I am Legend: episode 14

21 Sep

We finally watched this episode and all we have to say is:

What a waste of time, seriously we could have predicted this outcome ages ago- how boring.

Why, drama makers are you so coy with the romance in IAL? You give a little bit and then snatch it away- you big fat teasers! Anyone watching will know what we’re talking about- the drama throws us a very small scene between the OTP; where it’s really sweet and then quickly cuts the scene to something else before the scene actually gets started. How are we suppose to care about this OTP if you’re that stingy with their airtime? As viewers, trust us when we say we will happily take a dozen OTP scenes over any of your boring (+ predictable) court case scenes.

It is out of sheer stubbornness that we intend to complete this drama- so with our expectation rock bottom the only way is up for this drama – so drama makers- fighting!


What do you think?

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