning. However unlike Gloria, you can believe that the lead in IAL is all about the music, whereas in Gloria it all feels so forced at the moment. So in conclusion we’re really hoping that the writers add some meat to the storyline and make us start believing in these characters or else it’s going to be pretty hard to sit through this drama.

2. Timeline issues- a personal pet peeve. This is more annoying than anything else; we really can’t understand how a drama production can be established and all set to make a 50 episode drama, when the script has simple timeline issues. UGH. This is our issue with Gloria: When Jin Jin first stood up on stage and sang; they showed flashbacks of Jin Jin as a child burying her parents and then multiple scenes of her growing up while taking care of her sister and earning money for them to live on. Very poignant, it’s a great way of showing how music is suddenly an outlet for all of Jin Jin’s pain and hardship.  However, the drama clearly states that Jin Jin is 30 years old AND that her parents passed away 10 years ago. You do the maths. It’s small but so annoying, honestly a 20 year old taking care of her sister suddenly isn’t as sad as a child doing the same job. Call us heartless wenches but it’s true!

Other thoughts:

Getting both illegitimate children together is both practical and visually attractive; however in reality watching these two ice robots aka Kang Suk and Yoon Seo interact is just plain boring. Kang Suk needs to develop a personality asap- man he’s a boring leading man so far. We really can’t stand submissive children that do all they can to please their parents. Plus we get that Yoon Seo has issues but it’s not compelling to watch at all. Anyway we hope that the ice couple’s engagement is short lived and that the writers throw the OTPs of the drama together, so then the real drama can begin. Seriously the thought of Dong Ah being a part of Yoon Seo’s life is enough to keep us tuned in. He is absolutely insane and well her parents are pretty nasty characters, so to see them interact will be interesting to say the least- oh the drama of it all!

Kang Suk’s ugly older brother Ji Suk needs to be beaten up in a dark alley! What a useless good for nothing sod, plus he’s so sleazy. Seriously why is he even trying it with Yoon Seo, She is sooooo beyond of his league. The moment we went from irritation to hate was the scene where he blamed his mother for not being as good as his brother. What an idiot!

Regardless of the fact that this drama is far from perfect, it’s still compelling enough to keep us tuned in and find out what happens next- We still like the premise of it all, we love the character relationships and we’re hoping that the story has enough steam to last the whole run. So whether we watch it sooner or later depending on the subs, we pretty certain we’ll be tuning in to see how it all pans out.


What do you think?

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