Gloria episodes 5-6

21 Aug

UGH… We get it all of these characters have a hard life and are in one way or another damaged, but is it us or do you find that you like hardly any of the characters in the drama? It can’t be just us could it??

Kang Suk is boring to watch, let’s face it- the guy should now be officially included in our Android Actors list because he’s that dull on scene. Even the short flashes of him cage fighting isn’t enough to make us go – ummm maybe he’s not so bad. Please writers we beg you – don’t give us anymore scenes with him and Yoon Seo because it’s the equivalent of taking a sedative. Neither of them can act very well, they are stiff and robotic and oh so dull! Plus their reasoning for marriage is pathetic; both of them need a good slap around the face and need to be told to get a grip.

Kang Suk may be boring but at least he isn’t offensive to the eyes unlike his stupid brother! What a weirdo- how dare he hang around Yoon Seo’s house shouting from the top of his lungs like a freak. Restraining order anyone? His storyline is really annoying as well- seriously he spent a few hours on a plane with her and now he’s in love- give us a break please!

Moving on from general ranting to things we actually liked:

We’ve got to admit that we’ve really warmed to Yoon Seo and Dong Ah’s budding relationship. Yes we admit it- they are adorable together.

Even if their first date conversation is a little on the morbid side:

 I’ve been suicidal since I was 7 years old.’

 / ‘Great what flavour drink do you like?’

Guys, save something for the second date.

-Also Jin Jin finally sang a song other than ‘Gloria’ -Thank goodness! It was actually a really lovely scene in the episode, especially with all of the flashbacks of her childhood. As a character she’s growing on us…slowly. We can’t actually work out why we haven’t fallen for this leading lady; she has plenty of the qualities we like in our K-drama leads but strangely we remain emotionally indifferent to her (for now).  

We really like Kang Suk’s mother Jang Nan. At first we thought she would be really annoying and frustrating to watch on screen but she’s integrated herself at the club so well. We really like her relationship with Jin Jin, it’s a nice combination of maternal/ mentor/ friend and it’s just what Jin Jin needs considering she’s left to shoulder the burden of responsibility all the time with no one to confide her woes to.  

Aside from mocking much of the drama for its irrational 2D characters and their illogical actions, there are bits in it where we think: this has potential and so we’ve going to stick around for a couple more episodes and see how it progresses because we want to see Kang Suk aka Cold Robot fall head over heels in love with Jin Jin and watch this character go from thinking that love is nothing more than a burden and a waste of time to realising and dealing with the fact that a crazy Fishwife aka Jin Jin is his OTP.


What do you think?

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