Lovers in Paris

17 Aug

We always like to have an old drama thrown into the mix because although we’ve seen our fair share of dramas there are still plenty of dramas that we simply never got around to watching. So aside from watching I am Legend and Gloria, we picked Lovers in Paris as our old drama and you know what? We really like.

We aware that lots of other people liked it too, if the ratings are anything to go by- 50 +% on average, seriously? – That’s crazy.

This being a K-drama you have your standard issues:

1. You have your rich heir to a very big company as the leading man- slightly cold and very particular about cleanliness.

2. Very poor leading lady- hardworking, cheerful and always manages to get herself into scrapes.

3. Disapproving families forcing the OTP apart.

4. CRAZY love rivals that need to be beaten up and made to come to their senses quickly.

All very typical for a K-drama but for some reason we still really like it. Although it’s typical in content, the drama works for us because we really like the OTP both together but more importantly as individuals.

We were trying to think of a word to describe the leading lady and the only word that came to mind was ‘lovable’. It’s really easy to see why she has a OTP and a love rival after her. She is honest, cheerful and very sincere with all- plus she’s not completely stupid like other K-drama leads ugh.

The leading man’s great as well, as we said he’s rather clichéd but so very likable. We love the way he looks at her- as if he’s trying to work out a complicated puzzle. We also like how he takes on board what she says, is constantly thinking about her and of course we love the multiple rescue scenes; whether it’s punching out an old pervert (very Pretty Woman style) or saving her from completely embarrassing herself.

It’s their relationship together that really makes this drama work for us: although they couldn’t be more different from each other, you can believe that they are meant to be a OTP. They have lots of lovely scenes together building up to what is going to be a relationship. As a couple they are quite tactile as well, which is nice to see in a K-drama- regardless of how many K-dramas we’ve seen, we can never understand the lack of contact between the romantic leads in a drama. Seriously, gasping at a wrist grab or a back hug for a couple that have probably spent at least 5 episodes crying because evil love rivals or mother in laws have kept them apart is all a bit much! Although it’s become a classic feature in K-dramas, we also can’t help but wish that drama makers would get with the times (even if it’s a little bit). Anyway this being a K-drama, don’t read anything into the title, it’s of course strictly figurative. Ha!

We were thinking about whether this drama would work in 2010 and if it would have been half as successful as it was back in 2004 and we all came to the same conclusion that: we doubt it.  Which could be considered a testament to how good it was back then, considering it would seem so very stereotypical and boring now as so many dramas have taken bits here and there from Lovers in Paris and adapted them into newer dramas- including Boys before Flowers, Save the Last dance for me and even Full House.

5 episodes in and we sense crazy/ annoying love rivals at work, hopefully lots more OTP moments and plenty of angst-
We look forward to all of the above.


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