Sungkyankwan Scandal: episode 5-6

17 Sep

This drama makes us feel warm and fuzzy- honestly we sit there gushing and giggling our way through each episode- like those silly fan girls we would happily mock in the past- We are complete goners.

This photo screams:  screen shot- how cute was this scene?

These two episodes were all about Yoon Hee training hard towards her aims to win the Dae Sa Rae with the help of both her boys – Crazy Horse Jae Shin and of course Sun Jun. This week’s episodes had a distinct Mulan feeling, which we don’t mind at all- we adored Mulan.


-Crazy Horse- we knew we would like him from the start but after this week we have to confess that we love him. We giggled outrageously when he started hiccupping around Yoon Hee- poor guy he’s obviously going to get his heart broken by the end of the drama. His relationship with Yoon Hee is so sweet but it’s his future bromance in the making with Sun Jun that excites us. The rebel against the model student being friends…oooh we can’t wait! Plus their interaction is so interesting- they are very similar in many ways but they do things completely differently – we like how they respect each other even though they don’t get each other …just yet.

Although he spent the majority of the night bleeding heavily with an arrow in his stomach, Jae Shin forced himself to the competition the next morning, all because he made a promise to Yoon Hee- seriously how can we resist not fan-girling whenever he’s around?

 -Lee Sun Jun making a miracle happen! Smooth, so smooth- he maybe as stiff as a board but boy does this guy get the best lines.

-Yoon Hee- the girl can do no wrong in our eyes- plus watching her train this week was outrageously cute- how sweet was the scene where she finally hit the bulls eye and Sun Jun told her he was proud of her!! Ahhhh, the drama writers know exactly what we want from our cross dressing romance- just perfect!


One Response to “Sungkyankwan Scandal: episode 5-6”

  1. dangermousie September 17, 2010 at 8:59 pm #

    I am so glad to see other people on-line so in love with this drama – it’s so pitch-perfect and gives me fuzzies.

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