I am Legend: episode 13

18 Sep

Sure, we’ve been working hard all week but when you’ve got one of us sleeping with her eyes open and the other two staying awake out of pure stubbornness, you know it’s time to throw in the towel and rule this drama a dud- which is so annoying because it could have been soooo good and you see shades of its potential in every episode but it’s just executed so badly that now that we’ve come to the final couple episodes we sit there wondering- what the hell, nothing happened in the whole of this drama!

Our biggest problem is the fact that we don’t care for the main storyline- at all! In this instance it’s the market people’s case. Usually we love a good story about the helpless rising up to fight the big bad corporation that swindled them out of their livelihoods but in this instance we’ve missing a vital component that makes the storyline compelling – that’s empathy. The writers failed to make us care at all for these UNGRATEFUL, JUDGEMENTAL AHJUMMAS! Come on! When the leading lady is working 24/7 trying to help people that really don’t give a damn whether she’s around or not- you can’t help but think- Seol Hee- forget these hags and let them suffer! Muhahah.  

So the whole episode consisted of Seol Hee working really hard and residing to the reality that maybe she’s out of her depth and that she’s more of a hindrance than help to these market people. As a result she decides to go to them and apologise for not being of much use to them and it’s this scene where you sitting there wondering; why is she apologizing?? She went out of her way to help these people- she’s not getting anything out of it and all she got was attitude. Sorry but she’s a complete pushover and is far too nice for her own good. It’s their own stupid fault for not reading the fine print- so when the episode ended with them all running up to her begging her forgiveness- we wished she pulled out a bag of salt and threw it in their faces! HA. Sadly for us, the leading lady is far too nice to match our vengeful characters, so of course we’re predicting a happy ending- where a legal secretary, who hasn’t been a legal secretary for years manages to take down the biggest law firm and best lawyer in the country all by herself…oh yes we can’t forget her boss; a Lawyer who appears to do absolutely nothing…ever and leaves it in the very capable hands of Seol Hee. – Yep, we suspended reality a long time ago as well.

Things we actually liked:

-Cute OTP moment No.1- goes to the scene where Tae Hyun caught Seol Hee listening to his song while giggling as she thought about their duet.

-Cute OTP moment No.2- Tae Hyun comforting Seol Hee in the car…And we achieve hand holding for our conservative OTP, it only took 13 episodes. Hahaha.

-Although we dislike the main storyline, the scene where Seol Hee is crying in the car as she came to the realisation that she can’t help the market people was really good. We liked how the music stopped and it was just her crying. She’s a wonderful actress and this scene really showed her acting chops- it was just a very heartfelt and enduring scene.


What do you think?

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