I am Legend- 15-16/finale

26 Sep

If you haven’t watched this drama, we’ll save you some time by telling you- it really isn’t worth it. We were really hopeful that these two episodes would wrap up everything really nicely and finish the drama in a semi satisfying manner but we swear by the end of it all, we couldn’t quite believe the drama ended the way that it did. NOTHING WAS RESOLVED! For those who have watched the drama- please tell us it isn’t just us that feels totally unsatisfied by how the drama ended because we feel kind of like we’re in a twilight zone with other bloggers gushing about the last couple episodes and all we can think is: Did they watch the same drama we did?

Before we enter ranting territory we’ll mention a few reasons why we actually stuck with this drama rather than dropping like our instincts told us to do:

The music is great! When everything else went downhill super fast; the music and the band’s performances were always brilliant to watch and really entertaining- This was by far the drama’s saving grace.

The first couple episodes were really good and we were pleasantly surprised by how much we enjoyed them.

The OTP: So much potential, so many smouldering stares and just the sweetest duet ever but totally wasted on this drama- it’s so frustrating because it could have been so good.

Finally- the potential- the writing, acting and directing had so much potential and every week we hoped and hoped…but it just didn’t quite hit the mark.

That’s all the positives we can muster up and we were being generous because honestly the last episode left us with such a bad taste in our mouths that this post really should be a rage fest of frustration:

So nothing was resolved-

The band! How could they reduce the one good thing about this drama to nothing? We loved watching this unlikely band succeed in their journey to make music that they loved and be acknowledged for it and we’re pretty sure everyone watching would agree, so how could they end it with them being satisfied returning to their practice room and playing as a stress buster?

The drama made out that music was like breathing for Seol Hee and they presented a character that went out of her way to ensure that she could fulfil her dreams of being a performer, so why the feck would she give up that chance and be a flipping legal secretary!? We get why Fa Ja wasn’t cut out for it but it would have been so much better if they made Seol Hee a solo artist or at least something to do with music- it’s like the writers did a U-turn on what music symbolised in the drama: at the start, it was the aim; making it big, getting to perform live but by episode 16- music represented being fake and not being able to do anything other than being an ‘artist’. It’s just really disappointing because we would have been so pleased for them; if the drama presented this unlikely group reaching their goal and living the dream.
(We don’t care if that’s cheesy! hehe)

The bad guys managed to flash their money and get away without any real repercussions to their lives. Blackmail, tricking hundreds of people out of their livelihoods, kidnap and… NOTHING- great, so we had to sit through multiple boring court case scenes and it was all resolved out of court in the most predicable way ever… we didn’t see that coming at all (not). Sometimes drama writers should give their audience some credit and stop aiming for the lowest common denominator.

We hated how the majority of characters were resolved:

·         Ji Wook- His character development was minor- what’s all the fuss about this guy? – He still treated Seol Hee badly for years, cheated on her and really didn’t get punished or redeemed appropriately.

·         Ji Wook’s girlfriend- So let’s get this clear: Tae Hyun can NEVER get married or go out with anyone ever because it may affect their child negatively?? What a joke. She stopped the OTP from getting together by threatening to take away his kid- Yep that makes perfect sense, could it get anymore sillier?

·         Ji Wook’s evil mother- We wanted this witch punished! The woman should have gone to jail or at least been publically shamed- nothing! UGH

The OTP, WTF. What a waste of time for our imaginations! No hug, no wrist grab and no bloody KISS- zilch. How could they end it like that??? Yes we know that this drama was about the ‘journey’ and the music but damn it why flash multiple smouldering stares from the leading man in every episodes if the drama makers weren’t even going to make it a future romance or end it with the implication that they will get together. The romantic in us is furious and refuses to forgive the drama writers- you pigs!

To conclude:

The drama was unfocused, it didn’t know what it wanted to be: was it about an unlikely band trying to make it big, was it a legal drama, a romance or about trying to find yourself??

We think the writers tried to make it all of the above but sadly for them- they failed miserably. It simply came across as confused and messy.

Our advice: Skip this one- it’s all over the place and will leave you really unsatisfied by the end of it. Listen to the OST instead, it’s much better!


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