I am Legend: 11-12

11 Sep

The best things about episodes 11-12:

1. Tae Hyun’s smouldering stares whenever Seol Hee was around- so intense and HOT!

(He’s not actually smouldering but still looks rather cute in this pic. hehe)

2. The duet between the OTP- how sweet was that scene. A scene like that could have easily become cheesy or really weird but it was subtly romantic and really charming at the same time. It was undoubtedly our favourite OTP scene so far (not that there are many to choose from).

Strangely enough we feel on the indifferent side to this week’s lot of episodes, which is weird considering that we’re heading towards the climax of the drama and the storyline is finally coming into effect. However it all feels… underwhelming, although the big court case is the focal point of the drama at the moment- the actual case really isn’t that interesting- the case hasn’t managed to generate that desire in us to see Seol Hee work exceptionally hard in the next few episodes and finally win a case. It’s no Erin Brokovick (which is something people like to compare IAL with all the time) and the drama definitely doesn’t compare to Prosecutor Princess’s major court case. At this stage, we’re mildly interested because we like Seol Hee but honestly we really don’t care for those ungrateful market people that pick and choose when they want Seol Hee’s help. If we were Seol Hee and those old hags threw salt in our faces we would have told them to go screw themselves! Anyway we hope that the next four episodes adds further depth to the storyline and allows us to move from mildly interested to actually caring.


1. What’s with the Disney style characterisation? They seem to come in only two forms- good OR bad. On one hand you have Seol Hee; who we adore don’t get us wrong but her character is completely unrealistic- she’s too kind, understanding and forgiving and if our evil ex mother in law or cheating ex husband came knocking whenever they felt like it, we’d slam the door in their face rather than go for a nice cup of tea in the local cafe! Then you have Ji Wook’s mother and girlfriend who think that the world revolves around them and that Seol Hee is so obsessed with them that all she does with her time is plot revenge against them. These characters make great drama villains but at the same time they are so unbelievable and 2D that we can’t help but think that if the drama writers added another layer to them, they could be even better characters and make for far more entertaining villains.

2. Zero romance- okay we’re in two camps regarding the romance in this drama:

Camp A: This drama really isn’t about romance- it’s about personal growth and pursuing what makes you happy in life- in this case music and friends ect. So the lack of romance is fine and is simply an added bonus.

Camp B: It’s a K-drama for god’s sake- romance is essential! Plus when you have a hot man who jumps in and kicks multiple men’s arses to protect you and stares at you with HOT bedroom eyes, we can’t help but wish Seol Hee would stop being so damn oblivious to it all and properly notice the hot man in front of her! 

The hopeless romantic in us is strictly in Camp B but we get it, she’s got a lot on her plate what with saving a bunch of ingrates from losing their livelihoods and trying to avoid her nasty ex-family members but still… we’d be so happy if the next lot of episodes turned the tables and finally showed Seol Hee actually showing some interested in Tae Hyun.

Anyway we’ve rattled on long enough…so we’ll stop while we’re ahead.


What do you think?

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