Hotaru no Hikari 2- General thoughts

6 Sep

We really enjoyed the first season and so naturally we tuned in to see how our favourite dumbo in love progresses now that Buchou and Hotaru have confessed their love for each other. The results are a mixed bag…..

On one hand it’s great to see these characters back and the storylines addressed throughout the series have been funny. The drama is so charming that you can’t help but sit there gobbling up all the silliness that is Hotaru no Hikari. Honestly the second season hasn’t lost any of humour and great writing that came with the first season, so in that respect you won’t be disappointed.

However we’ve got to confess that Buchou and Hotaru’s relationship is WEIRD! Yes, we know the J-drama’s have minimal romance but a season and half without a single kiss is strange. Aside from the lack of ahem… action in their relationship; their actual relationship is still really sweet, they make such a cute couple but we can’t help but think that the longer they leave it the more awkward it will be. This couple are engaged and claim to love each other but they act like friends- so weird.

This has to be the strangest, funniest episode ever about teaching Hotaru about compromising!


What do you think?

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